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  1. This may or may not clarify some aspects of what has been happening and whether actions were effective or not. Facts about Covid-19 – Swiss Policy Research SWPRS.ORG Fully referenced facts about Covid-19, provided by experts in the field, to help our readers make a realistic risk assessment.
  2. Hi, Here is a children's book I put together with Marie Demont. I wanted to have print copies available too but I did not manage the printing before the lockdown. As people are stuck at home it may be a good time to read. The idea with the book is that it is for 3 (or so) year olds and up but also interesting for the reader and it does not anthropomorphise the tree. Hopefully you find it interesting. Amazon Kindle version free for 5 days from April 25 Pacific Standard Time (PST) (can't do more at a time it seems, if the link does not work search with title and author name on the Amazon site for your country): UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Life-Tree-Island-Lescure-ebook/dp/B0822D85QX US: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0822D85QX/ref=rdr_kindle_ext_tmb You can also buy it if you want to support future work. Eventually there will also be a paperback version available, locally and through Amazon for those not in India. If you have feedback, please share. Cheers, Island
  3. Thanks for your inputs! Looks like I had the wrong following preferences so only saw this today. Did you mean "There is a very narrow window between trees having enough extra strength that reduction is not necessary, and being so bad that removal is the appropriate action."? So a tiny window where reductions are necessary/useful. I am not doing many risk assessments these days so I am not keeping up to date with the changes in the methods but it was impressive to see the certainty of the decisions taken and the confirmation, for me, that reductions are generally not appropriate. One thing I liked about the presentation was the consideration of factors other than just the tree condition such as if it is sheltered or part of group.
  4. I found it an interesting read. From the Treeworks website: Crown Reductions: An Inevitable Response to Uncertainty WWW.TREEWORKS.CO.UK Scottish Arboricultural Association Winter Seminar and AGM - 25th January 2020 Paul Muir, Principal Arboricultural... Pdf: Share large files. Get comments. Make it great. | Hightail Spaces SPACES.HIGHTAIL.COM Hightail Spaces lets you send unlimited files, of any size, to anyone. Collaborate with your team and evolve your work.
  5. Thanks for the responses everyone! Much appreciated. Just understood the confusion of the title (I have not been pruning in a while). 😋
  6. Hi, Does anyone have references to prove this? It is stated in many articles mentioning tree benefits but I can't find any references apart from this which I don't think is enough. There is also mention of a study done in Martham, Horstead, Mundesley and Overstrand but I can't find the actual study. Thanks, Trying to justify a tree planting scheme..
  7. So I have inquired about the soil texture: Texture of most soil to be excavated: Clay: 20-25% Silt: 30% Sand: 35-40% Gravel: 5-10% Does that help someone to give me an idea of time/m3? Can the vacuums move the soil from one point to another instead of just into the barrel? I need to place it nearby and then move it back once I am done with the tree. Thanks
  8. You might want to get a phone from India or China. Most of them come with two sim slots(dual sim phone). Normal brands such as Samsung, Lenovo etc... Both sims are active for phone at all times so you choose which one to use when you call. It doesn't matter who you are with; the network operators work independently. Numbers can be made to forward to another number when the other is not reachable so if one sim has reception people should be able to reach you even if the other has no reception. Mobile internet only works on one sim at a time though but I think that may be changing. https://www.mysmartprice.com/mobile/pricelist/dual-sim-mobile-price-list-in-india.html
  9. Thanks, all pits will be worked on with wet soil so I guess this will be ok. Its almost like stone when dry. Digging bars go in about 2 cms at a time then.
  10. Thanks for the reply. 1-2 days with the hgv mounted vac or just with the airspade? I am, so far, thinking of using an airspade 2000, 105 cfm or 150 cfm 4ft barrel, with this: 55 Gallon Single Venturi Static Conductive Drum Vacuums GUARDAIR.COM Powered by compressed air, Guardair 55 Gallon Static Conductive Drum Vacuums are ideal for vacuuming up chips... It all depends on what I can source and the price. India has limited choice for this sort of stuff.
  11. Is that with a soil extractor? I just checked the soil volume from the pic that I posted above. It is 20m3... So we are looking at 20 to 40 hours per tree, assuming not extra difficulties...That is a lot. Anyone have experience with clayey soil? Cheers, Island
  12. Thanks for the reply. Its certainly more on the clayey side but no stones. I really need to refine my soil understanding. Soil here is often zero to 20 cms of sandy loam topsoil followed by clayey homogenous soil. Here is a typical section: Shared album - Island Lescure - Google Photos PHOTOS.APP.GOO.GL
  13. Thanks Craig Johnson! So I guess the main question is: how much time does it take to remove 1m3 of soil from the ground going around roots? Cheers!
  14. Thanks! Good point about moving the soil out. Are you familiar with any particular extractor that would suit? I had a look and cannot find much. Only thing in India so far is this: Compressed air for the mining industry - Atlas Copco WWW.ATLASCOPCO.COM Robust, energy-efficient and safe mining air compressors and blowers for all mining applications. Perform in the harshest... I haven't contacted them yet but I might be better off getting something from the UK or US as it may not be available here. Any links or search words welcome please. Cheers, Island
  15. root exploration drawing.dae Hi, Depth would be till extent of roots so it really depends. I imagine that we wont be going further than a meter down in general. Width would be a quarter of a circle (the canopy being the circle) but up to RPA radius. So again, generally I would assume max 10 meters out but less deep as we go out. Roots will be deeper closer to the trunk and less so farther out no? Soils would be mainly (I am not yet certain of the structure of these but will find out): Laterite Soil: The term is derived from the word 'Later' which means 'brick'. Laterite soil is found in those regions of the country which receive heavy rainfall with alternate dry and wet period - particularly, near the coasts. This kind of soil becomes soft when wet and hardens when dry. In these climatic conditions, leaching of soil takes place which is a process in which fertile portion of the soil gets washed away by heavy rains. They are formed from the decomposition of rocks and contain iron oxide which gives them red or pink colour. This type of soil is normally deficient in nitrogen and is poor in lime content; it is an acidic soil. and Alkaline Black cotton soil: Characteristics of Black Soils A typical black soil is highly argillaceous [Geology (of rocks or sediment) consisting of or containing clay] with a large clay factor, 62 per cent or more. In general, black soils of uplands are of low fertility while those in the valleys are very fertile. The black soil is highly retentive of moisture. It swells greatly on accumulating moisture. Strenuous effort is required to work on such soil in rainy season as it gets very sticky. In summer, the moisture evaporates, the soil shrinks and is seamed with broad and deep cracks. The lower layers can still retain moisture. The cracks permits oxygenation of the soil to sufficient depths and the soil has extraordinary fertility. Thanks for the help! root exploration drawing.dae


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