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  1. trailer possible rust

    If you have trouble it'll be worth reading up on the sale of goods act. If it was advertised/ described as being "galvanised" then it clearly has not delivered on that promise. cheers, Steve
  2. Sit on rough mowers...

    Do you mean an AV98? Can I borrow it?!
  3. Sit on rough mowers...

    Cor that is good to know. Can you plop me a PM or text with your day rate for doing that..... I think we need to go around the whole perimeter of the woods (for Glastir) but not sure on how far back (need to look at the contract). Chocolate croissants are off the menu at the moment until the new Lidl superstore is built. Cheers, Steve
  4. Sit on rough mowers...

    Will get one in loose condition, like yours, one day, I'm sure!... meanwhile we have quite a lot of small areas to deal with that need something much smaller. Do you know of anyone that hires out decent small flail machines around these parts?... I may do that if nothing suitable turns up.
  5. trailer possible rust

    That has to be the worst condition not even 12 month old galvanised trailer I've ever seen!... I'd insist that they either replace the trailer, fully renovate with a new 12 month warranty or alternatively ....it's trading standards!
  6. Sit on rough mowers...

    I had considered that but they ain't cheap, also I would rather buy a big tractor than a compact as the attachments can be found cheaper & more readily available. I'm looking to mow some tight spaces as well so a small sit on rough mower would work well for that. cheers, Steve
  7. Sit on rough mowers...

    I've been toying with getting a used sit-on rough mower for mulching the edges of our woodland and mowing woodland rides. The Etesia Attila range seems to get good reviews but one of the belts has been discontinued.... Does anyone know which models to avoid?... obviously don't want to buy something used and then find out I can't get spare parts! eg.... the variator belt (whatever that does?) is no longer available; http://www.revillmowers.co.uk/27240 cheers, steve
  8. New generation Husqvarnas

    Maybe they'll have a USB port for charging mobile phones?
  9. New Forum feedback

    Oh yes, thanks for pointing that black dot out. I'd not noticed that and it seems quite useful.
  10. Opinions please on best bandsaw mill

    I think TrakMet only have an electric powered option.
  11. Stickers!

    If my memory serves right se7enthdevil (member on arbtalk) was trying out some plastic half-round stickers. Not sure how he got on with those and it would be good to have some feedback... cheers,steve
  12. Have you tried our Rotatech chainsaw chains?

    I think it's great that they are so cheap.... and not so great that they are so crud. I would buy them again, if I was extremely desperate; I'm not. Ta
  13. No ones posting.

    A very useful addition has been added for members to fine tune what you do and don't want to see.... Banish those annoying threads at the click of a button!
  14. No ones posting.

    I think it's already far better than the old forum and is getting better every day. If anyone has issues with something then I suggest trying to explain exactly what that issue is.... Steve & whoever else is working on this aren't mind readers and are being very helpful to make it a much better forum for all of us.... So speak out, be clear and stop the bleedin' moaning! Cheers, steve
  15. new website question

    Is there a way of turning off specific threads so that they don't show up under the 'Todays posts' ? eg, I have no interest in seeing the Todays news thread, which is very popular for some.... but not for me. cheers, steve


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