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  1. Bustergasket

    ArbDogs? Pics!

    Sorry to hear your fella got knocked down, very sad. Yes 10 is good, he dodged the bullet so many times, cancer at 4, lumps of at 7, crutiate ligament issues from 8 onwards, also lost his bernese bitch girlfriend over xmas, she only made 5, the TM,s seem to have not had the interbreeding so much yet, they reckon can go to 16, he is a good watch, iam sure as he finds his feet he will make more noise, had a couple of mates helping out today on the wood, i think he gets the measure of people very quickly, have seen him give people a split second wild eye look, in conjunction with a body twitch like he is going to play, but it’s gone as quick as it arrived, its unsettling as you are left thinking what was that all about, he is just sizing them up i think just gauging the reaction, it’s taken me a week to work it out, and he does it with people we have invited in, he has not done this anywhere but on the farm, he is still young, he had a half hour session with me on the second night and since then has been a different dog, i believe in not using any violence or aggression towards them i think the dog is like a mirror, iam glad i have had a few big dogs before and feel those guys trained me well enough to do the job with this one, both myself and Mrs both agreed we could not have dealt with this one if he was the first big dog, probably different if we had him from a puppy though in fairness, you should go and meet your man in cork and have a look, iam impressed in many ways with this one, hope this helps[emoji106]
  2. Bustergasket

    ArbDogs? Pics!

    This is a pic of his dad, the youngster is a good boy, just started to find his feet, barking at delivery people, mrs introduced him to the postman, that when we found out the old boy had been having two treats a day for the past 8 years! this one is not so food oriented, he has been sick today all over the place, probably something he has sniffed, licked or eaten, hopefully he will pick up tomorrow, this was at the weekend
  3. Bustergasket

    Crap in your eye ....

    I had a bit of red hot steel melt into my eye ball just last week, after a few days went to docs, she jabbed it with an ear bud, now it was sore, said emergency got a&e right away, so i phoned asked the waiting times, eye clinic is shut, anyway found a private clinic so phoned and just asked if someone could get it out, they said we have a specialist and he will stay late, we’ll... went down and this very nice guy had a look, wax a bit concerned as it was deep, so he checked the back of the eye ball, then he said all looks good so look at a point and don’t move your eye, i could feel him in there but no pain, when he got it out, i asked him what it was etc etc and what did he use to get it out, he said, steel, and he used a hyperdermic syringe needle, great job, better safety glasses from now on [emoji106]
  4. Bustergasket

    ArbDogs? Pics!

    Thanks Mick, he is better today, i guess settling in, have a good one [emoji106]
  5. Bustergasket

    ArbDogs? Pics!

    Just lost my boy, he was superb, managed to get him to almost 10yrs, i have just taken on (collected him today) a 1 yr old rescue Tibetan Mastiff, iam just realising how much work i have ahead, he ran upstairs and got on the bed, was not really up for getting off and was happy to make lots of noise, i managed to diffuse it and put his lead on him and give him a right timed pull he then protested but this guy is full on, he proceeded to have 10 mins of what i assume was mad house play downstairs which we completely ignored, iam now sat downstairs going through some alpha male appreciation time, while ignoring the fireworks, what a dog, i hope i can turn him round, i guess that’s the problem with a rescue and it’s not made easier by his breed, why do i always choose the hard way ! i really hope i can get there with him as aside from his little dominance display he appears a nice dog, in hindsight he should have not gone upstairs, i was just spoilt with my Bernese who was magnificent [emoji106] this is the new addition/ hooligan, i hope we make it through the night !
  6. Bustergasket

    Van Racking systems

    Another vote for Bott, not cheap but very good, weight distribution is always our concern, the racking system can hold lots, invariably it has to go down one side, if you plan on carrying some large heavy stuff look at what they offer that would allow it to be stored on the opposite side to the rack/ drawer system, think they do some large sort of bin things that lock in place, good luck
  7. Bustergasket

    Cone splitter advice / opinions please

    Cheers for that, the woodcracker looks awesome, is that what you use ?
  8. Bustergasket

    Cone splitter advice / opinions please

    Good info, thanks for that, how long do you think it would take you to break down a load ? i think if i go down the cone route it would be black, i do like the look of the wood cracker though [emoji106]
  9. Hi all, iam thinking of a cone for a 4 ton hitachi, it would be to reduce the larger diameter round wood in order it will feed through the processor, i have seen some have grabs attached but cannot decide if that’s really needed or just going to get in the way, only have the one machine so split and stack or put straight onto forklift would be the idea, currently i ring with chainsaw and split the ring to feed through splitta, good system but noisy and quite a bit of labour stacking rings etc, be interested to hear from people using, i would think max timber would be 2 -2.5 ft in diameter into 4 as they should then go through the processor, but appreciate in reality it may not work out like that ! many thanks [emoji106]
  10. Bustergasket

    All terrian tyres for Ford ranger

    I have put plenty of these on the Rangers and have to say the wet grip is superb, steering feel is good and the transition to understeer / oversteer is very progressive, i have had bfg, cooper, general etc and i find the grip level in the wet is what let’s them down, off road i think the Michelin is about biased 30-40 % if fairness it is probably not going to be as good in the mud as some of the others but if you can manage with the off road then every mile you drive on tarmac will be enjoyable, Tyre is a latitude cross [emoji106]
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    what’s needed is an attack drone !
  14. Bustergasket

    Splitta 360’s For sale

    You are correct Andy, we only had a brief discussion and did not cover price, one was a 2014, both of them had done minimal work, hope that helps [emoji106]


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