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  1. This guy has an interesting take on life generally. He cuts through the crap in all his writing so his perspective atm is worth a read. Screenshot from LinkedIn.
  2. Anyone know what this lil guy is? For scale it's on a ranger side step.
  3. There's a catch plate if that's what you mean.
  4. Door Retainers, Trailer Door Retainers, Same Day Dispatch – Nationwide Trailer Parts Ltd WWW.NATIONWIDE-TRAILER-PARTS.CO.UK Quality trailer door retainers available from Nationwide Trailer Parts, with next day delivery. like this ?
  5. Friend had her house broken into today - stole a load of stuff from the fridge and cupboards - brazen as they were near the garage at the time!
  6. Where I work most of the time, has pulled forward the launch of some home school packs given the current state of affairs! Might be of use to some on here with kids at home. Kids love the rapid recall boards and they have a simple online answers portal so you dont have to work out the answers yourself. Learning at Home | Propeller Education WWW.PROPELLER.EDUCATION Take learning further, no matter where you are with our collection of Learning at Home resources. Ideal for home...
  7. Someone shared this which may be of some help?
  8. Dont just pour on top of an 'already stable base'. This makes it nearly as expensive as tarmac / brick weave when i got a quote for our drive.
  9. I have one - only issue is it has a bar oil leak. runs perfectly though, great old saw. I think mine is the xpg / heated handles version. Open to offers!
  10. All I'll say is if I could only have 1 saw I'd have a 560.you won't regret it.
  11. 460 is a nice saw but IMO too much saw to use all day on firewood. bite bullet and get a husky 560, favourite saw i have and so light. IMO far superior to a MS261
  12. We do a lot of tenders where I work for significant amounts of business. You have to carefully look at the weighting and how much it is weighted towards price / non price bits. We lost a big one recently as a competitor had just gone way lower price and even if they had scored 0 on the non price bit they would still have won. We have built up a good amount of 'stock' tender responses full of the waffle they like. A lot of the time it is just interpreting local authority speak and then pulling out things you are already doing and just demonstrating it. If you havent got experience with tenders I'd say well worth getting an expert to advise.


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