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  1. Check out this old thread from last year, maybe of use ?
  2. Well now we have another load of cutting done and i have some wholesale orders coming in i thought it would be a good time to replace all of the hydraulic hoses on the Woodcutta, now it’s important to remember that this machine is over 20 years old now and some hoses are still original however some were weeping and others perished, when removed they were not flexible i guess a bit of age hardening, opted for spiral wrap while i was there i decided to add another counter these counters are really useful the top one is now used to counts cuts on a chain, the lower one will not get reset so will be a running total, it also has now had all the rams replaced as they were looking well used after 20 years, i will rebuild them and have as spares i plan on doing a few videos when i get a chance, it’s running so well, this new modification to the cleaner has made a big difference to the quality of logs in the bag, next jobs are going to be some work on the the conveyors and the electrics, keep on chopping [emoji23]
  3. Great will try and get a picture of the leaf [emoji106]
  4. It’s about 5-6 foot at Chest height
  5. Do you guys still have those timber wagons where the whole rear end is like a bogie only connected to the tractor unit via the timber it’s hauling? i used to spend 6 months a year up in Timmins doing the cold weather testing, ontario... great place great people [emoji106]
  6. That looks good, do you fill then remove the liner ? i did a quick test today, i put a new bag hanging inside an old bag, we filled the nee one and there was about 4 inch all round [emoji85] so i have to get some kind of insert figured out
  7. That sounds just like what iam thinking Andrew, be interested to see a pic [emoji106]
  8. Some good ideas, if i had the space then potato boxes and a rotator would be good, iam thinking poss to use a wooden or metal box that fits either inside or round the outside of the bag, use than as a measure and then the bag can settle but the volume is 1.25 or whatever when filled, anyone seen anything like this ?
  9. I guess you can print the required words on the inv. ie do not burn until 20% moisture etc etc, measure moisture with customer and note on inv. if they were genuinely 19% i guess they could burn right away ? are they talking wet basis, dry basis, or average moisture, or oven dry, i regularly see 28% in the middle but then zero on the outer, 10% about an inch in, 19% at two inch in, if i leave them stand then over a bit of time they even out, but the point is that even a log with 28% for an inch in the middle could be 15% when worked out on oven dry method, no one seems to know, and for that reason iam out !
  10. They are outside pretty much all the time, they only get a few months when not in use, they are uv stabilised, i used the 26 stripes and they were really bad only a year out of those, these are the full mosquito mesh ones, supplied by bag supplies, some of the loops are starting to get a bit frayed and i have had some fail which is always a pain, iam starting to see them stretch and i think they are at a point where they just keep on going [emoji85] very conscious i could be giving away considerably more wood than the cost of a bag but just having new bags only solves the short term
  11. Well i have been using mosquito vented bags for about 8 years now, iam seeing visible differences in size when compared to a new bag, it’s never been a problem as i don’t sell by the bag, we just tip into the hilux and that’s the measure so the bags are just a storage system, thing is i have a few guys that are wanting to buy by the bag, i like the bags as they can he packed away when not in use, crates or ibc would be everywhere as i can have circa 500 in circulation, iam thinking maybe a metal insert / sleeve that gets removed from within the bag once it’s full, bit like pack fix but the other way round, has anyone had the same issues and if so what’s the general consensus, cheers
  12. Use Bag supplies, also know as cliffe packaging, the full mesh mosquito bags are the ones you want, mine have lasted years, no mould issues and minimal uv degradation [emoji106]
  13. I heard from a mate in scotland and he said he had formed a club, you pay a monthly subscription to join, i guess some free wood follows your subscription that month, i guess they must be thinking that no money changing hands for firewood means no sale and nothing enforceable? not sure quite what they are thinking, i can see vat implications 5% vs 20% and i don’t even know if removing the direct contractual purchase of wood is enough to mitigate anything, interesting though
  14. Been using the Fuelwood Factory, hence Transaw is feeling left out, it’s also not helped by me using the smaller diameter stuff for boiler fuel [emoji85] transaw has only done about 300 cube from new, hence my reluctance to see it on its way


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