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  1. what logs have you been chopping today!

    How do you get on with the alder, i had some last year and it suffered badly with white mould, burned great but the mould cost me a few customers, none of the other species in the bags had mould just the alder?
  2. arbtalk change

    Just use the app on your phone, much simpler, works for me, and it’s great for pics and vids [emoji106]
  3. Real World Processor Output

    Ok i can see that at 400 plus the logs would be getting on the large side, bet u make a big pile very quickly though
  4. Real World Processor Output

    what diameter J will the trak met cut and split, interested to hear that sub 12 is that much slower but i bet you are right, when i stop and think about it feels that way to me too
  5. Ford ranger 2013 t6 oil leak

    Usually any seal seals onto a shaft, the shaft must have a bearing, if the bearing is worn then it allows the shaft to move and work the seal, this can accelerate the wear, also worth noting some of the tools which set the seal are very fancy now, used to just drive home with a seal driver, i used one the other day that it would have been impossible to set the seal without the tools, maybe worth a look.
  6. Hows the log sales going now

    Orders coming in nicely, just about finishing last years processed timber, going to be on this years soon, been a good year, just what i needed, in this game it’s amazing how big the difference can be from a good to a bad year, keep on chopping [emoji106]
  7. Real World Processor Output

    Fuelwood were able to add the xls upgrade part to my xl transaw, which allows you to adjust the hydraulic flow though the system this means you can speed the feed rate up of blade hugely for small stuff and it seems to transfer quicker too, the transfer tray ensures a clean transfer to splitter, defo worth looking at a transaw
  8. Real World Processor Output

    I agree our customers want chunky logs, issue is that you need some smaller stuff to keep them going, the 8 way produces the best mix, the picture is about 12-13 inch dia so up there size wise, we find that you get the perfect compliment to the big stuff once you are at 10 inch lower down to about 8 inch, i used a 6 way last year too many big big bits once dia gets up there, the variation in sizes this year using 8 way is the best we have seen i will be surprised if we get concerns over the size, but i have been known to get it wrong before, anything over 14 inch we feed through the splitta which makes nice regular squares, i have few pics of when i played around with the 8 way initially, they may help
  9. Real World Processor Output

    Yes i agree the small stuff is painstaking, unless you have some time to kill you are better off chipping or put in the boiler, for me it’s worth paying extra for sorted loads and around the larger dia, but that’s mainly as i don’t have much time, also you get significantly more yield out the larger dia loads provided it’s straight ish, happy chopping
  10. Real World Processor Output

    Yes you are right about moving stuff and jiggling pallets round, my mate could not keep it fed we ran out of timber twice, but this is all plus 8inch right upto 14 inch, the larger dia makes a huge difference, if on my own i bet it would be 2-3 bags an hour with the moving and stacking, we are mega impressed with this new 8 way knife, for us it’s a game changer, as is the larger straight timber, i think if we got organised better 10 bags an hour is possible but the timber would have to be straightish and nothing under 8inch dia, which is harder to find, be interested to see what a 480 could do in an hour on bigger stuff at 10 inch long ?
  11. Real World Processor Output

    always liked the look of the japa 700 i think on the small stuff it would be quicker than our current set up, i think the bigger processors come into their own on the bigger timber, i only run our processor for a few days here and there, don’t get much time hence need a higher output in order to do a few hundred bags and then leave it alone
  12. Real World Processor Output

    Hey Guys i thought it would be interesting to see what real world outputs people are seeing from the processors, i was cutting some ash this afternoon, laser set to 9.5 inch and we were seeing 7 bags an hour 1.2 cube bags, not rushing and that allowed for shacking the bags to settle before stacking on pallet, i had a mate loading log deck and taking bags away, we were pleased with that and could see plenty of ways to speed things up a bit, must say the timber was nice and true, and good diameter no small bits, what do you see with other processors ? i know if i turn the cut length up then output goes through the roof
  13. what logs have you been chopping today!

    About to get stuck into this load of ash
  14. maybe not so blinged up, they seem to have good residual but may need a bit of work if 7k


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