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  1. Try these guys, probably not too far? Hewins Oak | Oak Timber Merchants WWW.HEWINSOAK.COM Helping you create excellence in Oak, Hewins specialises in the supply of European Oak to joinery & construction projects all over England & Wales.
  2. check out this guys videos - he makes some amazing furniture, i dont know what thickness the butterfly / inlay is but its defo not full thickness.
  3. Edit now found the manual online just got to get my head around it. Does anyone have a full pdf workshop manual for a Takeuchi TB016? I specifically need the wiring diagram right now, just got the machine and the lights don't work but due to my lack of electrical knowledge I am banging my head on the wall 😳 Or if someone could just give a bit of a steer as to roughly what goes where it would be amazing!!
  4. I made a enclosure in the workshop with plastic sides / metal base and a clear perspex lid, with hand cut outs in the side so that crud doesnt get sprayed around. Not always practical to clean after each job so it quickly accumulates. Will try grab a pic when i remember.
  5. We have used these as a team of 2, not great for more than 2 people FreedConn Motorcycle Helmet Intercom Bluetooth Motorbike Interphone Headsets FM WWW.EBAY.CO.UK (2)As a two way wireless full duplex interphone between riders or between passenger & pillion. Bluetooth Intercom. Intercom Accessories. Freely switch between bluetooth cell phone... but then others I know have got the Sena which is ££ but pretty good i believe.
  6. https://esurveying.net/land-survey/free-software-latitude-longitude-utm-conversion Not tried but the bulk option of this looks useful
  7. It would be forever refilling or whatever the technical word is. Get as big as you can I'd say, then you can use it for pumping tyres too which is always handy.
  8. Obviously I dont know your occupation, could be needed for rec climbing etc not work...but Otterbox do some good cases for samsungs. Otherwise, I agree, why you need a phone up the tree when working I dont know.
  9. Thanks Tim could you drop me a line on 07788309920
  10. Sadly I'm about 7 hours from my nearest branch 😄
  11. I think i discovered why my tipping trailer ceased to function as a tipper...! Does anyone know where to get a suitable replacement filter?!
  12. Hello all, Hoping someone can help point me in the right direction for this cladding, without a 500LM minimum order. Its 165mm wide x 20mm feathered down to 6mm. 20mm x 6mm rebate. Tannilised. I'm in lowestoft as per my profile, happy to collect from somewhere not stupidly far away! Thanks in advance


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