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  1. They are a well made solid piece of kit but a little heavy. I bought it years ago with 3 051s. was my first mill. Enjoyed using it and learning. These days if a tree needs a mill that long it gets the lucas slabber on it so it's redundant. Not been used in 10 years I reckon. Keeping my 2ft alaskan though. Could be a nice cheap way for someone with the rest of the kit to mill a bigish tree. I can't find any sort of date on mill or instruction manual.
  2. Was waiting for the advert but it didn't come
  3. 404 cuts 950mm. Not sure of the overall length. Will measure tomorrow.
  4. Decided to sell one of my saw Mills. Stihl lsg 950 and remembered I had the original instruction manual so dug it out and had a read. Thought I would post the instructions here for a laugh. Stihl lsg 950 Saw Mill Chainsaw alaskan WWW.EBAY.CO.UK
  5. Is this one for sale?
  6. My advice would be. Get your self a framing square to go with your speed square. Decent chisels. A slick if you can afford it. Use the framing square to set the size of the tenons/mortices for easy refrence.Don't assume the wood you are using is square or straight or the same size as the last piece.Choose the timber for each piece by looking at the grain. Cut your mortices a hair bigger than your tenons. Try to get the hole thing done as quickly as you can when you start. If it takes you a while test fit all your joints again before raising. Have fun Fwiw I use 3/4 pegs on 8"framing.
  7. From a builders perspective. If the worst subsidence is shown in the pic and there has been no movement in 6 months then I would advise. Dig a soakaway in the garden to take the rainwater instead of it just dispersing into the ground. Cluck out the damaged muck and repoint. Sit under neath the shade of the tree and have a beer and admire your work. In my opinion the rainwater is far more likely to cause the minimal subsidence shown than the tree
  8. Very posh. I usually just mark the center and use a tape. Where did you get it?
  9. Yeah a 3mm offset on the peg holes
  10. Lovely. Is it for you or a customer?
  11. Ive tried 2 types of makita battery copies and they were both initially great but both gave up totally and suddenly after about 14 months so stocked up on genuine


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