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  1. Depending on what part of the UK you're in, you can use Esso premium 99 supreme, it is ethanol free unless you're in the North West, if the fuel comes from the Esso refinery in Southampton then it's ethanol free (it says 5% on the pump but zero means up to 5%) to satisfy the greens. My stuff runs very well on it as well. I use Husky fully syn XP oil, which has stabilizer in it as well.
  2. Re: Irish Republic, don't forget that it will be much easier and a lot less effort on behalf of the manufacturer to export to S. Ireland since Brexit, straight forward no customs or duties etc and no complicated multi page declarations etc, it's a no brainer if they have orders, ship them with no hassle!!
  3. We all need an excuse for dragging out the 2100, we sometimes don't need to, but want to!
  4. The Stihl catcher goes straight on, see photos. Bob
  5. I will check tomorrow afternoon to 100% check it will fit, I'm sure it will
  6. I got it wrong, I have a Husky roller chain catcher on my 2100, I have a Stihl one but not got round to fitting it yet. As you can see on the photo the Husky one is a little short although it will help.
  7. I use a Stihl type roller chain catcher fitted on the spike, longer than the Husqvarna type and available cheap on the Bay if it's the earlier type of 2100 Yes, exactly, If I get finished handy tomorrow, I will take a picture of mine fitted and post it
  8. I use a Stihl type roller chain catcher fitted on the spike, longer than the Husqvarna type and available cheap on the Bay if it's the earlier type of 2100
  9. I got one of these to try, so far been trouble free and refreshes quite quickly, easy to work and has replaceable battery, don't use every day, probably weekly, at the price, give it a go, not much to lose! Wire Inductive Tachometer Tach Hour Meter RPM Digital For 2/4 Stroke Engine DIY WWW.EBAY.CO.UK ①After installing, press the S1 and S2 button together, the screen will start displaying 00000 99999, 2s later, the screen...
  10. Try heat shrink, available in adhesive or without, put whatever you think on first on handle ( rubber hose etc) then choose heat shrink that fits over easily and heat with a heat gun or hair drier, available from electrical suppliers
  11. The Greek, dandrikop on ebay usually has pistons, Meteor, good guy to deal with.
  12. There was a Makita advertised on ebay as a DCS 6400 with a shot piston and cyl, unfortunately it was not a 6400 but a 6000 or 6800, went for £77 with a none functioning brake band, so gives you an idea of what people pay!
  13. Fatboy2017

    90cc chainsaw

    The 133 parts will interchange with your 123, if cheap enough buy it anyway!!
  14. In case you are in a rush to know I jumped in before Gary had chance to reply! That saw will be a 6100 Dolmar, great saw and a good price, Makita EA6100 is the equivalent. I've had one since 2014, done quite a lot of work, no problems, cuts really well and well balanced. Try @shavey on here AJS axes and saws, he will get you a good deal and a great guy to deal with as well!!
  15. Very simple thing to do on those if you didn't already know is disconnect the lead to points form stop switch, remove coil and fit a coil from say a 6800, this is the stand alone type, no need for trigger, it's in the coil! connect the cut of wire from the switch and away to go, straight swap does away with points and runs better. I have used many cheap Chinese coils for this swap, only because of cost and as yet no problems with any. Points are ok, but prefer hassle free coil set up. Let me know if you need a link. Nice looking 112 by the way😉


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