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  1. Our walk in shop has now been open for the last two weeks. I would just like to take this opportunity to express the restrictions we have had to put in place for the safety of our customers and our staff. Only one customer is allowed in the shop at any one time. Hand sanitiser is provided so please use. Face coverings are mandatory by law and we are adhering to these guidelines. If you do not have a mask we have disposable masks for purchase (£1) Staff will be wearing a face covering and we expect customers to do the same unless they are exempt. If you cannot wear a face covering if possible please order online or call us on 0151 345 9971 to place an order which we can arrange for a store collection. Clothing, boots and harnesses cannot be tried on in store, they must be purchased first. If that after taking the item home you find that the fit isnt correct then you can exchange the item at no additional cost as long as it isn't soiled, damaged, used or has had any tags removed etc. These are difficult times for us all. Although we know it can be frustrating for customers it is also frustrating for us too but the abuse our staff have received over the last couple of weeks is inexcusable. Please adhere to the guidelines as it will help us to serve you quicker and more efficiently.
  2. We finally have our new site online. Skyland Equipment - Arborist & Rope Access. Tel: +44(0) 151 345 9971 SKYLANDEQUIPMENT.COM Suppliers of arborist equipment, chainsaws, chainsaw boots, arborist climbing ropes, harnesses, carabiners and... Any feedback good or bad is always welcome.
  3. I'm sorry to hear that Matty. End user customer feedback should always be a priority to manufactures as its you that matter, especially with a high end product. I will let them know that it is a concern that should be looked at.
  4. Its a pity they changed the buckles, worth sending Teufelberger some feedback as the more people complain the more chance is they will do something about it. I guess they had complaints that it was too difficult to adjust the buckles as a few customers did mention that to me. If I mention it to them its just one complaint, its far better if end users feedback direct to manufactures en mass, especially since its not the cheapest harness about!
  5. Hi mate. Im off in the morning ( looking after the kids) but Im back in in the afternoon. You could bring them in then and I can loosen them off if you like? Im away next week so its really tomorrow or in a weeks time. Its great when you think something should be straight forward then it turns out to be a bit of a nightmare!
  6. Ive changed a few and they are difficult to remove at first. As Dan says they do have a some type of locktite which should break down with heat. Just make sure you have a good fitting Torx bit(or is it star I cant rember tbh) and try to keep it in place so it doesnt wobble and strip the fitting.
  7. Have a look at this, do a bit of measuring on your current bar to find which bar mount it has. There are other bar mounts, you may have to do a bit of googling.
  8. Doesn't surprise me. We have had a few parcels destroyed, apparently, due to shipping out things like marker spray and boot wax! Its OK to ship them in a parcel force van but not a royal mail one for some reason! We have learnt the hard way. I dont think we have ever had a lost parcel returned to us even though every parcel has our address on an A4 sheet of paper inside.
  9. Looks like those clutches are out of stock until the beginning of next month. I imagine it will be quite some time before things get back to 'normal' with so many manufacturing factories having shut down over the last 3 months. At least the main consumables i.e, chains, files oil etc seem unaffected for now. Although they are usually manufactured in massive bulk to its not to say we may see a short supply in the next month or two.
  10. Looks like the ETA on all AP batteries is 12/07/20 if ordered today so hopefully your supplier should have them soon.
  11. Where you using a sharp blade
  12. Indeed. Using a dynamic rope for tree work or rope access would be very tiresome to say the least!
  13. OEM is a really good price on this machine(and the 201), pity every other pro saw be it husky or stihl is usually the best part of £200+
  14. Unfortunately Husky are also having battery supply issues ATM. Hope that makes you feel better 🙂 Have you tried shopping about to see if any dealers have them in stock? We dont so its not a plug for us.
  15. IIRC there was some change to the CE rating or how they tested chainsaw boots which resulted in some boots having to be made taller to comply. I dont understand why as most chainsaw cuts are around or just above the toe area and trousers usually cover most of the leg up to the top of the foot. That is unless your name is Jimmy Cricket.


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