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  1. Head first into a chipper

    I work with things that could kill or maim me on a daily basis. Work safe was my message if you ignore that then good luck.
  2. Head first into a chipper

    Totally agree with TCDs comment and anyone who ignores that doesn't belong on site. They are not only putting themselves at risk but also their would be rescuers. Momentary lack of judgement, stupid little details we get away with day in and day out and flattened by a 360 doesn't sound a recipe for long life. Sooner or later you will get bitten and it's just the luck of the draw how hard. I work in a different industry but I always tell my guys to take a second to think what they are about to do. A second well spent imo.
  3. Chipper engine size matter?

    Certainly with the biomass chippers the productivity goes up dramatically with hp and mouth size. The same should apply to any chipper unless you are chipping twigs I guess.
  4. how to dry chip from a cant chipper?

    Also chipping slabwood at the mill stage will give a better chip than after it's dried. Certainly better for any boilers with a fussy feed system. You will end up with a product that has a value and quality close to roundwood chip. Only down side is a little extra bark but it shouldn't make a huge difference.
  5. Happy Anniversary...

    Stubby, please could you wish him well from me when you are in contact with him next. Not met him but he sounded like someone you could rely on. Perhaps ask him if he has caught any fish yet.
  6. Heat meter readings for vigas biomass boiler

    It sounds like you would have been a prime candidate for a chip boiler. I normally run our RHI chip boiler at about 80% capacity. However I can get the rated output 24 hours a day if necessary but run lower to improve efficiency and longevity. I can imagine keeping your boiler topped up is bit of a chore. Feeding it with 25 kg of wood per hour to get your 80 KW must almost be impossible. The problem with any boiler is continuity of supply. Without it you have no chance. Our big chip boiler (non RHI )has a flawed feed system and suffers a visible big drop in output because of it. Unfortunately there is some very poor advice and design out as we have found over the years. I now do not trust any salesman or system design and always do my own calculations on it. We have turned down many more than we have approved.
  7. Heat meter readings for vigas biomass boiler

    Presumably you mean 380 KWh per day so assuming your boiler is 80% efficient and your wood is 20%MC then that is about right.
  8. Heat meter readings for vigas biomass boiler

    Depends on their demands so you can't really gain much info from those. We run a 1 MW boiler through the summer but only expect about one MWh even on a cool day.
  9. Heat meter readings for vigas biomass boiler

    Those figures depend on demand so small demand will result in a small reading on the meter.
  10. Heat meter readings for vigas biomass boiler

    Hi Graham Are you saying your boiler is not giving it rated output or is inefficient? You say the fan usually running at 100%, so presumably you keep it topped up with wood or could the fan be blowing your heat up the flue when the wood runs low. Might be interesting to weigh a batch of wood and see what heat is recorded on your meter from it. That should tell you how efficient your boiler is. Presumably your meter is very close to the boiler before your heat store so there shouldn't be much unrecorded heat Sorry hit quote rather than reply
  11. Car dies at idle...

    Could be many many things. Rather than guessing I would get the fault read. Probably cheaper in the long run. How much do you rate your time per hour?
  12. Apparently logs can be too dry

    Perhaps that idea might have been of use with those smokey glen farrow boilers talked about on here a while back, I know they wouldn't believe it but I think we both thought some of their problem was too cold a return/chamber cooling the burn.
  13. Peugeot expert 1.9 road tax

    The local one keeps the trailer option open so that's the one I would go for. I expect it would struggle with the Cornish hills when towing but plenty of gears. Anyway thanks for the heads up on that. Thanks Harvey I think it's the same engine by the Citreon Peugeot pas group.
  14. Peugeot expert 1.9 road tax

    That's interesting because I have a twin wheeled trailer and I was wondering if I could tow it. From its early days I remember the Peugeot 1.9 had a good reputation. Good to hear you guys confirming that. Even at that age the van is probably a better long term bet but losing the cars handling and trading 160 horses for 70 makes it a difficult decision. Thanks for all the opinions and info, it looks like I have some thinking to do.
  15. arb waste value?

    Certainly would. I have a place to put it but I suspect Bonsai would want more than a few beers to deliver it.


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