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  1. Mark_Skyland

    2019 zig zag ?

    Overall it does look a lot more beefier. Have you can across any issues with the MK3 yet? I meant to say in my previous post, release date is around the first week of March ATM.
  2. Mark_Skyland

    2019 zig zag ?

    Thanks for the feedback, The new one is a fair bit bigger but unfortunately it wont work any better with 13mm ropes as the link system is the same size (ran the same when we tested it out) which is a pity as quite a few people are going back to 13mm ropes due to tendon/forearm issues. RRP is going to be between £178 and £212 as there are two version, one with the swivel and one without. Chincane around £134
  3. Mark_Skyland

    2019 zig zag ?

    I will have a look and get the rrp for you. Out of interest, who thinks on first looks that they would go for the new zigzag over the old one if they were only using it for ddrt?
  4. Mark_Skyland

    Husky 560 chain brake problem

    Great to see you have it sorted. Spud explained far better than I could. I have only repaired two and I didn't bother with any epoxy resin, both are still working fine to this day.
  5. Mark_Skyland

    Husky 560 chain brake problem

    Drilling a small hole through the cover on the opposite side of the pin and then tapping it out with a suitable punch was the only way I've been able to remove them.
  6. Mark_Skyland

    Huski 572xp

    A bit late in the day, and night but the 572XP and XPG is now back in stock.
  7. Mark_Skyland

    Ebay Felling Levers

    Thanks, its always a please taking money from,sorry I meant providing a customer with the correct advice and service. Seriously, I think you will find it very difficult to beat Husqvarna when it comes to forestry tools.
  8. Mark_Skyland

    Ebay Felling Levers

    They might do but I imagine the manufacturing process can vary quite drastically. I very much doubt Husqvarna or Stihl have their own forge knocking out axes and felling levers, they will source it out but that is probably where the similarity ends.
  9. Mark_Skyland

    Ebay Felling Levers

    Husky sales out number Oregon at least two to one, the best seller is the 80cm husky lever.
  10. Mark_Skyland

    Ebay Felling Levers

    You would be better off making your own than buying those tbh. We have came across those before and if you read the reviews of the product it is poor to say the least. Another £20 or so will get you a husky or Oregon one that should last you the best part of twentys years if you don't lose it. I know it sounds like a sales pitch from me but best not to waste your hard earned unless it is for very light use.
  11. Mark_Skyland

    Homemade BigShot

    Definitely worth taking note about the poles. The recommended (only type that should be used) are reinforced fibreglass, the standard fibreglass poles can shatter easily causing major injuries.
  12. Mark_Skyland

    Stump grinder teeth yellow or green

    I have never tried the green teeth but we did swap to the yellow jackets which were far better than the standard ones on our vermeer 252. Lasted longer and far easier to change plus being able to just loosen the bolt a bit and then turn them 180 degrees was great. We and through a lot of teeth and I don't think I ever changed the pockets, the nut on the teeth rounded off a bit eventually but by then the teeth needed replacing anyway.
  13. Mark_Skyland

    Hi everyone need some advice?

    We have to re tune the carb on every 236, 135 and 435 we sell as the"factory" settings are all over the shop, I don't think two saws have the same settings out of the box! We always offer a free re tune after the saw has had a few tank fulls of juice through it as there can be the odd saw that benefits from it. Glad you have it sorted. We have had to sort out many a saw that has been sold straight out of the box with no pdi what so ever.
  14. Mark_Skyland

    We are proud to announce!

    I'm fairly sure mail order isnt an issue with parts, but chainsaws can not be shipped through the mail as its an in shop hand over policy only no matter on who the customer is domestic, or professional.
  15. Mark_Skyland

    Tool thefts

    The manufactures do their bit by individually marking each machine, they also link the sale of that machine to the dealer. It's then up to the end user to make a record of the a serial number and maybe mark the saw a few times in different places. The best thing to then do is register it with Arbsafe, plus any other equipment you have as it's free and the police use it to check for recovered items. Although we register all sold machines with the manufacture I wouldn't just rely on that as we can make mistakes.


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