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  1. I would run with all the ideas mate, Goat Yoga retreat, where you house the yogarists in a fancy hut and sell them the weed.
  2. If it can be drained, does the location suit 'glamping'? put up some temporary huts in summer and charge ££ on airbnb or similar.
  3. Try resetting the auto tune @spudulikewill advise how as I cannae remember right now!
  4. Ordered at least 5 times from Rob, always had perfect service. With the 1000's of combos of chains bars saws on the market today one small detail wrong and you'll get a mismatch. Also many shops including online sellers are struggling currently due to staff off ill and childcare commitments so think twice before posting a damming damming review
  5. Have a search around on here Jenny, there are several previous posts about the headsets and you'll find plenty on there using sena who can help. I just have tcom at the moment and they are only compatable 2 way not 3.
  6. We have a relatively new and largish AD plant 5 mins from here and it's total bollocks. So many farms turning fields to maize or similar, year after year and pumping the slurry from the AD plant back into the ground every year. Not to mention hauling from further than Norwich (25mile+) in fastracs and slower tractors, its not green 1 bit. The impact it has on our food supply is bonkers. Also another one, not sure if its been mentioned on this thread is wind power. I visited the visitor centre at the huge wind farm just outside Glasgow a few years ago and they quite happily tell you how many trees had to be felled to make way for it and how many tons of "special" concrete had to be poured for the turbine bases. How the heck that + the metal which goes into the turbine itself is ever green. Not to mention the actual blades. This article says it really What happens to all the old wind turbines? - BBC News WWW.BBC.COM Wind turbines don't last for ever, and they are difficult to recycle... although as usual the BBC try not make the next crud green muckup not actually seem like a farce... Turbines from the 90's that's at most 30 years old, do they really generate enough electricity 'emissions free' to counteract the carbon used to build and maintain them!??
  7. In a similar category, iPhone may have it built in but an ICE app with partner / next of kin contact details helps emergency services too if the worst happens.
  8. Was more thinking going forward for things like working to tree plans / reports etc. But agree definitely more useful things to learn to be useful on site.
  9. Tree climbers companion is helpful but not mega up to date. Definately worth knowing latin names for trees. A trip to an arboretum will help with that Also take a point of view of trying to think like the business owner, treat all tools like you've paid for them, every customer like your own etc.
  10. I've just witnessed a massive brawl break out in my local petrol station. 17 people arrested in Total.
  11. IMG_5806 2.JPG - IMG_5822 2.JPG - Ash IMG_5827 2.JPG - Hawthorn? IMG_5830 2.JPG - elder? IMG_5833 2.JPG - the leaves and berrys are ivy IMG_5834 2.JPG - grass and sheep IMG_5844 2.JPG - ivy on some tree IMG_5845 2.JPG & IMG_5868 2.JPG - dog rose on some trees others arent mega clear for me. All the best.


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