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  1. Mark_Skyland

    Work suddenly went quiet

    Its been quieter than normal shop wise, fairly good online but I would expect it to be busy this time of year. Maybe its to do with the early Easter, strange summer then autumn weather patterns and the return of GOT.
  2. Mark_Skyland

    Non paying customer

    How long has it been since you last communicated with him?
  3. Mark_Skyland

    Petzl sequoia 2019

    Lots of positive ATM. You may need to go down a size so worth going to your local dealer to try before you buy. This is due to Petzl resizing their harnesses.
  4. Mark_Skyland

    Husqvarna 550 Mk 2 or older MS 261-CM

    Used to be the customer but now it's the dealer. It's basically a strip down of the saw, clean and inspect for wear/damaged/loose or missing parts, check the av, safety mechanisms and features, clean the tanks and filters, sharpen the chain and dress the bar, adjust the carb of need be plus a few other things. We don't replace any items unless they need it so we only charge £36 Inc vat. A lot of the time though people bring in a fecked machine asking for a service when what it usually needs is repairing. As a side note the xpg should be in stock with husky the 22nd of this month.
  5. Mark_Skyland

    Husqvarna 550 Mk 2 or older MS 261-CM

    That's a bit poor. It's 12 months on all machines 24 months if you register it and have it serviced at least within the first 12 months. Doesn't matter who the dealer is as it's husky who provide the warranty. It's sounds like yours may have failed on the clutch side bearing which is a warranty issue. Unless you didn't bother to put two stroke in it. 😋
  6. Mark_Skyland

    Husqvarna 550 Mk 2 or older MS 261-CM

    I think the official term is electrotrickery. Whatever it is it works quite well, it's usually other components that fail.
  7. Mark_Skyland

    Husqvarna 550 Mk 2 or older MS 261-CM

    I haven't watched the video but as spud has explained the temperature reading is at the carb not the engine. Engines usually get too hot because poor or not enough oil in the mix or over revving. I guess the AT is programmed to expect the mixture is correct and adjusts depending on the engine speed, throttle position and the temperature at the carb. Husqvarna have a global warranty in place so I assume it's the same warranty no matter where you live. Tbh they are quite fair on warranty issues. They expect you to have the saw serviced by a husqvarna dealer, carry out routine maintenance and use a good fuel/oil mix which is fair.
  8. Mark_Skyland

    3/8 chain 550 Mark 2

    Yes, the rim is the same so as long as you have the small spline rim there is no issue. In regards to using a 3/8 chain we did that with our 560 on a 20" bar. It had more than enough power to run it and its easier to sharpen IMO. Main advantage is that a bigger chain can take more abuse, in the arb world that can make more of a difference than in the forestry side of things imo. Think of it this way, if your stihl ms150 chain hits a nail its more or less written off, do that with a 660/395 and a quick brush with a file and you're good to go. There were always plenty of nails, stones and soil in domestic trees than I cared to like for.
  9. Mark_Skyland

    Sthil 441 Chain Tensioner Breaking

    Those bar studs look different, can you check as they should be the same? Never had that issue before so I'm thinking the bar is moving up and down causing the screw to snap.
  10. Mark_Skyland

    3/8 chain 550 Mark 2

    That about sums it up. It looks the same but more or less everything has been improved or strengthened.
  11. Mark_Skyland

    3/8 chain 550 Mark 2

    It's the same setup as the original 550
  12. Mark_Skyland

    550xp Mk2 - where can I buy?

    Looks like we are finally getting some in today! I would imagine by next week that most dealers should have received some stock.
  13. Mark_Skyland

    Climbing helmets

    We have had this issue a couple of times and the details are thus. Basically the main difference is the chin strap and the side impact rating the climbing helmets have. Ground (EN397) and climbing helmets (EN 12492) have the same rating for impacts to the crown of the helmet but climbing helmets are also rated for side impact therefore it offers better protection. The chin strap on climbing helmets are designed to keep the helmet on your head and not snap, the chin strap on a ground helmet must be break to prevent strangulation for cases where there is a possibility the helmet can be caught in something and possibly strangle the wearer. There are other differences like the peak on a lot of forestry helmets, whether molten metal or electrical hazards are an issue( affects vented helmets) and if there is a chance of small drop hazards piecing through the vents that most climbing helmets have. But, unless there are helmet grabbing machines on site that have a tendency to try and strangle you then the risks of wearing a climbing helmet on the ground at most arb or forestry sites of work are usually fairly low. On top of that some helmets will have far better levels of protection than EN397 and EN12492 require. A received the above info from Lyon equipment who are not only UK Petzl representatives ( the Petzl vertex vent being the helmet most people ask for advice on) but also specialise in safety training, product training and they also manufacture PPE. It was taught to me and worded far better than I have just described but hopefully the important points came accross.
  14. Mark_Skyland

    Petzl OK and chicane

    Had a try out of a few different crabs today and it does look like its the new shaped Petzl OK or AMD only unfortunately. As you say though Rupe it is to rigidly hold the carabiner and stop it flopping about. Looks like we will have to update the web site description to make it clear that it is the latest design of carabiner only.
  15. Mark_Skyland

    TW125 stolen in Kent

    Bad news Mark, if your stuck for anything just give us a call mate and im sure we can sort you out............ and bill you the next day as I have you card details embedded in my phone. Hope you get it sorted mate as I have been there a few times before and its a horrible situation/feeling to be in. On a positive note its good to hear the old bill are on the ball (hear all too often of how poor they are) and its BIG heads up on everyone to check their insurance policy. It's no good paying £1000's a year to find they pay you out what you need it the most.


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