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  1. Bustergasket

    app not working

    Hi all, anyone else seeing this msg when using the app ? cheers
  2. Hi, i have always been a stihl user, recently i have given husky a go and have to say all was good for a bit, but after a few months things went bad, had a new top handle battery saw, used it outside while it was raining, that’s now dead, then the 550 did this to the chain, now on inspecting it can be seen the pin has sheared, both ends of rivet are still engaged with the side plates, i have never seen this on a stihl chain, is this a common failure, it’s the original chain, and it’s genuine husky, never been abused iam not loving the husqvarna’s so much now and felt bad dusting off the old stihl, which have to say started up and finished the job despite been retired for nearly a year ! the failed chain was running on the 550, appreciate your thoughts, cheers
  3. Bustergasket

    Fuelwood Open Day - 18-19 may 2018

    I have just seen a flyer for the open day which is coming up at Fuelwood, looks like they have loads of machines running inc the fuel factory and the vepack bagging machine running together, loads of other interesting bits of kit, i must try and get down, has anyone been before ? and what was it like ? i have heard it can be good to strike a deal on the day, so anyone looking to buy some new kit may get a good deal, have fun & keep on chopping [emoji106]
  4. Bustergasket

    Husqvarna Combi Can question/ problem

    stihl ones are top quality, husqvarna are cheap inferior junk
  5. Bustergasket

    57x37cm mono bags in red

    I always use bag supplies, have used medallion, and also vanderwint, bag supplies not the cheapest but easy to deal with
  6. Bustergasket

    Transaw 350 reviews

    Ok i can see if you are in a building the sawdust is prob best dealt with via extraction, when i opened up the guarding at the rear the dust just gets blown away but that suits as iam outside, yes variable speed on the cut stroke is great when you get it dialled in, yours will have all the latest little tweaks so you should get on really well with that, top job [emoji106]
  7. Bustergasket

    Transaw 350 reviews

    Hey Steve, that’s great, i have removed the lower section of the guard/ shoot at the rear of the machine, i found it improves it lots as it helps the sawdust get away, however mines electric so no tractor to consider, obviously removing guards is not ideal but the blade is still fully covered just don’t put your arm up there as you will find the blade ! if you wanted the guard in place then fuelwood sell a great chip extractor which is probably the best solution, what year is the transaw ? and are you running it with a hydraulic deck ? you are correct the 8 way on 9 inch to 14 inch is just super like you say great size logs and a good variation in size, have u got the variable speed ? if you have then once you get to grips with that you will be liking it even more, worth getting a spare roll of reflective tape as eventually you will need to replace that, i get a year or two but then it seems to degrade quick, this time i just replaced a section at around 8-10 inch mark, mines outside in full sun, that cannot help, let us know how you get on and if you need any pointers just shout up, [emoji106]
  8. Bustergasket

    Real World Processor Output

    I must say the bilke is a pretty unique machine, when you say big tractor.... how big we talking ? have u tried the electrical version ?
  9. Bustergasket

    Difference waste wise between king and double cab?

    Super cab all the way [emoji106]
  10. Bustergasket

    Unwanted nocturnal visitors again

    i screwed one to the gate post just on the inside by the handle, i put a 12g cartridge in but did not set it, anyone opening the gate or casing up would see it and think the better of it, i think the fact it was positioned so close to your face had the effect of making them think that this guy has lost it, in reality it was safe and was never going to go off, we had no more trouble after that, and i had been done over twice in the previous 6 months, the blanks are loud enough to burst an ear drum if positioned poorly so be careful !
  11. Bustergasket

    Unwanted nocturnal visitors again

    these things are great, you can get black powder blanks, however the base is the same as 12g, just don’t forget where you have set the trip wire otherwise your ears will be ringing if not bleeding !
  12. Bustergasket

    Digger mounted Blacks / Lasco cone splitter and grab

    ok thanks for that, is it a pain to screw into the log to pick it up to move then i guess unscrew ?
  13. Hey guys, looking at a cone splitter to mount on the machine, they do one with a grab attached, does anyone have any experience with these bits of kit, if so would be pleased to her the pros/cons, iam looking at as an alternative to a grapple, so i would use the machine to load the sub 14 inch to the processor, and then split down any larger stuff on the spot and either load to processor or side stack. cheers
  14. Saw this and thought may help some of you guys, i got 4 new tyres and they internet price matched and i got a genuine 100 quid back, cannot go wrong [emoji106]
  15. Bustergasket

    what logs have you been chopping today!

    How do you get on with the alder, i had some last year and it suffered badly with white mould, burned great but the mould cost me a few customers, none of the other species in the bags had mould just the alder?


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