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  1. 😆 Oh I don't know, any publicity is good publicity right?
  2. Unfortunately from Monday 11/01/2021we are having to close the shop to walk in customers. We are still operating our click and collect service but manning the phones is an issue so it is best to email over any enquires to [email protected]
  3. On a positive note there doesnt seem to be more than the usual 2-5% increase this year from the arb/forestry manufactures.
  4. You cheeky barstewards. De dont talk like we do dont de do lar.... And there's me using my best posh voice on the phone and everythink, wont bother from now on. Good luck on getting charged for a pair of Pfanner trousers instead of a brake band from now.
  5. Just to add to Matty F's post here is a list of how many drive links there are in a 100ft reel of chain 1/4 2400 .325 1840 3/8 1640 404 1480 Make sure you punch the rivet right in the middle so you dont bend the drive links (using the correct size punch) and also make sure you are using the correct spinner handle and the other bit, sorry but I dont know whats it called, to match the pitch size.
  6. My old boss showed me that trick, works a treat! A blower was always an essential item, I just wouldnt do the job without one.
  7. We sell quite a lot of the brake bands but then they are the same band for the 550xp mark 1 and 2 and the 560xp/562xp plus a couple of other non pro saws. It could possibly be a bad batch as a month of use on all machines doesnt sound too good tbh although I havent had any complaints on this happening this quick on the mark 2 550.
  8. As already mentioned most dont use the guard with the mulcher blades. Apparently the three pronged ones dont spray the mulch about as much but do need a bit more power. Both oregon mulcher blades are available 3 or 4mm thick.
  9. Sorry I completely missed this mention. Looks like the OP is now sorted, the jet fit heads are a little known really good product. They seem to take a good battering.
  10. I had a 550xp mark 2 with a badly installed crank seal (pushed in too far so wore out and started leaking). I'm fairly sure it had the same symptoms as yours. Ive had one with a dodgy coil which failed after a couple of weeks, another with a dodgy carb picked up on pdi and one with a slightly leaky oil pump. Less to do with the saw in general more a quality control at manufacturing if that makes any sense. I must say feedback is that the saw is really good and the customers who have had the problems still love the machine, once fixed of course Hope you get it sorted soon.
  11. At 100:1 I would want to be very accurate with the mix! I would guess there would also be performance gains in using that ratio as when I get a saw in that uses 25:1 they run terrible. Someone has to brave enough to try it, Stubby....
  12. NP but dont just listen to me ESS has had different experiences which I dont doubt. My experience has been with only a couple of saws ive used that have had the tensioner missing, once tighten up the bar didnt move. I am fairly sure this issue has cropped up on the forum before on a different model of machine. It could be worth a search.
  13. Just a quick update on the situation. Clothing can be tried on in store but there are some restrictions. The changing room cannot be used so footwear, jackets, t shirts etc over clean clothing is OK. Getting tired of asking people to use a face covering though? If you cant or wont please order online and choose store pickup please. As we are restricting the amount of people allowed in the shop at one time please call in to buy rather than browse or ask questions about products. We can answer questions over the phone or through email. All the above just helps us serve you more efficiently. Opening hours are 10:00-17:00. We are hoping these hours will return to normal soon.
  14. As previously mentioned the chain tensioner doesnt do anything once the bar nuts are tightened up. It's either that the bar isnt being clamped properly for some reason, its an oiling issue or a poor quality chain/bar IME. I would check its oiling correctly and go from there.
  15. You get a couple of hi viz stripes, what more do you want for £200 ? We just copied and pasted the description from the manufactures site, I did think it looked a bit silly tbh. On the plus side with this new design of trouser if you do need a rail track spec trouser you can just change the skin. They would of been handy during our powerline work days when a new pair of trousers would be ruined within a day due to climbing barbwire fences. Barbwire fences crossing farmers fields to do some honest work, not climbing a barbwire fence to steal something before some chimes in. ?


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