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  1. some savage looking root girdling happening there. possibly sketchy planting from a pot originally. Not much you can do with them now. Soil is very dry and no mulch, water for about half hour 2 / 3 times a night with hose and mulch well.
  2. @shavey is your man, not sure if he can still obtain them but he sorted me out.
  3. Good point! Not mega fussy, 150mm Square x 2400mm long
  4. Is there anyone around Doncaster area who could give us a price for 4 x oak posts for a garden lean to. Thanks in advance
  5. Lack of water / poor soil imo. Also fiddling with the roots probably didn't help after they'd begun establishing
  6. Duh just seen on his profile. Doesn't show on posts on mobile
  7. Where in the country are you mate?
  8. Top looks like Hazel bottom silver birch to me
  9. DM me pal, got one which will be a good price as needs a couple of bits doing on it.
  10. Deciduous trees are easier to shape nicely and keep 'under control' and will take a while to get to 5m if planted quite young. Plenty of options, acers have lovely leaves some grow slower than others. We have some whitebeam around the perimeter of our offices which were planted several years ago and still aren't very large. I find them rather nice with a nice shape.
  11. Its all to do with the hormones. Remove the apical dominance and trees sprout like mad and look unnatural.
  12. Yes and will probably end up looking pants. Grow it as high as you dare then fell and replant with something of a smaller form and that responds to reductions better.


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