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  1. It'll be just fine, as others have said you can cut laurel back to ground level and it'll regrow. Your hedge was probably left too long without properly trimming it.
  2. I have a 2018 wildtrack and it's been brilliant. Ordered another one but with canopy this time as the roller shutter is terrible. May as well not have it the gear gets so wet. Couple of mates have the latest 2.2l biturbo and are getting almost 10% better fuel economy compared to my 3l and that's with all terrains too whereas I have standard tyres. I tow most weeks, cattle trailer, timber, digger and it tows very well. I actually prefer driving the ranger to the discovery 4. Yes doesn't have the same poke but rides nicer imo.
  3. https://www.armorgard.co.uk/prod/strimmersafe-rack How about something like this?
  4. Give them a call they're pretty helpful
  5. I've accidentally severed a couple of copper lines and they were repaired foc. Had one which we had to repair while the neighbours were out. Customer never heard anything from them. Did a fibre line which was also repaired foc. Just tell the customer not to mention tree work, and the bt guys who come out don't give a stuff how it happened.
  6. Make sure they have plenty of ventilation. I.e. Air all round and raised off the floor on pallets
  7. I think it's a good thing to have for staff and very caring. However I think too many people have got sucked into a false world with social media where there is a huge amount of woke, virtual signalling shite which makes many people who can't see through it extremely sensitive and more likely to feel inadequate or easily offended, leading to issues in their head. There is also a lot of normalisation of awful things like self harm, eating disorders etc which often seem to be some weird attention seeking issue (I have a close family member with both of those issues and have pretty extensive close experience with her). Which seem to make it fashionable to have mental health issues so you can get your own way. When these people get a knock in the real world its a huge thing for them to cope with and they cave super easily. And how many people of adult physical age nowadays seem to be absorbed in childish crap like Disney and spend their life trying to seemingly be the best human in the room...always seems to be one person we somehow manage to employ who in order for us to be "inclusive" we would have to practically have a one eyed black disabled lesbian in every photo with our products. Then they get knocked over by the slightest breeze and claim mental health issues when they actually do need to grow a pair. All this turn sadly clouds over real mental health issues which come from really tough times such as when running a business or people dying who are close to you etc and those people get less attention as the NHS has endless 4 year olds who think they are toasters rather than the human which was born a girl so therefore needs to stay a girl coming knocking on their door. My take on things anyway.
  8. We have lots of Leylandi around our garden and some were cut right back to the trunks as it had died off from a shed being against it, and it sprouted through from the other side of the hedge. That said, it's not been well kept the other side (just a field that side) so it's quite open, if both sides are well trimmed you probably won't have much luck.
  9. How much of the business is about you, and how much have you systematised so that it can run without you? Do you have the confidence to get the employee who wants to buy the business to become the manager and you look at splitting the profits? The good will in a business is often hard to measure, but things like a good spread of customers, rather than 1 or 2 contracts bringing in majority of revenue, and multiple streams, like firewood and woodchip sales all help to drive the value up. If the business relies on you as a person to be there to make money then its not worth much at all.
  10. Sure I read advice once, for box and privet to regularly trim the roots back with a sharp spade, but cant remember where I read it.
  11. Surely it's simpler to just buy a salt block
  12. Definately seems to be no shortage of munties / chinese water deer etc round here. Marshes we overlook has dozens on it.
  13. i disagree that it 'towers over the house' and is an accident waiting to happen but i'd definitely be removing if it was me and replacing with something nicer. And i doubt it would give any issues with the house.


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