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  1. I think Ash too. Looks like a nice lump for tool handles
  2. Left it about 18 months on the ground to start it spalting a bit. Then milled it and seasoned for about 2.5 years I think. Did two trees. Stayed pretty flat but at the widest the biggest was only just over two foot.
  3. Yeah it's all native timbers i milled and machined myself. Thread on it here. https://arbtalk.co.uk/applications/tapatalk/index.php?/topic/119571-My-Van-Build-
  4. Found it. Not a great photo but a nice looking board
  5. Never as large as that. Got some cracking 2ft Slabs. Used some as a table in the camper think I've a picture somewhere
  6. muttley9050


    That's exactly how we did. Lowimpact.org used to be called lili and we're based where I live. That photo may well have been taken at my place to. Its easy enough when you get going
  7. muttley9050


    Used to make a lot of these. Mostly with mdpe pipe. It's easy. Can also use 22mm copper. I used a tennoner like a big pencil sharpener to trim the end of the wood to fit the pipe. Then a small screw through pipe into wood to secure it
  8. Only goes through the top 6". I bought flex that looks like rope and stuck it to the side of the oak with hot glue.
  9. Made something similar for a xmas present
  10. £250[emoji33] Looks like you robbed the tree surgeon not him robbing you.
  11. In my opinion as it is it is worth nothing. Probably you pay to have it removed. Its too big. Sycamore is a very low demand sawn lumber and its a pretty ugly tree. The only way this is worth anything is if someone takes the risk of Milling it. And that is far easier in situ with a lucas or alaskan. If it were mine or free and very local to me I would mill it for sure. If i had to pay for the chance to take the risk? Any more than £50 and I wouldn't. On the other hand turning that tree into logs is also a right pita so not loads of money to be made there either
  12. You won't be able to cut an accurate 12x 4 with a chainsaw with a 14" bar. You could only free hand it. Invest in and learn how to use the right kit or as above, phone a professional.
  13. I'm with this. Could get some cracking big Slabs out of the middle of that if you get it right. Much easier to get the mill on once you have taken the top of to.
  14. I've got one. Very useful. Never used a top brand battery saw too compare to. I don't fell really. Only mill and make. But for light firewood, oak framing, fencing, demolition and in the workshop is all I use.


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