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  1. TGB

    550XP Mk2

    The Mk1 were more of a problem with hot starts. The Mk2 doesn’t seem to have that problem.
  2. 661 if you need grunt.
  3. Very sad indeed. Though I think it was good that his brother was there. If he’d been on a different job, he’d always have wondered what if. At least he knows, they did all that was possible to save him. Though that of course, will be of little comfort.
  4. Camouflaged for work on the savanna.
  5. Could an Admin please delete my empty post.
  6. Yes it gets primed and the decompression is pushed.
  7. 500i is nice to run but a pig to start, especially when cold.
  8. TGB

    Jet Saw !

    Keeping your left hand warm wouldn't be a problem but carrying enough fuel for a day's cutting may be problematic.
  9. Trouble with such puny fines, is it sets a precedent and sends the message, that if you want to fell and you'll make a profit after the fact. Then go right ahead.
  10. If the ear defenders are not inserted all the way. Then invert each one, so that each muff in turn is pointing skyward; and push down into side socket until you hear/feel a loud snap. First one, then the other. Damn sight easier to push them in, than to try dragging them down and in.
  11. In the end, a krab is a krab. So long as it's in good nick, functions with ease and is rated above the maximum load it will be expected to hold. Then the only things that can be improved, is lessening its weight and ease of use without detracting from safety.
  12. Something to hang one end of a hammock from.
  13. TGB

    Merry Xmas

    Prepped veg for roasting and boiling. My veggie stuff is easy but the mountain of grub for the carnivores is still being prepped. Table is laid though and present packed. I'm not saying I've been good but I wrote my list twice. Does that count? My thinking, you don't get owt for nowt. But the fat man in the red suit is an easy target. If only he wasn't quite so quick. May you all have a good Yule and a great year. May you find peace and joy in equal measure. And perhaps something that makes a lot of noise too.
  14. Any figures on vibration level for either or both? And is the 572 running .325" or 3/8"?


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If you would like to contribute to making this industry more effective and safe then welcome.
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