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  1. what's a Ricking horse then??? nice beech though. i see quite a bit of that when i turn my skittles and some of it i can't bring myself to make into a skittle as it's so nice.
  2. my latest projects. a baseball bat for my youngest nephew as he got a mitt for christmas and a christmas gift for my mum in the shape of a nut bowl to stop her covering herself in shells whenever she eats them.
  3. and there was me thinking it was me having done something wrong on my PC... ok now thanks to that techno whizz SB...
  4. well it is either a species of ebony from the genus Diospyros (which i'm a little doubtful of myself) or African blackwood Dalbergia melanoxylon. the "very hard" statement leads me to say it's Blackwood as that has a janka rating of well over 3500lbf (UK boxwood is only 2800) and is around 80lbft3 in weight which you can work out if it is close to your log if you weight the log and then work out its volume.
  5. you just need to tell me one thing. is it black or purple like the photo shows???
  6. look at common sizes sold by lumber companies and copy those. larger 10" or 12" boards may be better as DF is very stable.
  7. Graham, that is a cracking piece of work and i suggest you carry on as that sort of stuff will easily sell if you wish to make a little business from it. if you need more handle blanks then don't hesitate to swing by as i've loads of stuff that falls into my offcuts category that you could use. nice to see some of my timber used so well...
  8. are you saying that the beech i have is the asian sort? Fagus orientalis???
  9. 100% not a field maple. that has a much coarser bark for that size tree. if it is a maple then a norway is more likely.
  10. i despise adverts so watch the BBC whenever i can and mute the adverts if i have no choice. i also record the programs to avoid the ad's and speed past them. the license is for more than just the BBC so i guess the question is do you wish to watch TV or not.
  11. see if you can buy one from Thailand. they have massive plantations.
  12. watch a recorded episode about a survivor of a camp i'd never heard about "Natzweiler". it was endured by 52,000+ and there is the oldest known survivor throughout the episod recalling the time there. well worth a watch.
  13. has anyone suggested Robinia??? it is often used as an osage substitute in the states so i hear...
  14. got another set of pins and balls done at the same time.


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