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  1. That is something I hear a lot in regards to the 2511/ms150. As you say (and spud) it could be wise to go for a smaller saw first especially if you have a decent rear handle. If it was me I would still go for the larger top handle as you can do everything the smaller saws will do plus more. I just couldnt use the smaller saws on a decent take down. If you do go for the 540 make sure you use a bungee chainsaw strop and try not to drop it hard.
  2. This is a carving bar right? No nose sprocket. One came with my 2511. Its holding up well for carving Yep, thats the one. They do seem to last quite a long time.
  3. Which model is it? Do you but it onto part throttle (put choke on then straight off again) before trying to restart it? Im assuming the saw runs well, has plenty of power and isnt down on compression.
  4. I think it is a tsumura bar, IIRC it doesnt have any markings on it but it is this bar just a 1.1mm gauge rather than a 1.3mm. Echo Guidebar for Echo CS2511TES chainsaw WWW.SKYLANDEQUIPMENT.COM <h1><span style="font-size: large;"><strong>Echo Guidebar</strong></span></h1> <p> </p> <p>Replacement... For what its worth I would go for the 540 against the 201 as it does have more power and that is all I wanted in a large top handled saw. The 2511 has more power over the 150 and probably on par with reliability and fragility , all these little top handles need a bit more looking after than their bigger brothers, which also need looking after a bit more than there older siblings, ie the 020T. All personal preference though as long as you know what you are doing you couldnt go wrong with a 201 and a 150 either.
  5. They do now. Not that Echo knew anything about it let alone us dealers! (Only found out when PDIing a machine.) The 1/4" model now comes with the tiny sugihara chain.
  6. Steve can you do us a favour and delete this thread. I can do without some of my customers getting new ideas!
  7. In answer to the OP yes, no problem in using any Husqvarna approved dealer for warranty work no matter where you bought the saw from, well sort of but as long as you bought it from a dealer in the UK then there wont be an issue. Some very valid comments though, always best to support your local dealer if you can. There is no profit margin left in selling machines at the current web discounted prices, they are a big loss leader so if your local dealer does get upset when harassed into trying to price match dont get the hump. Its no different than when Mrs Smith tries to chop your quote down and get you to price match a 100ft totally rotted pop because she would rather you did the job but has had a cheaper quote. Fortunately we dont get many warranty jobs where the customer hasnt bought from us but what really, really annoys me is when a dealer (who the customer purchased the machine from) does absolutely nothing to help the customer but just sends them straight to us. I would say 90% of customer complaint 'warranty' jobs are either a flooded engine, a badly engaged chain brake or incorrectly fitted chains believe it or not. A simple conversation with the customer over the phone would sort out those issues rather than sending them straight to us!! In those circumstances the machine is fixed fairly quickly and no warranty claim made, doesnt do us any favours though. I must say though I will reserve the right to refuse to carry out any warranty work for anyone who has bought through a third party site, ie Amazon, Ebay etc. If im not allowed to sell on those sites, and I include every approved dealer then there is no way I am offering any kind of back up service.
  8. I would have thought that it isn't just what material the clothing is made from but also how it is constructed? Which is why some cheap t shirts are garbage. Pfanner t shirts are made from a mix of polyester and XXXXX hence why they are breathable and very hard wearing. I don't think Primark t shirts are quite the same, logo or not.
  9. A negative one is probably the battery powered angle grinder. I reckon that has certainly changed things for the worst. Unless I missed it why hasnt the 020T been mentioned? It has to be the biggest/earliest leap forward for arbs. I can agree with the mention of three strand rope, that stuff was awful to say the least. Big advances in chainsaw trousers over the years, I do have to laugh when customers think todays PPE is heavy. I think the zigzag would be the major game changer for me, how anyone is still using a prussik loop baffles me but we still sell hundreds of these a year.
  10. Its been quieter than normal shop wise, fairly good online but I would expect it to be busy this time of year. Maybe its to do with the early Easter, strange summer then autumn weather patterns and the return of GOT.
  11. How long has it been since you last communicated with him?
  12. Lots of positive ATM. You may need to go down a size so worth going to your local dealer to try before you buy. This is due to Petzl resizing their harnesses.
  13. Used to be the customer but now it's the dealer. It's basically a strip down of the saw, clean and inspect for wear/damaged/loose or missing parts, check the av, safety mechanisms and features, clean the tanks and filters, sharpen the chain and dress the bar, adjust the carb of need be plus a few other things. We don't replace any items unless they need it so we only charge £36 Inc vat. A lot of the time though people bring in a fecked machine asking for a service when what it usually needs is repairing. As a side note the xpg should be in stock with husky the 22nd of this month.
  14. That's a bit poor. It's 12 months on all machines 24 months if you register it and have it serviced at least within the first 12 months. Doesn't matter who the dealer is as it's husky who provide the warranty. It's sounds like yours may have failed on the clutch side bearing which is a warranty issue. Unless you didn't bother to put two stroke in it. 😋
  15. I think the official term is electrotrickery. Whatever it is it works quite well, it's usually other components that fail.


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