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  1. Cuttup

    550XP Mk2

    Well, it wouldn't be Arbtalk if people didn't chip in their ha'penny's worth - even of its totally irrelevant to the OP - and you're not guilty of that atm 😉. Maybe Gimmlet had a Mk 1? Here's hoping...
  2. Cuttup

    550XP Mk2

    I don't refute Stihl make some good saws, but everything I own (apart from MS200 s) are husky, so I don't see me changing now. Already have a ridiculous array of bars and chains without adding more german hardware into the mix!
  3. Cuttup

    550XP Mk2

    Perfect. I'm in. Thanks guys. Was planning to run an 18" bar (it's primarily for blocking down and bigger limb removal) Should be up to that aye?
  4. Cuttup

    550XP Mk2

    We've probably been down this road before.... Need a saw for aerial tree work. I've heard many users day thsi saw is great for forestry (long periods of cutting) but really not good at restarting when hot. Given the stop start nature of arb work, this could be PIA. The only other saw I've really looked at is a 450 which is a tidy enough wee saw, but obviously with less power. No complications with autotune however Views from any experience of these saws gladly received. Cheers
  5. Arbortec, Stein, Mendle.... Are there any leather boots that are class 3? Also. need to use them with spikes. Thoughts and experience much appreciated
  6. Just wondering if any of you sawyers bother with this? If your not selling stress graded timber, is there a requirement to have Products Liability Ins. Are there other considerations I am overlooking? Thanks in advance
  7. Aye. There some merit in these ideas. Thanks. Have you physically used a 135 Doobin? I had the pleasure of trying to help fix someone else's 235... there are no words.
  8. Sorry to be so boring....😉 I take it most of you lads are self climbers then and not employing climbers or have you just said sod it, and decided to press on with double MEWPS and invisible lines instead? It does seem like climbing on 2 systems is a massive chew. I've never known anyone to cut through their mainline or for their main anchor to fail, but I dare say it happens. PS I'm not the HSE in-cognito, you're fantastical lines are safe with me whether they exist or not….
  9. So my mate wants to know which saw to buy for cutting up pallets and branches, I thought battery; he says no. I hate low end saws because...well you know why. Can anyone suggest a home-use saw that might not be a total bag of nails?
  10. Apologies if this has been covered previously.... What are people using as a second line? Is it practical to use SRT and a trailing back up line with e.g. a Petzl Asap or ISC Rocker? Or are people using something more like 2 x SRT systems with the load shared equally between the two?
  11. I'm sure this isnt' new, but I've contacted 2 compnies with no repsonse. Can anybody reccomend someone to carry out arb PPE/rigging kit LOLER inspetion in central Scotland? Thanks in advance
  12. Cuttup


    10 years till the apocolype? You're probably correct, it's not the most likely scenario, but interestingly, around 40 years ago even the scientists of Shell and Exxon (sticking with the oil company theme) warned that CO2 emissions were a problem and would become an even greater problem. Amongst climate scientists there is an overwhelming majority who have carried out peer-reviewed work, research and modelling , and they are all coming to the same conclusion. What there seems to be less sureity about is not if it will hapen but when it will happen, with some concerned about a kind of domino effect once certain limits are breeched. I am not a scientist, but I think we ignore this science and the potential for long-term and serious impact on the planet and our lives at our peril.
  13. Cuttup


    Consume less. And broad portfolio of energy sources.


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