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  1. no mate, you'll just need to give me a bell as it's a custom job.
  2. nice of you to say so but not all art is meant to stay pristine.
  3. yes elbow height is usually best if you can do it with your set up. you need to set up the bench to suit the center height of the lathe and your elbow height. i have a jet 3520b which i think has a 45 1/2" spindle height but my elbows are 49" from the floor when barefoot. still, it does ok for me... @Con feel free to contact me if you want any help... Steves Wooden Skittle Pins and Balls STEVESWOODENSKITTLES.CO.UK Steves Wooden Skittle Pins and Balls - Home Page my number is on the website.
  4. just remember that it's best to email me as i rarely get on here... glad you are pleased with the bowls...
  5. i can make all sorts of mallets if anyone wants one... two or one piece and turned or joined.
  6. sample received and it is a Khaya genus mahogany.
  7. se7enthdevil

    Wood ID

    softwoods are not my strong point. a fir seems likely.
  8. hi guys, i have about 3m3 of beech squares in Muncaster castle in 5"x5"x6'-8' lengths and am having trouble finding a courier who can help. if anyone can assist then please leave me a message and i'll check my inbox next week. needs to be shipped to Windsor SL4 2RL from Ravenglass CA18 1RQ
  9. sadly i can't use Arbtalk with my ancient computer. it stopped working around xmas and just says a secure connection can't be found or something similar.
  10. hi Andrew, i must be honest the first gut notion took me in the direction of the Khaya genus which are the African mahogany group. happy for you to send me a sample of you want me to make sure. you are best off messaging me on facebook as i can see Arbtalk on my own computer. i'll message you my profile. just for your information Honduran Brazilian and Cuban are effectively the same wood. yes there are two different species in the genus Swietenia but they are not discernable from one another.
  11. wouldn't bother mark, Ron's not actually any good at identifying species...
  12. Hi all, I need a regular supply of good quality olive ash kiln dried please. thicknesses of 4" and possible 1&2". the 4" is for salad bowls 10"-16" finished diameter. please message me through facebook only https://www.facebook.com/steve.earis/ i am unable to check this website regularly so will not be looking at it.
  13. i've been meaning to do these two window boards for nearly 3 years and i finaly got round to them. made from tuliptree 6' long and will be painted at some point. all protruding edges rounded.
  14. someone o know was looking to get rid of a morticer last week. look up Crater custom guitars and ask for chris. https://www.facebook.com/CraterGuitarSupplies


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