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  1. Bustergasket

    Fastest splitter costing over £ 1500

    If you have got a big enough pile then you could hire one of these in from Fuelwood, they are automatic, do come up for sale now and again, can honestly say it’s the best bit of kit we have found, takes upto 14 inch dia but you can take a 28 inch ring and knock it in half, feed ok flat side down, have not used my 13 ton thor since having this, it really does fill a bag in 5 mins or so.
  2. Bustergasket

    How much wood do I have??

    The bags are double stacked so i guess it’s half what you can see as the bottom bag will also have shrunk
  3. Bustergasket

    How much wood do I have??

    We ran a few bags off yesterday and were surprised when we stacked them next to the bags that were done 4 weeks ago, now some of the heights difference may be due to the bags relaxing in this heat but the logs are also now very dry sub 20%, all the bags were shaken and topped up same as the previous ones ! we would think 10% shrinkage
  4. Bustergasket

    vented sacks

    Another vote for bag supplies, had same bags for 4 years, out in sun no degradation yet [emoji106]
  5. Bustergasket

    What to do with all the sawdust ?

    Good ideas, and yes i will try and get a vid or pictures loaded of the woodcutta/ splitta
  6. Bustergasket

    What to do with all the sawdust ?

    Cheers guys some great suggestions there, especially like the waterproof oil absorption material, very clever in the development of the concept and then superb application, very interesting [emoji106]
  7. Bustergasket

    What to do with all the sawdust ?

    I have been working on a new project over the past month on a firewood processor, i have a few improvements to finish off and i think it will work really well for us, however i can see that we are producing lots of sawdust and very quickly !, now this is chainsaw bar as opposed to tct so there is slight oil from chain lube, it’s about 30-40 % moisture so i think that makes briquettes more difficult, my current thinking is to bag/ box up and try and sell as oil absorption matter, be interested to hear any other possible uses ?
  8. Bustergasket

    Large processor needed

    The thing is with these machines the output is huge, and the fact they are automatic means you don’t have to concentrate like you do on a conventional processor, you end up sort of overseeing, i have done 50 x 1 m cube bags in a day, but rings all precut and sized for the machine, you have to get yourself organised, it will also do kindling at a rate of about 1 bag 65x45 every minute, that’s two of us and bags tied and stacked on pallet, that for us was an added bonus that has proved to be a popular seller, iam using the older 360 machine but it takes 400, think new one is marked 400 but takes 450 but check that. Payback time can be swift if you can shift the volume that this machine will produce
  9. Bustergasket

    Large processor needed

    It’s very rare i get a refusal, thing is it’s easy to just turn the handle and it resets the machine so it feeds again and splits the next bit, very easy especially when comparing to a refusal in a conventional processor, i have fed allsorts through my older 360 and it’s typical to get two refusals in a morning but we do put anything through (and like i say it’s seconds to reset it), almost just to see what happens, invariably it splits it, when you get a refusal you just get a double size bit out the end so no bother, will see if i can find a real life vid
  10. Bustergasket

    Large processor needed

    It is a superb bit of kit, you can increase the price by adding conveyors and other options, best to give Fuelwood a call, i would have no hesitation if you ever came across a used machine just buy it, although i think people tend to hold onto them, the payback on these bits it’s of kit is from my experience very quick, built like tanks and residual value considerably better that other firewood processors.
  11. Bustergasket

    Large processor needed

    Have you looked at a fuelwood splitta 400, i think fuelwood hire them out, i have exactly the same problem but have found a partial solution currently i ring anything upto 800 diameter split in half and feed through the splitta, the ringing is fairly labour intensive but two guys should just about keep up with the machine, you will be doing a cubic meter bag every 6 mins and the logs will be regular size, iam looking to modify my woodcutta / splitta to be able to handle 600 ish diameter as realistically i don’t have much over that diameter, do you think the manual ringing is an option ? if so then iam sure you will be amazed at how much wood comes off those large rings, we do a days ringing and then feed them through, the machine is automatic and it’s relentless, i would estimate about 5 ton per hour, they feed through flat (split) side down just fine
  12. Looking for initially around 50 bags, based midlands, must be from good quality hardwood, any recommendations appreciated, have a good one
  13. Bustergasket

    app not working

    sorted, deleted the app and reinstalled, working ok cheers
  14. Bustergasket

    app not working

    this is the version that works
  15. Bustergasket

    app not working

    Thanks Steve, yes i just tried it again iam able to use a really old version of the app and that’s what iam posting on, any ideas ? thanks


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