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  1. definitely worth a look and needs to be felled as though there is all the intention of milling it. don't cut it square at the top of the trunk. leave the stubbs of the branches and then get it milled if it's worth it.
  2. indeed, that would be a handy one to know for future reference...
  3. get a blacklight torch and charge it that way jon.... it does a much better job than daylight.
  4. i've also been doing more skittles.
  5. well off the back of the last picture of chisels and mini mallet Harvey asked me to make him a fill sizes mallet and here it is. three guys in the workshop asked for one when they saw this one so thanks Harvey.
  6. i'd love some from a mature tree for wood turning. what thicknesses are you cutting?
  7. is that you dave? Steve earis here.
  8. i can't give you an exact species as there are so many lumped in the group that this comes from but i can say that it is most likely from the dark red meranti group in the genus Shorea. i would presume that the wood is relatively hard and heavy?
  9. just another couple of chisels re handled for the joiner who gave me the job of the column bases. gave him a little mallet too as i like to make them from time to time. .
  10. cheers mate, looking forward to the blanks.
  11. UK grown E, gunnii is still as dense as the average oak once dry but has a higher calorific value according to the oils in the timber. ash burns to almost nothing as well. the eucalyptus species native to australia vary so much in weight it is unreal but because the genus is so large it's probably better to think of it as a class of wood in its own right.
  12. ok not native but it grows here on a big scale. when bone dry it burns like rocket fuel.
  13. offcuts of a wood called azobe are the dogs wotsits... native trees though would be yew and eucalyptus.
  14. that's the sort of job you leave for a good sized rip saw that will have tct blades. they go right through mild steel.
  15. the bases were fun to do... yes the shapes are all different due to who plays with what. don't forget that these were generally turned by a local bloke in the league and they usually had there own idea of what a pin should look like. now they are all gone and it's almost just me that turns them.


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