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  1. i wonder how quickly the colour will silver off.
  2. why does it "have to be burned", ??? if you have too much wood advertise it on woodturning and woodworking groups on facebook or other turning forums. considering how little elm there is left in the UK it would be a shame to waste it.
  3. nahh, does the job dirty or clean so i don't bother. also it is over 10 years old.
  4. just started a big bit of Sapele for a fellow arbtalker... 17"x 2"
  5. looking to obtain 2" square either rough sawn or planed timber to build some planters and a wood store from if anyone has any for sale??? 1.5m and up in length. needs to be a durable wood like oak, robinia, douglas fir heartwood, cedar or larch. i'm in the south of the country (SL1 8AL) and can not travel as i don't drive so i'll either have to get the wood a lift from someone or possibly have it delivered.
  6. no doubt on the endgrain photo you've shown us, 100% Robinia pseudoacacia... also the stringy nature of it when you split the log is very characteristic of splitting that species.
  7. Would the bark on that be quite corky and thick, because this tree wasn't so much? not sure mate. the small tree i have had of it was 1/2" thick on the bark but that was only a young tree 18" at the base. the bark could change as it matures. i really need to see some good photos of the wood mate then i can be of assistance. are you going to mill it???
  8. No idea Steve. Could be but I have no clue how to recognise one or the wood characteristics. look at the bark. the wood is white like birch but goes a different colour very quickly if not processed. Liquidambar styraciflua
  9. there is a big tulip tree near me at taplow house hotel. it has a girth of about 7m if memory serves. any chance it could be a Liquidambar james???
  10. i might be interested but what woods would i be asked to write about?
  11. i have a close up image. looks like sequoia sempervirens. it's evergreen.
  12. here are pictures from the listing if someone recognises the bark. it looks like Metasequoia to me as i've just got some from one of my neighbours.
  13. can anyone id this from the photo. it's not my tree so this pic will have to do for now which is the stump regrowth. it's an ebay seller who thought they had a yew tree and were selling the logs but the wood and bark are very different. i'm thinking either Taxodium or Metasequoia??? any help appreciated.
  14. look what i just found... Pete green told me years ago that transworld sport had filmed there but i wonder why it has taken so long to get the film out on youtube... i made the hornbeam pins, the lignum vitae cheeses and the frame (made of iroko and hard maple) the pins stand on. i hope the game keeps going.


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