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  1. Bustergasket

    Being able to supply your demand

    That sounds great, iam all up for anything that makes things more efficient, if you have got any pictures would be great to see [emoji106]
  2. Have to say i have gone full circle on this, over the last 20 years each house we have fixed up i have put log burners in, always been happy, however last few years iam loving the open fires, and am seriously thinking of pulling the CBD severn out and going large open fire, chimney is 6 foot wide and 4 foot deep, thinking logs would be 3 ft long sensible diameter , slow burn and not as much heat as stove, it’s not needed as a primary heat source as we have the biomass, so it’s a toy thing really [emoji106]
  3. Bustergasket

    Removal rules?

    When i was 19 i had just bought a chainsaw from bargain pages, stripped it and rebuilt, one day on the pony and trap we went past a fallen oak, i went back the next day in my fiesta to get the carb set up with some load on the saw, new .404 chain, 42 inch bar so had to put the back seats down, small screw driver, well after a few rings this chap turned up in a land rover and asked what i was doing, he seemed to think it was his tree that i was stealing, once i explained that the 5 ft rings would not fit in my car even if i could lift them, he seemed to calm down, quite happy to ring it up with this old 2100cd with manual oiler, he was back in a jiffy with a big trailer, these were great times [emoji106]
  4. Just to cheer you up, this is a video of Joe and his bro, it’s highly concerning and somewhat entertaining as was the first video https://youtu.be/VSGcEqNhWdo
  5. Bustergasket

    Best Moisture Meter for Firewood

    Seems to be big difference of opinion and big difference in meters !
  6. Bustergasket

    Best Moisture Meter for Firewood

    Cheers woodworks, that looks a good one, and the info on the oven testing is going to test my maths [emoji106] is anyone using a hammer in type ?
  7. Bustergasket

    Best Moisture Meter for Firewood

    Thanks Edy, i agree not to trust the stihl (prob made by someone else) cheap meter, i can mostly tell just by the weight, feel and sound, but the meter is objective as opposed to a subjective test, i always knock them in half but ideally would like a decent meter that i can count on, i have heard about a hammer in type, i don’t mind spending on the right bit of kit, great idea about measuring a bit of timber in the house, when i measure some bits it can read 0% which to me is not right
  8. Bustergasket

    Best Moisture Meter for Firewood

    Iam currently using a cheap Stihl meter to give an indication of the moisture, iam sure there must be something better, it’s only for firewood not sawn timber, any recommendations appreciated [emoji106]
  9. Bustergasket

    Fuelwood open day Videos

    My camera skills are not great but iam getting the hang of uploading, keep on chopping [emoji106]
  10. Bustergasket

    Fuelwood open day Videos

  11. Bustergasket

    Fuelwood open day Videos

  12. Bustergasket

    Fuelwood open day Videos

    I managed to get along to the open day for a few hours, they had some brilliant bits of kit, i took this video of the latest woodcutta and splitta, they had another splitta also feeding into the conveyor but that was not running, i took a few other quick videos will try and upload those too [emoji106]
  13. Bustergasket


    We have been busy collecting conkers for the annual pub competition, the rules are, health and safety is banned, so no goggles, gloves, or other appendages, you can treat it, but it must be a conker ( no rubber ones or steel ones), stamps and tanglies must be declared at start of game, otherwise crack on [emoji106]
  14. Bustergasket

    what logs have you been chopping today!

    That’s a good temp out the kiln, are you running water to air heat exchangers ? Iam running one but it’s uninsulated, but in a building, and i fully exhaust the warm air as opposed to recirculating, would always like to get higher temps, good job you put that crate in [emoji106]
  15. Bustergasket

    Whats the most efficient system to cut and split rings?

    I do know fuelwood have a hire machine which has its own petrol power pack, it’s a splitta 400 and would really make short work of the arb waste rings, think it has outfeed conveyor too, you would need a good few people to keep it fed but if you get it organised you could do between 30 and 100 cube in a day, 100 would be big timber and running constantly, obviously the real world you have to swap bags, but if you wanted a big pile and have big timber ready prepped and depending on stoppages and timber size it’s possible, but you will need fit lads to keep it fed, i don’t know what they charge but i do know it will make great logs, give pete a call at fuelwood, iam going to try and get down to the open day this sat 13 october they should have the fuel factory running, hope this helps, keep on chopping [emoji106]


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