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  1. Mark_Skyland

    TW125 stolen in Kent

    Bad news Mark, if your stuck for anything just give us a call mate and im sure we can sort you out............ and bill you the next day as I have you card details embedded in my phone. Hope you get it sorted mate as I have been there a few times before and its a horrible situation/feeling to be in. On a positive note its good to hear the old bill are on the ball (hear all too often of how poor they are) and its BIG heads up on everyone to check their insurance policy. It's no good paying £1000's a year to find they pay you out what you need it the most.
  2. Mark_Skyland

    New barrel and piston for Husky 365

    I always thought it quite simple that the higher the oil ratio the cooler the machine will run. Ive seen many a poor running saw that has a fuel tank full of ribena, it has zero chance of seizing. Just run your saws at 50:1 with a good synthetic oil and dont worry about it. It doesn't cost much more than a cheap mineral oil, 70p ish per 5 litre of fuel is the real cost. It doesnt stink like mineral oil and it certainly doesnt coke up the engines as much.
  3. Mark_Skyland

    Petzl OK and chicane

    TBH I saw Rupes post and I did mean to check it out today but I didnt. Just been a really busy day, anyway I do know that Petzl updated their crabs about 12-18 months ago and they now have an I beam construction as shown below (selfless plug to web site) https://www.skylandequipment.com/petzl-ok-triact-oval-carabiner-karabiner.html I presume your crab is more rounded like this one In which case there is probably not much room for manoeuvre, I guess the dmm ultra O will fit (will check it out next week) but probably not much else.
  4. Mark_Skyland

    Petzl Zigzag

    That was a question we put to the Petzl rep last year but I forgot to follow it up. I would have to check out the instructions for the original but I think it does mention single rope use and the addition of a friction device, if that is the case then I dont see why not.
  5. Mark_Skyland

    Petzl Zigzag

    We only had a quick look at a demo unit last year so I couldn't say ATM. We should be getting some zigzags in next week so we can compare them. TBH, I dont think there has been one issue with the mk3 links at all.
  6. Mark_Skyland

    Echo 2511TES, help!

    I have never came across any ball bearings in the handle! Could possibly be from the inside of the on/off switch but they are fairly well sealed. Unless they fall out and I just don't notice, I will check the floor of the workshop tomorrow. Mick, have a look at the fuel pipe as I have seen a few split right where it attaches to the filter in the tank, which then causes then filter in the carb to get blocked.
  7. Mark_Skyland

    New 880

    Did you get an answer? I would be interested into how the forestry people run in their new saws. As an arb I just ran it flat out but with arb its not like it was flat out constant all day. So I advise to run as you normally would but if its for extended periods then let it cool down now and the until you have at least 5 ish tank fulls of fuel.
  8. Mark_Skyland

    Which Forestry Safety helmet ?

    If the ear muff is popping out of the holder then get it replaced under warranty. The Technical helmet is extremely good, very popular and there are a few nice features. The visor can be a bit fragile, just dont throw it in the back of the van with the rest of the kit. Boots, call into your nearest dealer no matter how far away they are, there is no better advice than to try them on. Goes for trousers and harnesses. No offence to all but the conflicting advice on what is the best PPE is astounding, you need to experience it first hand.
  9. Mark_Skyland

    New 880

    Spud summed it up spot on. Get a few tanks of fuel through it first before some prolonged milling as it will run hotter than normal. I've always ran new machines in at full throttle under load but let them cool down a bit, in other words not flat out, re fuel run flat out again etc.
  10. Mark_Skyland

    What's on your bench today?

    Sounds like you have checked the drive but if the saw was worse after changing the clutch I would look at removing the clutch, sprocket, worm drive and pump then try starting it. Have had a few saws where the worm has melted/deformed causing the same issue.
  11. Mark_Skyland

    Tool thefts

    The police do know about arbsafe though and have checked it when they recover stolen goods. Doesn't take long to register and it's free! Most thefts I hear of are when people have left gear in their truck, whether it's because they have just nipped to the shop, left them in the truck while in a rear garden or it's been a long day in work and they forgot to unload the truck when they got home. Too many opportunist thieves about, try not to give them that opportunity.
  12. Mark_Skyland

    Husky saws 390XP, 395XP, 3120XP to be discontinued?

    It isnt all about emissions and how long the saw will last though is it? Ive used a lot of saws of the years, I would hate to use some of the old ones day in day out compared to the latest machines. A lot more ergonomic, powerful, lighter and with less vibrations. We used to replace top handle saws every 18-24 months as they were the most used machines, they had more than made there money by then and there is nothing like using a new saw. I think all fossil fuel powered machines are being targeted so its not like they are aiming solely at us, diesel is their main target ATM.
  13. Mark_Skyland

    Battery climbing saws....husky or stihl??

    If you do look at the husky top handle dont get the bli300 battery as it is just way too heavy for that saw.
  14. Mark_Skyland

    Husky saws 390XP, 395XP, 3120XP to be discontinued?

    I thought a 404 would zap the power a bit too much? We usually fit an oregon 3/8 36" bar. I was reading through a few comments in the thread and I think it best to retract my statement that there wont be any replacements available for a couple of years as I can see someone posting a pic of a shelf load of 595XP and 5120XP'S in their local tool and BBQ store before next week is out quoting "WTF is the big deal, Ive had my 595XP for the last month!" Plus since the 572XP fiasco where we were explicitly told there will be no more 572xp's in 2018 and there would be a new big relaunch in Jan 2019 once all the dealers had full stock I think I will take everything im told with a large pinch of salt. I passed that info onto my customers who were asking when it was available. Two weeks later I was then told by one of said former customers that a couple of dealers did receive them late 2018, made me out to be a right useless cunt for sure. Anyway, what about that 500I, that looks a good saw.
  15. Mark_Skyland

    How many drive links?

    I know exactly what the answer is but since your not buying from me im not telling OK im not that mean, the only true answer is to measure your old chain as it can vary between 114-116 depending on the sprocket.


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