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  1. snltree

    Ms500i or still 661?

    661 it is
  2. snltree

    Ms500i or still 661?

    Thanks for the feedback guys my instinct was the 661 as I’ve used that many of times at other companies and it’s my favourite large engine saw to use but just with this new 500 I wanted hear a few opinions to make sure I don’t regret it 28” or more I’m classing as a large bar.
  3. snltree

    Ms500i or still 661?

    Just needing a saw that’s powerful enough for a large bar so far I have the ms150 and the husky 560 so need a big saw
  4. snltree

    Ms500i or still 661?

    Thoughts on this if you had to choose obliviously the 661 has more power but never seen the ms500 in action yet and I’m going buy one of these chainsaws soon Let’s hear your opinions?
  5. snltree

    Logs and Woodchip

    Looking for somewhere to take softwood logs and woodchip next Wednesday and Saturday in the Glasgow area working in Milngavie
  6. snltree

    Freelance Climber - Scotland

    No worries I’ll keep you in mind Thanks.
  7. snltree

    Freelance Climber - Scotland

    Hi mate Got a local company SNL tree surgeons What’s your day rate for any future work? Cheers
  8. snltree

    Dmm wire gate karabiner

    Needing help figuring out how to fit the dmm wire gate karabiner to a dragonfly harness If possible? Any input would be great Thanks
  9. snltree

    Petzl Zillon

    Anyone had the Petzl Zillon? As far as I’m aware it’s basically the zig zag but for a side positioning rope Possibly going to get one to try out so if there’s anyone with experience on one please let me hear your opinions? Cheers
  10. snltree

    Rate My Hinge.

  11. snltree

    Rate My Hinge.

    1. Planned to make my cut lower but couldn’t because of small wall behind it 2. Stumps getting ground out anyway so gave me better footing when putting in sink cut
  12. snltree

    Rate My Hinge.

    Poplar from yesterday beech from today
  13. snltree

    Logs in netherlee Glasgow

    Large lime tree coming down on Wednesday 7th November in netherlee (Glasgow) if anyone’s interested in coming to load there van/trailer to take logs for free Contact Dom on 07742211766


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