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  1. Thanks for that, I'll pick some up and give it a go😬
  2. I tried the search but couldn't find anything, what do you suggest to remove dried baked on sap off chainsaws? Spud I think wrote about this but it was a while ago
  3. It's a neighbours saw ( not here in UK but next to my house abroad, when I asked him what oil he used he said - dunno! green stuff!! whatever's the cheapest!!! I suspect carbon has built up on piston crown and cyl then when I changed the plug, cleaned filter etc, it gave it a new lease of life for as long as it lasted till the extra grunt and revs dropped the carbon off which I suspect was cause of piston failure. He looks after my place when I'm not there so I owe him, but I think I'm going to have a job on my hands to get him to convert to syn oil after it lasting 18 yrs running on that cheap crap. In credit to the saw, fan housing and cyl and clutch cover were all crammed full of wood oil and crap, surprised it was still running. He will have to wait now as I'm back in the UK now so I will try to find him a solution, which does not include him using my saws which I have over there - a Dolmar 115i and a Dolmar 6100!! I've got some cutting and cleaning up myself to do when I go back in November ( covid restrictions allowing of course) A hectare of woodland a a few very unstable walnut tree in my garden,( very close to the house and electric wires and has a hole right deep inside, hopefully if they have been marked by then!!
  4. See pics of 365sp, ID plate may help me id age of saw exactly etc, see state of the other bits, have not got pics of cyl yet as not close to saw
  5. Thanks for the suggestions, there is quite a few ridges in the cylinder that I don't think will rub / hone out. The 272 suggestion is good one but I'm not really bothered as owner does / will not know the difference, if I find a 272 top end it would be an option as I will change intake book as well for a precaution as 18 years old!
  6. I have just stripped an 18 year old 365 which has never been touched since new and done a lot of work without hardly any maintenance ( not one of mine!) Piston has let go and damaged the cylinder. Does anyone know of or have a s/h cyl, guy does not want to run to a new oem, even though he has spent nothing on the saw in all the time he's had it ( from new) Even the spark plug was original! I suspect cheap 2 stroke oil as a lot of carbon on plug and in cylinder was the cause. As you could imagine it needs other bits ( clutch drum, brg never greased!) rim sprocket etc etc. I want to help if possible, even if people like this don't deserve to be helped, but he looks after my place abroad when I'm not around. Any suggestions welcome. I'm reluctant to fit AM, but if I can't find an OEM solution, any suggestions from past experience of make to fit? I am willing, of course to fit a Meteor piston, but the cylinder is the issue.
  7. Ask Shavey, if he hasn't got them, he can get them1
  8. Shavey on here is the man on these, he's in your area as well, AJS axes and saws, he will give all the info that you need, he know's much more than me on Dolmars and is a dealer, if you hunt through old posting you will find him, PM him, he's always busy so sometimes response may be a little slow, great guy!!
  9. What part of the world are you in?
  10. Originally these saws and ones of similar age were recommended to run on 25:1, but that was old mineral 2 stroke oil, today modern fully synthetic oils are much better at lubricating and a cleaner burn, so less smoke and carbon build up. Check compression and when plug is out have a look inside, if run on 25:1 it could be carboned up. If it is a very low use mint saw it is a collectors item and is worth good money, maybe sell it and buy a later suitable for milling saw, milling is very hard on saws! Post some photos up of it!
  11. Echo on what was previously written, take care of condition of saw, parts are getting thin on the ground, most NLA, cylinders and pistons rare to say the least. If you're only milling with it, remove the chainbrake ( if it has one!) Use fully synthetic top quality 2 stroke oil, at least 40:1 ( maybe 32:1) others will have an opinion on that and premium or ethanol free fuel. Treat it like the geriatric it is, don't push it and enjoy!
  12. Robin Wood on here can still supply them
  13. See parts list attached, maybe some use for you. mccullochmac335maccat435.pdf
  14. When the unleaded 95 changes to 10% ethanol in September, some of the manufactures, namely Texaco, Esso are changing their Premium or Super Unleaded to 0% ethanol, but not in all areas, in the areas which does not it will still be 5% ethanol as it currently is, ( even then, just to confuse the public, the fuel will be 0% ethanol, but will still show 5% ethanol on the pump to satisfy the greens! If you are in a 5% ethanol area just use fuel stabilizer, this stops the degrading and the water absorption, its cheap and available from all good garden machinery places or the net of course.
  15. Check with Shavey, he usually has access to many full wrap handles of all fitments, maybe he can help


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