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  1. muttley9050

    Am I the only driver who thought vans could do 70?

    Escort van doesn't count as car derived mate. Just named after the car but doesn't use the same Chasis etc. Car derived vans are more like the Astra and fiesta vans which look almost exactly the same as the car version without the back seat.
  2. muttley9050

    Resin wood tables

    Anybody got a good recommendation of a resin brand to use. Always struggled with air bubbles when I have dabbled with small bits in the past.
  3. muttley9050

    What size pot and tree I.d.

    A friend has an inside tree that be currently has in a wooden square pot. 4ft square by 2ft deep. He wants rid of the tree but wants to keep the pot. I want to take the tree and hsve been looking at pots available. Is there a rule of thumb about how big the pot should be compared to height or crown spread. The tree is about 10ft tall. If anyone could give me a guess on species it would be great too, we think some kind of fig. I have attatched a picture where you can just about see the pot it is in. Thanks for looking.
  4. muttley9050

    Wood ID please

    Not beech. Something tropical is my guess. Seventh Devil will healing to give his opinion on sure.v
  5. muttley9050

    Looking for a decent cordless chainsaw

    Ryobi are a lot better than they used to be. Not as good as makita. My friend runs a old style hardware shop and he sells ryobi. He has one of a lot of the tools. Over the last two years I have been helping him one or two days a week with a barn conversion. I've had my makita stuff out and him his ryobi. Makita wins on impact power drilling speed etc. But ryobi passes. He has 3 ryobi battery chainsaws and the key is putting a really big battery in them, then they cut well and reasonably silently. Slower than petrol but inside they are ace and outside for little bits they are easy.
  6. muttley9050

    Running business from home

    Speak to a planning consultant. Let him deal with all future correspondence. Don't get back to them until they get back to you. If they get back to you they will likely give you a short time frame to deal with so best to organise now. If other people have sheds, you are not in a conservation area or an aonb then definitely don't apply for planning.
  7. muttley9050

    Fuel tank sealant

    I would go 5 or 6 mm
  8. muttley9050

    Making the news today....

    No point in asking you the point your making as it's the same point you've made in every post.
  9. muttley9050

    Fuel tank sealant

    You need to make a gasket out of nitrile rubber. Things like Petropatch work as well but not that suitable for gaskets. Nitrile rubber is available in small sheets on ebay for a couple of quid.
  10. muttley9050

    Bluebells and Poultry

    How much land will the birds have access to?
  11. muttley9050

    Bluebells and Poultry

    How much land will the birds have access to?
  12. muttley9050

    Forestor Pilous Bandmills

    J. Your mill is a beast. But its largely immobile/illegal to tow. I nearly always mill mobile unless a local wants something small doing. I usually turn up somewhere in a back garden, woodland or muddy field and cut one to five logs. Cost of extraction and delivery to a mill and haulage back, would well outweigh the savings in sawdust on these logs.
  13. muttley9050

    Forestor Pilous Bandmills

    You can indeeed.i have a double ended 3.5ft mill on two stihl 051s. It cuts as fast as the lucas. 3 weeks or so ago I did two days straight cutting 2 and 3 " beech slabs. 10 to 16 ft long and 3 to 4 ft wide. When I was finished I felt great. A day in the Alaskan and I feel like I've had a day on the Alaskan.
  14. muttley9050

    Forestor Pilous Bandmills

    Chain sharpening and set up is key. The bar needs to be set dead level and true. Mine needed a fair but of shiming. The chain needs to be exact in tooth length and angle. If you can try to cut down hill a little bit. I just park my bum against the carriage. Give it a gentle lean. Listen to the radio. Jobs a gooden. I can point you in the direction if some helpful set up internet pages if you wish.?
  15. muttley9050

    Forestor Pilous Bandmills

    This is a surprise to me. I love my lucas slabber. It's pretty effortless for me. Just park my bum against it and give a gentle lean to push it along. I timed myself cutting a 4ft plane tree last week and a 4m x 1.2 m cut was taking around 3.5 to 4 minutes. Chain sharpening is easy with a granberg precision grinder. If I'm slabbing clean wood all day I change chains once or twice and always sharpen in workshop. Took me quite a while to get my slabber set up to cut like this but it is possible . I accept the kerf is big but the portability and ease of setting up on a 5ft log negates this for me. Takes me 15 mins to change between the two blades. I guess it depends how you cut. Most of my contract milling is mobile so the lucas is easy. Most if my personal milling is dimensional for construction so the lucas wins here too. Horses for courses I suppose but I love my lucas slabber.


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