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  1. Beech keeps most of its leaves on virtually all winter and looks great pleached.
  2. Was every post the same or just 1? 😄
  3. ‘Chainsaw massacre’: Surrey police hunt for phantom lumberjack | UK news | The Guardian WWW.THEGUARDIAN.COM Culprit has struck up to 30 times in 10 days under cover of darkness along stretch of River Thames
  4. Another non arb outlook on it... I believe that as much as possibly should be shared with employees, and targets shared with them, and then incentives if those targets get hit, however that doesnt work with a lot of businesses where often people on the tools are not adept at understanding figures etc, (hence they arent pen pushers). But if you can get a greater understanding about the effects of decisions on profit into the heads of all staff around the business and little, regular incentives (we get more thanks for a BBQ lunch than a payrise) then they should be less likely to trash kit / talk to a customer like an idiot etc. We also always make sure we tie any pay rise to something like training courses or something else fairly tangible.
  5. +1 for similar to the knut. Climbed on it for a long while now and works well
  6. Sounds like a good thing I cant seem to see Photobucket images, if someone can share a screenshot I can share in the anger 😏
  7. Probably not quite the right thread, but saw this on a local news site. How the councillor thought that willow could be affected by Ash dieback, and how she hasnt even done any research around the coppicing of willow to see its been done several times before on those trees is beyond me. Anger as hundreds of trees chopped along A47 WWW.EDP24.CO.UK
  8. Could you not knock up a set up like one pictured on here somewhere a few months ago, using pallet racking as the guide. Cheap logosol kinda thing. I have a cheapo guide as pictured in this thread and it's rubbish.
  9. Try it and see if there is nothing important in the way when it falls over.
  10. This tree is already quite weak with the included bark union at the bottom, and will only be weakened more by removing one of the leaders. I would fell and replant.
  11. https://arbtalk.co.uk/forums/topic/118123-an-idiots-guide-to-ancient-woodland-management/page/19/?tab=comments#comment-1758207
  12. Just measure the volume w x d x h and make an approximation 🤔
  13. I do often wonder, whats better, a totally shafted tree, or no tree? Obviously I mean a 'safe' tree, not compromised structurally in said shafting. Same with farmers flailing hedges - definitely laying would be great, but not practical for all farmers to do at scale, but surely better than no hedge.....
  14. Looks like a perfect line clearance job too, assume the job was finished at that point? 😁
  15. Lombardy poplar Willow Some sort of thorn


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