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  1. Get a decent random orbit sander. Sand the whole top down starting at 120 grit. Then 180, 240 and 320. Higher if you want. Finish the top with 2 or 3 coats of osmo poly x.
  2. Just phoned them. Says in the answer phone message. Due to covid we are temporarily closed on Saturdays. Doesn't look like I will playing with my new toy this weekend. [emoji852]️
  3. Box was open. Chain had been put in main box. No fuel or anything in saw.
  4. She did ask if I wanted it assembled. I said no thanks. Should of done.
  5. So do stihl recommend that dealers fuel and oil up each saw and run test it?
  6. I guess they may have the part.
  7. Well of course I will be taking back. But exchange might be difficult. These saws are like rocking horse poo at the moment. Will call them in the morning.
  8. So. Saw collected this afternoon. Looks good. Until.. Just checking it out this evening. About to put bar on etc and noticed some broken casting and bits of casting in the bottom of the box. [emoji852]️
  9. Thanks. How long do you think I should carry that out for.?
  10. muttley9050

    90cc chainsaw

    The above could be a good buy as the plug problem could be fixed cheaply and easily, if that is all that s wrong. Will be interested to see what it goes for.
  11. muttley9050

    90cc chainsaw

    stihl ms660 Petrol chainsaw WWW.EBAY.CO.UK <p>stihl ms660 Petrol chainsaw. </p><p>Heavy duty chainsaw </p><p>Selling as spares and repairs as the spark plug keeps popping out I think the thread has worn away </p><p>It will pull over and it seems to have a lot of compression when the plug is pushed in hopefully it will be a easy fix for someone who knows what to do</p><p>Apart from that it seems to be a good solid saw</p><p>What you see is what you get </p><p>Happy bidding </p>
  12. muttley9050

    90cc chainsaw

    Been looking at buying a used 660 lately. You can't get one for less than £650(and They are tatty) which seems ludicrous to me. So I am picking up a new 661 tomorrow for just over 1k.
  13. I get customers to agree to a 7 day payment term as a clause of accepting my estimate. This is just so they know what i expect. Legally it has no standing as legally you have 28 days to pay an invoice. If agreed in a contract you can then start penalising them for late payment.. There are two types of subbie. Bonafidie sub contractors. They bring their own tools, carry their own risk and work under their own insurance. Labour only sub contractors. They carry no risk, don't usually supply tools and work under the contractors insurance. Alot of my work is in building. Some arb related(all ground work, no felling) . If i employ a plumber or electrician on a building job they would be Bonafidie and I would expect at least one week to pay from receipt of invoice. Of i employ an occasional labourers or someone to help me on a fallen tree dismantle prior to Milling it, then they are employed as labour only. I usually only employ one of 3 guys for this. I will ask him during work if he is desperate to get paid and if so will pay him cash or transfer at the end of the day to help out and he will send me an invoice after. but i much prefer to get an invoice and have 7 days to pay and wouldn't like money to be demanded at the end of every day.
  14. Ok. Saw ordered. Collecting in the morning. Wouldn't mind a couple more opinions on green vs red oil? Just I have about 4l of red in stock. Cheers guys and thx for the comments so far.
  15. After being astounded by the price that tatty old 660s are making im biting the bullet and ordering a new 661 with 36" bar. A place in the next town from me is showing stock on line at a good price so will call them in the morning to confirm and place the order. Couple of questions if you would be so kind. Currently run all my saws on red oil. Is it imperative I switch to green or is red ok? What's the favoured running in method on such a big saw?. Cheers for the help. James


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