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  1. Got about 300 tons of processor friendly mixed hardwood coming roadside next week. Harvester cut, 3m lengths mostly Ash, Birch, Hornbeam, Sweet Chestnut. Located near to Battle, East Sussex. Artic access for loading. £48 +vat per ton roadside. Minimum 8 wheeler load Call or email for more info 07896036437 Info@sparrowhatchforestry.co.uk
  2. In this situation (if the trees are to be retained and have not been too seriously damaged) we usually do something along the lines of remove crushed concrete and membrane, decompact soil 1.5 times RPA, mulch decompacted area using mulch/compost and biochar, heavily water. Obviously any work need to be approved by the LPA If your friend wants more information etc then they can drop me an email info@arboraeration.com
  3. Does anyone have a pdf or online operators manual for a early Valmet 911.1 harvester? Thanks David
  4. We have a 20ft shipping container and yard space available to rent within our yard in the RH11 postcode near to Pease Pottage. CCTV, fenced yard with electricity and lights, good access to motorway, Telehandler on site, Tip site just around the corner. For more details call or Email info@sparrowhatchforestry.co.uk 07896036437 David Sparrowhatch Forestry
  5. Had virtually the same problems with a ranger recently. Flushed the coolant system with a 2 part rad flush then put a new radiator in. Runs completely fine now
  6. And yes tried Jonathan a little while ago but will try again this week
  7. It really depends what you are after in terms of parts. Most stuff is available through riko, but any dealer branded parts that come from italy are pretty expensive. The other issue is that the carraro factory in italy pretty much closes down for a month over the summer and you cant get parts during this time. Our trouble is they can't supply the correct ring and pinion for ours, hence needing to find a breaker/burned out one, or failing that just the gearbox.
  8. Does anyone have the blue book figures to hand for weight to volume ratio for ash and hornbeam? Thanks
  9. You could plumb a electronic diverter valve into of your existing spools. Means you will have a switch to move between the functions and then your existing lever to control it. You wont be able to grab and rotate at the same time but its quite a cheap solution that means you can use a rotator
  10. Does anyone have a carraro supertigre alpine tractor for sale? Looking for one to do up or for parts as I have one sitting in the yard unable to get spares for. Or even just looking for some parts if anyone has anything.
  11. Yes it will be machine cut and extracted. Mostly chip but there would be a small amount of bar come out as well. I don't imagine any first thinning by hand can be economical nowadays
  12. Just wondering if people are paying for 1st and second thinning at the moment of are charging the owner? Looked at some corsican and spruce the other day but the figures don't quite seem to add up, looks like it will cost the client £2 per ton to cut and extract (with me retaining the timber). Just waned an Idea as don't want to waste my time tendering if im not on the money with it
  13. Im looking for an old TP200 turntable chipper with the Hatz diesel engine to buy for parts, anyone have one rusting away in a yard somewhere that they are looking for a home for? Or anyone got one they are breaking or willing to sell parts from? Pm, text or call me on 07896036437
  14. Been dropped in it big time by another contractor so need a harvester to start on site next week to cut about 450t of mixed softwood in mid kent. If anyone can recommend anyone or can do the job let me know Thanks David 07896036437
  15. Im doing some work on a friends Valmet 6800 and could do with a wiring diagram/any info on the electrical side of the 3point linkage solenoids. it looks like the wires run straight from the switch to the coils but I would have thought there should be a relay in there somewhere, any ideas? Thanks


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