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  1. i've no system just my eyes and plenty of experience in grinding. i have an 8" record grinder and do it all freehand.
  2. here are the pictures marcus. the rust looks worse than it is and is only surface rust which i will clean up. jaws moves freely and all works well... looks to be a model from the 40's to the 60's which are supposed to be the best ones.
  3. difflock, i have a couple of records for sale if you are interested? i bought them with all intentions of making my own bench but it never happened. if you want one then let me know.
  4. currently listening to this.
  5. should be absolutely fine, mill it and you'll have some lovely quartersawn board from the middle.
  6. i presume you mean Robinia? no i don't have any.
  7. i have lots of big lumps still to turn but i think the biggest i have will be a bit of walnut around 27" wide and roughly 4" deep. here it is rough turned with my size 12 boot in the middle.
  8. alder is only suitable when in anaerobic conditions. otherwise it would rot fairly quickly.
  9. not sure there is a recommended timber as i've seen them made out of allsorts over the years. as long as the wood is watertight it should not be a problem what you use...
  10. i do have a large bit of catalpa that i've been holding on to for years for just such a purpose. i'm going down to the container today so i'll see if there are any other large roughed out bowls that would do the job too. i know there are a couple of large walnut suckers down there but i'm not sure if they are right for the job?
  11. always wanted to make one of those but i think you'll need a large bit of dry wood mark unless you are prepared to rough turn it and leave it to dry for a year or two first. what wood are you thinking of?
  12. there is a pub round the corner but you'll need a long battery life on a phone as i'll go on for hours.
  13. i've watched a few of Joe's videos on youtube and realised they were broadcasting on radio. i think Elon is the squilionare???? can i have some money please sir?
  14. do people need something like that to send them to sleep then? if i start talking about timber the podcast would need to be about a year long (just the first episode) and people would fall asleep nearly instantly. i wouldn't know how to record myself anyway.


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