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  1. se7enthdevil

    Saw milling directory

    be great to know who is local as i've needed some recently and may do again in the future but no one seems to be near me.
  2. se7enthdevil

    Notre Dame cathedral...

    charcoal and ash is a great insulator so that is frequently the case.
  3. se7enthdevil

    Arb Kitten

    this is milly. she also likes to get in my bowls whenever she could. she is also a contortionist and as you can see one end of the animal can face a different direction than the other. .
  4. se7enthdevil

    Arb Kitten

    this is lucy. that is short for lucylastic as my mum calls her as occasionally she will go mental. she like curling up in my walnut bowl a few years ago and even had just her head in one. .
  5. se7enthdevil

    Monkey Puzzle

    a sizeable bit like that should be milled as it will yield nice timber so persevere with this one mark.
  6. se7enthdevil

    Today's milling

    i take it their diameter is about 18" - 20"???
  7. se7enthdevil

    Today's milling

    assuming it's the bit on top that you are referring to then i'd mill at 2 1/2" or 3".
  8. se7enthdevil

    Today's milling

    not for wood as nice as that. bowls, vases or coffee tables are what i'm thinking. you still haven't stated the measurement for that crotch.
  9. se7enthdevil

    Today's milling

    it's a beauty Saul... got any more like that???
  10. se7enthdevil

    Notre Dame cathedral...

    can people please stop trying to work out who is right and wrong about an opinion that does not matter... i started this thread because a medieval building was being gutted by fire not so i could read pointless posts...
  11. se7enthdevil

    Notre Dame cathedral...

    the ariel shot on the news made it look like there won't be anything left of the inside. can't believe that heat did the masonry any good either.
  12. se7enthdevil

    Notre Dame cathedral...

    no, i just sat and watched the news whilst having my tea. gutted...
  13. se7enthdevil

    Notre Dame cathedral...

    well that's 800+ years gone up in smoke. can't believe what i've just watched.
  14. se7enthdevil

    all my woodwork so far

    this solid ripple pair are a nest of two and the bigest is about 8".
  15. se7enthdevil

    all my woodwork so far

    this one is about a foot across. .


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