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  1. I love Kefir but i think like you 2 months out of date, did you open it? was it like cheese? good job you checked i prob would have gotten a mouthful 🤣
  2. Just had a look into this... This may help, there is some issues with the light not going off after refill if system is filled to the top, iam aware that it’s almost impossible to not brim the system as there is no gauge, however advice is drain 2 litres and then make sure vehicle is on the level, reset the yaw rate sensor and then clear the codes, it’s something to do with the level sensor been ultrasonic and it cannot deal with more than 100%, i think revised software is on the way, also critical that veh is level when filled as the ultrasonic looks at the yaw rate sensor, hope this helps ?
  3. “Should” be all the same.... the reality is very, very different.
  4. We have seen issues with incorrect spec adblue causing issues in a whole number of vehicles, there has been batches made which have a different specific gravity, we saw a Jag the other week and the owner had filled with cheaper generic unbranded fluid, we drained and refilled all ok, we only use the Ford Omnicraft product, costs about £12 quid for 10 litres, also have seen issues with my ranger and there was a software update for the (i think they call it selective cat reduction) SCR system basically what controls the ad blu usage that was not resetting after it had been filled, you then needed to do a calibration, i now tell people to avoid running them once the light comes on, with mine i have just been adding 10l every 2000 miles and the light has not illuminated. Hope that helps ?
  5. That’s shocking ! how can you get 175 bags ( i guess bulk bags [emoji6]) out of that lot and retain your sanity! it must have taken days and days ? fair play GDH [emoji106]
  6. Yes i think you are bang on, the charge time on the milwaukee is 1.5-3 hrs, realistically we can bring the timber to the saw just prior to loading the deck, and i can hang the cable out the way, also much cheaper, just chatted to dealer, he said makita or husq as the brushes are easy to change, apparently the stihl is a bigger strip out to change the brushes out, so atm it’s looking like corded
  7. Iam after an electric saw to trim the round wood prior to going through the processor, so essentially it could easily be done in the same place so no real need to have cordless, although cords are always a pain, question is are the battery saws going to be good enough to chug through 400mm diameter, it’s not every length that needs to be trimmed, and the main consideration would be noise reduction, i guess on the shortlist is cordless milwaukee, dewalt, makita, stihl ? corded i don’t really know what’s out there so would be really interested in your opinions [emoji106]
  8. Have you tried a dogmatic head collar ? our boy took to it straight away and it turned him into a baby on the lead this is him a year ago,
  9. Our boy is good with most low energy dogs, does not like spaniels or border collies i think they emit that thing that says something is about to happen! same with kids, high energy and he goes nuts, he is only two and they grow / fill out till 5 yrs, hoping he will chill 🤞
  10. This is the Rescue a year on from when we took him on, he will only let me and the mrs touch him, does not want fuss, we have to manage his local environment very tightly in terms of people, he is ok out and about if people ignore him, his behaviour is consistent in that if someone shows an interest in him then he is keen to point out he wants to be left alone but really only as they approach, he has taught us lots, and iam sure we still have much to learn, iam hoping that as time passes and with a fair&firm but gentle and consistent hand he will become more trusting, i will prob be proved wrong but it does not stop us trying [emoji106]
  11. Hi Sam, possibly could find a use for the thumb on the pallet forks, if you could send a pic that could be useful, or PM me your number and i will give you a call, cheers Dan
  12. I had a real chuckle the other week, i was at a mates farm and there was some lads putting up a steel frame, everyone stood around, drills and bits everywhere, bolts all scattered, prob was needed to enlarge some holes, all bits broken or dull, i managed to sharpen a 20mm bit with an 4 inch angle grinder [emoji23], the looks of disbelief until they touched the rsj [emoji23], comments on here are right once you understand how it’s got to work and the muscle memory is learned you will be away, it took me a long time to fully appreciate what’s going on, but once understood it’s not forgotten [emoji106]
  13. That’s good, i think we can go about 20mm larger than the hoop, it means we lift the ring out and put back in on the other side, it must be straight, if we get jammed then i have found a 5ft bale tine, splitting wedges, lump hammer, it’s easy to tap the wedge into the ring from the side just nipping off the top while it’s stuck under the bar at the splitter chamber, we use the bars to lever the ring back or straighten it up as required, most jams we can free in a few minutes, it’s very rare now that we have a jam, we have not had any jam for the last 100 cubes but we do grade the timber and have developed a bit of a sixth sense as to what’s going to go through, iam based midlands, how often if ever do you leave it running on it’s own ? when iam on my own i will leave it going while i go and stack the bulk bag it’s just filled, you have to make a judgment based on how the next bit of timber looks [emoji106]
  14. Hi Dave, great info, sounds like you have a great set up [emoji106], i will run the tape round but pretty sure my hoop on the splitta infeed is just over 400, i know the woodcutta is upto 430mm and you are right the volume goes up big time with diameter, i have done quite a bit of work getting the length as long as possible as this also increases volume through the set up, yes the small stuff goes through the cutter but i then feed that through another splitta which is set up for kindling, we have fashioned a sort of side shuffle arrangement so we can keep the machine going, we run at 1 bag a minute, with two people, bagged stacked and wrapped on pallet, realistically after a 100 bags (60x40) you want to go and do something else [emoji23] we have been using the new bags with the one way locking collar so no time knotting the bag [emoji106] i also do the barrow bags full of kindling, they are easy, since we have the cleaner we are getting more shrapnel out the bags, iam really grateful as i use it in the farm 2000, do you ever leave the machine running on its own ? the more we get to grips the longer we are able to leave it, it’s not without risk but mostly we can sneak the odd coffee and doughnut in without it stopping, we really like the way you are away from the dust and noise, also you can think about other things while the machine runs, i don’t miss pulling levers ! have you had the pressures tweaked to optimise performance ? made a big difference to mine, but it was much older than yours, sawdust is my next thing to tackle [emoji106] there is huge amounts, where abouts in the country are you ?, cheers Dan
  15. great for cooking on, got a polish guy who loves it [emoji106]


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