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  1. The mould won't disappear not will stop growing if the logs are dry. There will always be a mould stain unless you clean it off.
  2. Nah. Not that desperate to drive for 2.5 hours to cut it for him.
  3. Cheers. None that close though. Nearest is an hour away. Will contact them if nobody comes up with a better option
  4. Hi can Anyone near me supply me decent local charcoal. Don't need it packaged. Would prefer loose. For personal use at home and catering. Use about 40 or 50kg a year. My old supplier had packed up. Cheers James
  5. Not sure on sizes but I have general grabber at2, and having at3 fitted next week. £110 each fitted and I've always been happy with them.
  6. No excuses. I care very little about football or my country, but if someone commits a foul like that they should be sent off. Half the reason i dont watch much football is the diving and deliberate fouling. Unless the refs start punishing shit like that it will continue to happen. A yellow card in the final means very little.
  7. No. He clipped his heel before 24 put his leg in front. Was a marginal penalty. Could of gone either way. We have had plenty of those go against us in the past though.
  8. Everyone has to be outside the box when the ball is kicked except goalie and penalty taker. Penalty taker will always be closer.. Casper should of caught it or pushed it away. He tried to catch it but failed. In this sense it wasn't a good save.
  9. You must sell to a different market to me as most of what I sell, brown wouldn't be suitable. Just worked out im about 4 or £5 a board ft for oak. Not that I've ever worked out board ft before. Silly measurement for structural timber.
  10. That is strong money. Need to put my prices up
  11. Thanks guys. Will convey your thoughts along with mine to the chap and see what he wants to do.


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