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  1. Dont forget that if you are looking to buy a Stihl AP machine and you purchase a battery at the same time, it needs to be an AP 200 or AP300S then you will get an additional battery free of charge. The offer runs until the end of this month. We dont have these offers on the web site but your local Stihl dealer will be able to sort you out. Its a a decent deal so dont miss out. Skyland Equipment - Arborist & Rope Access Supplies SKYLANDEQUIPMENT.COM Suppliers of arborist and rope access equipment. We supply chainsaws, PPE, climbing ropes, harnesses, carabiners from Petzl, Stihl, Husqvarna and more top brands.
  2. Ive never seen a piston with that type of damage before. As suggested it looks like a plug fault/ timing issue due to the damage on the crown and intake side of the piston. Any chance something has broken away and been sucked into the engine?
  3. Mixed feedback on the 2 in 1, some people love them and some hate them. It doesnt look like you have a Stihl chain, apologise if it is, but I know that they dont work so well on other branded chains from customer feedback which is that they take the rakers down too much. I have never used one myself so im not sure if too much downward pressure would cause the issue but I imagine that it would. The other thing that has just occurred to me is that if the chain needs a good grind back then once the first tooth is taken back quite a bit it may be lowering the flat file a bit too much while sharpening the second tooth. If that makes any sense.
  4. As ADW says it could be a mismatch. Post a pic of the worm wheel showing a top down view and the drum showing the part that locates into the worm wheel. You can see the differences in the drum here Clutch Drum Assy - Husqvarna 575261005 SKYLANDEQUIPMENT.COM Clutch Drum Assy for Husqvarna chainsaws. * PLEASE NOTE: 560XP Only fits upto serial number 20202200048 * From serial number 20202200049 please use part number 575 26 10-09... Clutch Drum Assy - Husqvarna 575261009 SKYLANDEQUIPMENT.COM Clutch Drum Assy for Husqvarna 560XP chainsaws. * PLEASE NOTE: 560XP Only fits from serial number 20202200049 onwards * From serial number upto 2020220004 please use...
  5. They arent that bad. My customer has basically done nothing to the machine but fuel it up for the last 3/4 years, so its not that bad considering. The cost of some parts has risen to silly levels so if you neglect a machine it can soon start to add up. Machines these days do need a bit more TLC but an air filter, tank clean and a general making sure all bolts and nuts are tight makes a huge difference.
  6. I have one n bits atm as it needs a new piston and cylinder. They arent the most straight forward of machines to strip down so take plenty of pics and if you need a workshop manual give me a shout.
  7. I presume that its the crank bearing that is shot and not the clutch bearing. If so I haven't seen or heard of any 500I's with that issue. Its going to be a costly repair but if the rest of the machine is OK then I think that its worth repairing it.
  8. If its new as in its been purchased within the last 12 months then it should be covered under warranty. I know the 880 has been out of production for quite a while but it doesn't matter if it was purchased recently from a dealer. Its a strange one as coils very rarely fail and I would be surprised if a new OEM one was faulty from the start. If the flywheel magnets are good and they almost never fail then it must be a bad coil if the cylinder has continuity to the coil mounts, although I don't see how that is possible tbh. Not many people have a spare 880 to hand but if someone you know does, this is the time to ask for a favour. Swap the parts out until you find out which one is not working It looks like the 880 has a couple of options as they have changed the coil and flywheel so its possible that you dont have a matching pair. But, if it fits then I would at least expect a spark.
  9. This is a parts diagram, it may help with understanding how the bottom end is put together. MS150.pdf
  10. That's really impressive. Going from nothing to producing a piece of working kit in 3 days is brilliant. 👍 I can see 3D printing being the future for part suppliers, no need to wait for something to come into stock an get shipped, pay and download a file then print it out. Would it be possible to 3D print something like say a fuel tank or a chain brake handle?
  11. I haven't had a lot of time on the diagnostic kit but I can certainly think of plenty of other things that I could spend £500 on! Yep, I don't like swapping out parts when I'm not sure that its causing the issue, it will be nice £80 hit for me if I'm wrong. If the coil doesn't work then I'm swapping the carb, if that doesn't work then, well I'll cross that bridge when I get there.
  12. Thanks for all the suggestions. I ruled out bad fuel as he only uses decent two stroke and it was the same fuel when it was running well in the workshop. I've checked all the wiring and connectors, no issues. I even tried wiggling and poking all the wires while it was running. No generator Spud, just the coil which I've replaced today going out well since the issue. I was logging some timber with it for about 15 mins and it ran well. The Stihl diagnostics is a lot different than the husqvarna setup. It doesn't record faults or show the carb settings. It basically checks the electrics then you can run it up while still connected and it performs a re calibration and does a couple of other checks. I had it plugged into a ms500i that wont start, it' came up with no faults on that one too. 😀
  13. Well I've hit a brick wall with this one. A dreaded intermittent fault. The machine is less than a year old and only has a round 6 hours of use. Basically the saws runs really strong but all of a sudden it will run like the choke is on, overfueling, spluttering and wont idle. It can then after a couple of starts and a bit of a rev run fine. First off changed the spark plug, solenoid, performed a reset along with a tank, filter clean etc which I thought fixed it as it ran good for me but then failed again with customer. Next time around it was a carb carb inspection, vac/pressure test, fuel line and carb pressure test, loads of compression but I did pull the exhaust to find nothing but a clean looking piston. Checked all wires and connectors HT lead spark plug boot but found nothing. It was running fine and it and I couldn't get it run poorly. Customer took it away and then came back with it a week or so later! It was running well for most of the day he used it but when he got back to the yard to cut up some timber it started playing up again. I had to buy the stihl diagnostics kit and after getting it all set up it came up with no faults as the machine was running fine again. It has to be the coil or the carb but I thought I would throw this out there in case anyone has a better idea or has seen this issue before. Any help would be very much appreciated.
  14. The standard echo carving bar comes in .043 or .050 gauge. They look the same, 60dl, 1/4" pitch but the gauge is different. .043 echo chains are here Echo - Micro Chisel 1/4″ Lo Pro .043 SKYLANDEQUIPMENT.COM Only for use with the 1.1mm 1/4" guide bar. Please check before ordering Echo chain for certain models of the CS2511... This is a cheaper alternative Husqvarna Saw Chain - X-CUT SP11G 1/4 SKYLANDEQUIPMENT.COM Husqvarna X-PRECISION™ SP11G is a semi-chisel ¼” mini 1.1 mm chainsaw chain developed for precise and gentle pruning... .050 chains are here. Oregon ControlCut Chain - 25AP 1/4 SKYLANDEQUIPMENT.COM Get your smallest jobs done just right. 25AP is lightweight, smooth chain, ideal for pruning — our Micro Chisel® cutters...
  15. I haven't used the Husqvarna grease as suggested but stihl recommend their hedge trimmer grease. Only use a tiny bit on all of the contact points.


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