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  1. New generation Husqvarnas

    Yes we have sold quite a few of the high top and 562 air filter to 560 owners and some of the small mount 3/8 bar, chain and rim sprocket. I will have to look through the parts to see if there are any changes to the carb or coil etc but I don't think there is. Oh and the side casing is different to fit felling dogs.
  2. New generation Husqvarnas

    Thanks for the info. Sorry Stubby, I meant it is going to be new to the UK dealers soon.
  3. New generation Husqvarnas

    I haven't had a chance to check the video it yet and at 45 mins it will probably be awhile before I do! Did they mention the 562xp which is supposed to be it soonish?
  4. New generation Husqvarnas

    It will be interesting to see what they are as I only know about one of them.
  5. chainsaw cutting funny.

    As Steve suggests it would be handy to get some pictures of the chain and bar. Make sure you take pictures of the side cutter parts of the chain too. 99% of the time I have found it to be a poorly sharpened/damaged chain that causes curved cutting, a poor bar can jam up in the cut a lot of the time.
  6. 550xp chain brake

    I can guess what you are after.
  7. New husqvarna chainsaws

    Im thinking the same , a 595xp or something along those lines.
  8. 550xp chain brake

    I use a pair of long nosed pliers inserted into the end of the spring that way they can't slip out. One of the worst chain brakes I have changed was an a 3120xp. There were quite a few falls and numerous submissions. Probably some technique I didn't know about on that one!
  9. New husqvarna chainsaws

    Go on give us a clue. I have no idea on what they are doing but will be interested to see what it is. As I guess I'm thinking autotune on some of the bigger saws,. They seem to have it sorted with the 550 and 560 now so surprised if they have redesigned those.
  10. Simarghu Fire and Gemini now available

    I probably wont do all the features of the Simarghu justice but dome interesting features over other brands are things like the floating bridge and lower multi ring. The floating bridge is more difficult to explain than see but basically the webbing that is attached to the red multi rings that the bridge is then attached to isnt stitched to the harness. So, when you twist in the harness ie branch walking the webbing rotates around so not only does your carabiner slide along the bridge the entire bridge moves as well. The multi lower rings can have up to three different bridges so you could have a short one for close up stem work, branch walking etc and a longer one for ascending etc. We then have features like open cell breathable padding, easy and quick fitting chest harness that can be fitted while the harness is in use ie get it passed up if you need more support while using a big saw etc. Plus there are quite a lot of adjustments that can be made to get it the fit just right. Price wise, it is the most expensive harness we buy in hence the higher price. Dont forget, it is designed and manufactured in the UK Always best to try before you buy with harnesses so if local to us pop in as we have a climbing wall you can try it out on.
  11. Simarghu Fire and Gemini now available

    you Yorkshire lads are as tight as us Scousers Mark, I was hoping someone was going to take one off our hands for free:thumbup1: Is there anything else I should pop in for free so you can trial it out? Update is that we are doing a reduced price for a bit, so check out the new prices.
  12. Simarghu Fire and Gemini now available

    Im not telling you, you will have to click on the link:biggrin:
  13. [/url]Just a quick one to let those interested that both the male and female harnesses are now in stock. So if you want to call in to the shop and give them a try out you are more than welcome Simarghu Fire - Tree climbing harness Simarghu Gemini Tree climbing harness
  14. Echo brushcutter scissor blades

    Looks good, cheers for the link and information. Was it on a Maruyama machine or did you have the head fitted to another brand of machine? Hoping they will fit Stihl or Husky brushcutters too as that would open the market quite a lot.
  15. Echo brushcutter scissor blades

    Dont worry, after twenty years of doing tree work, mainly domestic I have done my fair share of hedge cutting. Hit plenty of barb wire, metal fences and supports over the years. From the videos though it looks as though stones and concrete walls dont seem to be a problem, although it sounds like you had a few issues using them. Did you find they just blunted or was it mainly damage to the rotary scissor blades?


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