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  1. Im doing some work on a friends Valmet 6800 and could do with a wiring diagram/any info on the electrical side of the 3point linkage solenoids. it looks like the wires run straight from the switch to the coils but I would have thought there should be a relay in there somewhere, any ideas? Thanks
  2. I am putting on a EFAW+F first aid course for a few of my guys on the 6th Feb in Oxted, Surrey and have a few spaces still avaliable. £140 per person. PM or call me for any more details or to book a space. David 07896 036 437
  3. I have an 8 wheeler load of small chestnut sawlogs avaliable near to Hailsham, East Sussex. All cut to 3m in length and 45-60 cm diameter. woodland grown so no metal etc. Pictures available, good access etc. Call or PM Thanks David 07896036437
  4. Looking for a few more contacts for 6 or 8 wheeler timber haulage in the South East. Any info would be appreciated Thanks
  5. " Show us you welding thread "

    Few shots of this weeks two projects before tractor goes back on site next week. New roller built from 140mm tube, with 50mm solid bar through the centre. Disks are 10mm laser cut. Roller is just under 2.8m long. Second is some light(ish) belly guarding for the tractor. 6mm plate bolted to the chassis with 6 mounts. Once finished it will have a bolt on tank guard and integrated lower step.
  6. Large Oak butts for Sale

    Sorry, they are in horley, RH6 8EE
  7. I have been let down by my usual buyer so I have 4 pieces of Oak for sale, all suitable for carving. All are about 4m long, I would estimate the larger pieces are around 2.5t each, the smaller pieces being around 500kg. They will be next to a road with good access for artics etc. I can arrange delivery on an 8wheeler with a hiab. Please call or message me for more info Thanks David 07896036437
  8. Rotator stopped rotating

    Have you taken the two hoses off that go into the rotator and checked the hydraulic flow? I assume from the pictures to take it apart you want to pull the pin that holds it to the clamshell and there should be a way in from the bottom.
  9. We are looking for a full time tractor and machine driver. Based near to Pease Pottage, West Sussex. You will need to be experienced driving tractors, preferably in a forestry setting. Ideally you will be experienced in timber forwarding and using a forestry mower/mulcher however basic machine operating skills and a good attitude are more important Please contact for more info Thank you David Abbott Sparrowhatch Forestry Info@sparrowhatchforestry.co.uk 07896036437
  10. Omme 2500 valve

    Any ideas the make of the valve, I can see some markings at the top, they may give you more of a clue, generally thinks like that are a known brand ie Parker, etc
  11. Sena type headsets

    Range isnt a major issue, just be nice to have one that talks to a head unit in a machine. Looked at CB's etc before but they are quite bulky if your climbing with them
  12. Sena type headsets

    Looking for a set of sena type headsets and looking for a bit of advice. We would use them mostly on arb jobs etc however in my van I have a head unit that has bluetooth and a microphone for talking on the phone. Can the senas (or similar) connect to this? If they can I would look at fitting them to the digger,tractor etc so the machine drivers can communixate without wearing helmets etc
  13. Valtra 8050 shuttle box not engaging/slipping

    Richard Court knows Valtra's inside out and very local to you, he would be my first call I assume you have spoken to wilsons and tested the solenoids? From what little I know about these (literally last few days) im not sure im not sure a worn clutch would effect the selection on the shuttle. If it is the clutch it shouldnt be too much drama really. As long as you have a good flat floor
  14. Valtra 8050 shuttle box not engaging/slipping

    Not sure if they use a similar system to the 6600 etc however just been deing with one that the delta shift wouldnt work, it turned out to be the solenoid that operates the deltashift valve. You can test/bodge this by swapping the solenoid from the pto valve
  15. I have recently bought a major 155 cut ad collect flail mower for a few areas on a local estate. It cuts ok however the problem is it doesnt pick up very well, the grass seems to block on the chute behind the flails between the flail and the collector box. Has anyone used one of these and got any tips? Currently thinking of cutting down the plate at the back of it so it doesnt catch so much. Sorry no photos today


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