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  1. i've been meaning to do these two window boards for nearly 3 years and i finaly got round to them. made from tuliptree 6' long and will be painted at some point. all protruding edges rounded.
  2. someone o know was looking to get rid of a morticer last week. look up Crater custom guitars and ask for chris. https://www.facebook.com/CraterGuitarSupplies
  3. object number 2 for my sister, a simple log store with timber supplied by kav. 6' long, 2' deep and nearly 4 high.
  4. seal the ends and hope to hell it survives...
  5. not a fan of the glossy look but the timber looks great.
  6. made an African mahogany planter from 2'' planed squares for my sister. roughly 50'' long and 26'' wide by about 32'' high. one of three i'm to make. .
  7. sorry andy, i've not done this yet but it is the very next job i have to do.
  8. when will you turn the Utile boards into tables? got any pictures in daylight?
  9. not fitted yet but i reused an old table top to make a desk for my nephew to do his GCSE's at in his room. was badly bowed so it needed flattening... some before and afters.
  10. makes perfectly good timber in my opinion and being such a wide tree will be good quality too. yes it may not be a decorative elm but you should be able to get knotless stock from some of it?
  11. these are some Angelim vermelho 5" skittle balls i've made.
  12. what section size are they? certainly not jarrah to my eyes. the other candidate is usually ekki but it's not that either. i suspect that it is a south american timber called Angelim vermelho, (Dinizia excelsa) which i have been using for my skittle balls. might be interested in them if they are the right size... Angelim vermelho | The Wood Database - Lumber Identification (Hardwood) WWW.WOOD-DATABASE.COM Commercial timbers - Dinizia excelsa Ducke (Angelim vermelho) WWW.DELTA-INTKEY.COM Description of Dinizia excelsa Ducke (Angelim vermelho), generated from a DELTA database.
  13. that's right up your street Saul. i can see you milling that already...
  14. go old school gobby. they are the best you can get. this is worth having. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SEDGWICK-MB-12-X-9-240volt-PLANER-THICKNESSER-SEDGEWICK-99p-START-NO-RESERVE/402559286167?hash=item5dba673b97%3Ag%3AaKoAAOSwjV9fsqjO&LH_ItemCondition=4
  15. might be able to do a top but it would not be a single board. more likely bookmatched.


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