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  1. se7enthdevil

    Today's milling

    that's a sizeable sausage on there....
  2. se7enthdevil

    Today's milling

    pity, rhody that size would be nice to get hold of again.
  3. se7enthdevil

    Today's milling

    if it's coming down i want it...
  4. se7enthdevil

    Free False Acacia

    dammit... i love that timber... how big is the tree? i might be able to get a few people to get some if you want it gone?
  5. se7enthdevil

    5ton Cedar stem... whats it worth ?

    makes good furniture too.
  6. se7enthdevil

    How d'they do dat?

    that sort of edge is made by a grinder taking of the bark a bit like this. look at 2 mins in to the video.
  7. se7enthdevil

    Big old Oak to be milled but what cuts???

    a tree that size should really be quartersawn as much as possible as this will keep the boards nice and stable during the drying process along with each board looking nicer one turned into something like furniture...
  8. se7enthdevil

    Teak oil

    rustins is crap oil anyway mark. you just had a bad experience bud. i urge you to try more danish oil. this is excellent stuff. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/DANISH-OIL-5-LITRE-PROFESSIONALS-CHOICE-5l-5-l/272599199421?hash=item3f782daebd:g:7xIAAOSwax5Y0UFo
  9. se7enthdevil

    Teak oil

    how come? i'm using rye's danish oil at the moment which has no chemical driers and it is the best danish i've ever used and believe me when i say i've used alot of them.
  10. se7enthdevil

    Teak oil

    just use danish oil and you can't go wrong.
  11. se7enthdevil

    False acaccia

    very durable and is a great timber to work as well. might be interested in some if there is any going spare.
  12. se7enthdevil

    Elm tree id

    i'd say wych elm too.
  13. box elder can be lovely stuff if it has nice colour in the heart. do not just chuck it away. a mob of woodturners will be all over you if it has a nice colour to it and it gets chucked on the tip site. try adding it to a few facebook groups. presuming it has the lovely colouring in the heart then they will love it.
  14. se7enthdevil

    Oak Sleepers

    it's true to some extent as the moisture already in the timber allows any fungus into the wood that much faster meaning it can rot quicker. timber that has been seasoned for a few years is often a much longer lasting item but it will be species dependant.
  15. se7enthdevil

    Tulip tree trunk any good to anyone?

    Al, try getting in touch with the toolpost. they might be interested in dealing direct. bloke called felix hemsly.


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