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  1. Sure, if you are into it! I just want a depiction in a slightly more understandable form really. She will then draw it to suit the style present in the rest of the book. No specific time-frame. Still lots to do. As it turns out, making a 15 page children's book takes a lot of work... Below is an example of the theme and the draftsmanship. Cheers, Island
  2. So attached is probably the worst picture I have ever drawn but it is just to convey that I am looking for this sort of drawing to show to a friend who is illustrating a children's book for me. I would like this to be in it in some form. I have seen this somewhere but cannot remember where. Anyone know where or have a nice drawing of it please? Just to be clear: it is depicting what happens in a tree's growth where one tree grows on itself and then again and again till death... Thank you, Island
  3. Was there the other day 🙂 https://photos.app.goo.gl/RpsTdGJQin5a24Yu8 It's actually made of lots of pieces of wood (maybe driftwood) stuck together. This is one of many really cool sculptures there. Amazing place: Gardens by the Bay.
  4. Ya we teach both. To give people more perspective but also because ddrt is still more widely accepted. We climb on srt though.
  5. I imagine you would get the same with coppices? Definitely seen it on small trees chopped to the ground that come back. We had a tree here that was unintentionally coppiced (as it survived). The leaves were massive and juveniles (different in this case). We then transplanted it and removed quite a few roots (lets see what happens sort of thing) (the stem/branches were not more than 3cms in dia) and it is now finally producing normal leaves again after 8 months or so of being in the new location. So I don't know if it is the reserves or if it is the stress. I can't imagine there were many reserves left.
  6. Hi David! Thanks! Great stuff! I really appreciate it. I love the hornbeam. Doing well. Slowly doing more interesting stuff here. I hope all is well with you. Missing the workshops and such in the UK. 3 hours away seemed so far when there. Now it is days to get to any event plus a ton of expenses... Cheers!
  7. Hello from India, I have not been keeping track of what the two systems are now called but I am sure you can figure it out. We call them dynamic and static rope techniques. I have made this table for our climbing students to help them decide which system will help them for their tree climbing tasks. Do you have anything else to add to it? If not, I hope the table helps you see the differences between the climbing systems. Cheers, Island SRT DdRT Faster & easier to install (if using base tie) Less gear required Faster to move up on Simpler rope management No friction through crotches because rope is static Easier to move up short distances (no additional gear required No cambium saver, less chance of getting stuck, throw line snapping etc Added friction when passing over crotches, redirects or any other branch union No branch isolation required (if using base tie) You have to retrace your route through the tree when coming down, otherwise the system will not be retrievable due to too much friction Pantin, knee ascender, hitchhiker or other friction device, more gear intensive (expensive and more gear to inspect) Easier to free climb a tree or advance up main anchor Comparatively new, globally less recognised, ISA only slowly integrating SRT (safety regulations) Easier to limb walk Can tie main anchor in to a smooth vertical stem
  8. We just conducted a tree climbing course on one of these. 😛 Eiffel tower tree in my mind is like the picture I have attempted to draw. Ya those Singapore trees-like structures are quite cool. Definitely will check Singapore out in the near future. Cheers!
  9. Thanks Guy! Sorry wasn't notified of response. Interesting article but I don't see an Eiffel tower tree through the link though. Not been to Amritsar. Almost went but went to Chandigarh instead. Planning on becoming a Sikh or does someone need a tree looked at? Cheers!
  10. Unfortunately not when I asked. I thought I could go straight into doing a Bachelors after the level 4 as I preferred that to the level 6 (content wise), but it doesn't work that way... I would call Myerscough again and ask as this is probably coming up relatively often. Please post the reply here. Cheers
  11. Hi, I am looking for some Eiffel tower tree pics for a presentation in India. I am trying to say that just because a tree doesn't look like a lollypop it doesn't necessarily mean it needs to come down. I don't have any myself and googling is a bit of a dead end. Please send me a pic or a link for a decent (powerpoint) quality pic. Or some key words? Also looking for a good example of fibre buckling on a stem. And possibly stretch marks above and compressive marks below on a lateral branch about to go. Thank you! Island
  12. There is a link to stuff in a drop box folder on their website which specifies what is added to the ground based on soil tests (water infiltration, pH etc..) and other aspects of the planting methods (it is for India though so you wont get the same organic material etc in the UK). I remember it was a bit of a roundabout way to get to the links though. The material required to be added was quite a lot per meter but the idea is to get the soil as good as possible before planting stuff. Good research and good luck!
  13. There are a few ways to evaluate the value of trees as Gary mentioned. Other formats to value trees, apart from i-Tree, are the Heliwell system and CAVAT. Looking for a link to a description of CAVAT brought up the CAVAT report on the Sheffield street trees mentioned in Jeremy Barrel's article. Its only 50 pages long ;-)


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