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  1. There are definitely some hippies, as everywhere else, but the majority are just people trying to make a better world?
  2. A documentary that was made to show the work done over 50 years. Full version available for free due to these events. Ever Slow Green (2020) - IMDb WWW.IMDB.COM Ever Slow Green: Directed by Christoph Pohl. Ever Slow Green tells the story of a 50-years-young tropical forest that evolved...
  3. Seems to follow me around. Similar to the Sheffield Chainsaw massacre. Don't really know what to say anymore. In court to stop people who insist on progress by demolishing living assets: Timeline of events of December 2021 in Auroville - Stand for Auroville Unity STANDFORAUROVILLEUNITY.COM Scenes of chaos have been playing out since the 4th of December 2021 over imposed urban planning measures that... Pétition · SOS from Auroville: The City of Dawn needs your help urgently! · Change.org WWW.CHANGE.ORG Auroville, an experimental universal township situated in Tamil Nadu, South India, is calling for your urgent support. Scenes... Please inform yourself and support if you agree. Thanks, Island
  4. Thank you! Please leave a review on Amazon if you can. Cheers
  5. Thanks for the support everyone! I am happy that it looks interesting enough to try. I hope it makes you and yours happy! Please give me feedback after you have had a look, either here or directly as a review😏. Regarding price; I am trying to make it as accessible as I can but maybe I will pump it up a few Pounds, just kidding. If I start selling hundreds of copies I may increase it a bit as I am currently making £0.35 per book😅(without counting prior expenses) but I don't see that happening soon. Anyway, it was a good experience making it. Maybe I will make one on the effects of trees next. Let's see.
  6. The Life of a Tree in paperback is finally here! A children's book for kids and adults. The idea behind this book was to make something interesting for both the child and the reader or adult and also to not attribute human characteristics or behaviour to the tree. Many aspects which benefit the surrounding ecology and us only occur when a tree is over mature or dying or even dead. This book illustrates that a tree can be a lot more than just a tree in its prime. Reviews are important to make it visible when people search for books so please review it if you buy the book! Thank you, Island Paperback version: USA : https://bit.ly/USA_Amazon UK : https://bit.ly/UK_Amazon GERMANY : https://lnkd.in/gwtsWJ2 FRANCE : https://lnkd.in/gEk94ix If you don’t like Amazon but live somewhere else in India, you can order it from https://lnkd.in/gzuq6ps Kindle Edition: INDIA : https://lnkd.in/gWX7cDq USA : https://bit.ly/USA_KINDLE UK : https://bit.ly/UK_KINDLE FRANCE : https://lnkd.in/gD8PHHb GERMANY : https://lnkd.in/giAJ7am
  7. This may or may not clarify some aspects of what has been happening and whether actions were effective or not. Facts about Covid-19 – Swiss Policy Research SWPRS.ORG Fully referenced facts about Covid-19, provided by experts in the field, to help our readers make a realistic risk assessment.
  8. Hi, Here is a children's book I put together with Marie Demont. I wanted to have print copies available too but I did not manage the printing before the lockdown. As people are stuck at home it may be a good time to read. The idea with the book is that it is for 3 (or so) year olds and up but also interesting for the reader and it does not anthropomorphise the tree. Hopefully you find it interesting. Amazon Kindle version free for 5 days from April 25 Pacific Standard Time (PST) (can't do more at a time it seems, if the link does not work search with title and author name on the Amazon site for your country): UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Life-Tree-Island-Lescure-ebook/dp/B0822D85QX US: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0822D85QX/ref=rdr_kindle_ext_tmb You can also buy it if you want to support future work. Eventually there will also be a paperback version available, locally and through Amazon for those not in India. If you have feedback, please share. Cheers, Island
  9. Thanks for your inputs! Looks like I had the wrong following preferences so only saw this today. Did you mean "There is a very narrow window between trees having enough extra strength that reduction is not necessary, and being so bad that removal is the appropriate action."? So a tiny window where reductions are necessary/useful. I am not doing many risk assessments these days so I am not keeping up to date with the changes in the methods but it was impressive to see the certainty of the decisions taken and the confirmation, for me, that reductions are generally not appropriate. One thing I liked about the presentation was the consideration of factors other than just the tree condition such as if it is sheltered or part of group.
  10. I found it an interesting read. From the Treeworks website: Crown Reductions: An Inevitable Response to Uncertainty WWW.TREEWORKS.CO.UK Scottish Arboricultural Association Winter Seminar and AGM - 25th January 2020 Paul Muir, Principal Arboricultural... Pdf: Share large files. Get comments. Make it great. | Hightail Spaces SPACES.HIGHTAIL.COM Hightail Spaces lets you send unlimited files, of any size, to anyone. Collaborate with your team and evolve your work.
  11. Thanks for the responses everyone! Much appreciated. Just understood the confusion of the title (I have not been pruning in a while). ?
  12. Hi, Does anyone have references to prove this? It is stated in many articles mentioning tree benefits but I can't find any references apart from this which I don't think is enough. There is also mention of a study done in Martham, Horstead, Mundesley and Overstrand but I can't find the actual study. Thanks, Trying to justify a tree planting scheme..
  13. So I have inquired about the soil texture: Texture of most soil to be excavated: Clay: 20-25% Silt: 30% Sand: 35-40% Gravel: 5-10% Does that help someone to give me an idea of time/m3? Can the vacuums move the soil from one point to another instead of just into the barrel? I need to place it nearby and then move it back once I am done with the tree. Thanks


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