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  1. watch a recorded episode about a survivor of a camp i'd never heard about "Natzweiler". it was endured by 52,000+ and there is the oldest known survivor throughout the episod recalling the time there. well worth a watch.
  2. has anyone suggested Robinia??? it is often used as an osage substitute in the states so i hear...
  3. got another set of pins and balls done at the same time.
  4. surprise surprise, i've finished more skittles and balls. these are for an american customer who wanted 9 normal pins and a kingpin. he also wanted two sets of ball one being 4 1/2" plastic (phenolic resin) and the others are 4 5/8" out of proper wood. i could not sell him lignum balls as i think it is illegal to send them overseas. they are made from a very hard timber called Cumaru.
  5. they are reclaimed games that were either late victorian or edwardian. they usually just have some dots one side and the other is free of markings meaning i can get a better use of the timber for my purposes.
  6. i did a newel post the other day that had to slot into a square base provided my the joiner that i rent some of the workshop from. he does quite a few stairs and this one was a copy of a victorian one only 65mm in section at its biggest. i also had to make a little cap for a post that was too long to go on my lathe but they will drill it in to the top of it on site.
  7. that's useful in itself to me mate, thanks alot. wish i had the opportunity to do more joinery these days.
  8. here are a couple of videos of me turning balls and a skittle blank.
  9. some big old skittles too, up to 12"x5" with 5 1/8" balls...
  10. i've also been turning plenty of balls including some rare genuine lignum vitae ones. they are the brown and yellow balls. this first set the customer specified that they had to be 3lb in weight and they ended up within half an ounce of it.
  11. done a few more skittles recently too. this first set are only 4 1/2" tall and are the only thing i have turned that i can call "cute"...
  12. no problem mate, i'm glad it found a good home to go to. i must finish that bowl one day but for now i do have one other lignum bowl i finished a couple of years ago.
  13. i did read of a turner on facebook that made an "ol chap" for his missus as he was in the Navy and often not around to provide... it could have been a joke?
  14. at least you will get rid of your grey hair if recedes far enough mate..
  15. the roubo is a bit over the top in my opinion but they are certainly well built by many a joiner. mine would be a slightly different design but a very steady construction if i ever made my own.


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