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  1. log storage

    I think you have raised a valid point will, handling them once gives you a quality control, i have managed to get my process down to just touching the wood once when i unload, the only other way i can see that would allow you to deliver quality would be to invest in proper log cleaner / grader and use rotator to load a tipper .... which is plenty of till, still if you had the volume then manually handling the wood is a no go
  2. I D this logs pleas

  3. Branch logger OR Bilke S3 - Any good ? opinions please

    Thanks Matthew, how many of the smaller bags do you do with two people in an hour ? cheers
  4. I've sent you a PM. Let me know if you don't get it.

    1. Bustergasket


      thanks dave yes just replied 

  5. Branch logger OR Bilke S3 - Any good ? opinions please

    That's good to know, what diameter can you process ? do u do logs or kindling and bulk bags or nets ? cheers
  6. Branch logger OR Bilke S3 - Any good ? opinions please

    Have to say i love the look of the s3 my tractor is about 70 hp so not sure, also i think an s3 is going to be a lot more than a branch logger which i have seen u can pick up pretty cheap
  7. Branch logger OR Bilke S3 - Any good ? opinions please

    dave, i tried to pm you but could not get the new website to work, let me know him much u are looking for and i will have a count up, cheers
  8. Branch logger OR Bilke S3 - Any good ? opinions please

    That would be great like u say for charcoal
  9. Iam looking to tidy up some hedges which have grown out, iam thinking maybe a branch logger would be a good tool and may also be able to sell the nets, either that or possibly a Bilke s3, but i appreciate they are different machines, has anyone used or seen these used to produce low grade cheap firewood. either that or just hire in a forestry mulch head on a 360 and flatten the lot, possibly seems a shame though
  10. Opinions please on best bandsaw mill

    Iam looking to purchase and have pretty much got it down to Trak Met or Forester, still debating / trying to justify the hydraulics as it's only really going to be for weekend use, if u search on here for some past posts then there is some good points covered by people who actually use the different bits of kit, be interested to see where u end up with it
  11. Log sales

    How do you get on weight wise ? i have thought about these for doing the kindling net deliveries but i think for the mean time i will have to stick with the trailer, do you load in bags or just loose ? cheers
  12. Show us your Log deck set up

    Yes i have seen those three powered roller decks they look good, i have also seen one of the tajfun's dooing a demo, it did look good think it was the 400 at the apf, how many tones do you do between chain sharpens ? i get on really well with my processor but always in search decent straight hardwood, 3500 tons is a good amount i reckon mines done only about 2200 cube so prob about 1000 ton, i have got to get a covered area sorted for it so its not exposed to the elements, too much to do and never enough time, log orders starting to come in now, so thats good.
  13. New Forum feedback

    Starting to get the hang of it now, using in compressed mode is better and att pics is easier than old site, thanks for all your work
  14. Show us your Log deck set up

    Yes mostly iam on my own so iam hopefull it will work better, only things i can see that maybe a prob is bendy bits ! but they always have potential to cause problems, and those spirals which used to rotate then tilt and twist then drop through the gap won't be able to do it anymore, however iam sure there will be another set of issues with it set up like this, how do you get on with the Tajfun ?
  15. Show us your Log deck set up

    I have been trying some different layouts for my japa 2 chain log deck, ended up removing the non driven rollers and moving it tight to the machine, i have run a few lengths through and it seems ok, has anyone tried this ? or different layouts, ? i know it's only a basic deck but it works well


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