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  2. stove in conservatory

    It's probably gonna have to go in the corner,was thinking about a round/oval one something like a calor gas bottle size or slightly bigger? Can you get stoves that size,had a look at some sites online but there all over a grand seems a bit steep to me.
  3. ARB Approved...views please.

    Question aimed directly for Arboricultural Association Paul - With regard to changing the law as to who can and cant work on trees Paul wrote - "it's never going to happen unfortunately". Why not?
  4. Are your boots really waterproof?

    Hi Spuddog0507 Thank you for bringing this to our attention. In this case we advise your colleague to take these boots back to the dealer they were purchased from as most boots will have a warranty. HAIX boots are designed using the highest quality materials. Regular cleaning and maintenance, as well as drying them naturally, away from a radiator, will ensure longevity. For more information please visit, https://www.haix.co.uk Thank you.
  5. HAIX® Protector Light – Your Perfect Summer Boot

    Hi, Thank you for your question! The Trekker Mountain is a popular boot for its sturdy anti-slip soles. It is not as light as the Protector Light but it has a firm grip suitable for a range of slippery, wet or rough conditions. For more information about the Trekker Mountain, please visit, https://www.haix.co.uk/haix-trekker-mountain
  6. Climbers death - kick back.

    Standards need to change, that's for sure.. I never forget when I first joined the Ambulance Service and an arborist fell and went into cardiac arrest due to the fall, it was his colleagues who were the ones initially performing CPR to him. The whole situation was terribly sad and unfortunately the poor guy passed away. I have subsequently taught these guys Arb Specific First Aid and it still affects them to this day, which is bound to do. Accidents do happen generally in life, whether a freak occurrence or human error, but one thing is for sure that an accident in your industry is no way the same as a fight with a stapler. Safety standards need to be improved, something needs to change from these tragic incidents. Thanks Joe for the comments and encouraging food for thought.
  7. Available: English Oak Trunk - Surrey

    Sadly firewood I suspect. Too short to be useful and the metal apparent on the stump means chain/blade damage is guaranteed.
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  9. 'The Fundamentals' is back!

    Great news. I'm lucky enough to have this book, and can confirm how good it is. The work of a true master, who has been there, seen it and done it. More importantly, he can explain it as well.
  10. Yes yes a little ID help.

    Here is that stump puffball. It appears to be growing right on the bark of the sycamore....which is def alive
  11. 'The Fundamentals' is back!

    Good morning everybody! I'm super excited to tell you about my newest project, The Fundamentals of General Tree Work - Digital Edition by G.F. Beranek. Jerry Beranek worked for 18 years to produce this incredible resource, taking the time to pass on his immense knowledge to future generations of arborists and timber fallers. In 1996 the book debuted at the Tree Care Industry Trade Show in Charlotte, North Carolina. 20 years later, 2016, it went out of print. In that 20 years the book has sold nearly 25,000 copies. Filled with over 200 photographs and illustrations, ‘The Fundamentals’ is the most comprehensive reference work in our field. Jerry Beranek’s epic achievement in 500+ pages is undeniable proof that good books are worth their weight in gold. There simply is no more-complete reference work on tree climbing, cutting, rigging, and falling available! Sadly, his book went out of print in 2016. Physical copies are hard to come by these days – and very expensive. Enter…..The Digital Edition! Presented on EducatedClimber in PDF format, ‘The Fundamentals of General Tree Work – Digital Edition’ is perfect for viewing on laptops, smartphones, tablets, and e-readers, including the Kindle. Professionally scanned and processed with optical character recognition software, the Digital Edition looks amazing and is fully searchable. If you’ve been waiting to find a copy of ‘The Fundamentals’, wait no more! This was a big project for me, I've been working on it since May of this year. I'm super stoked for how it turned out! I will have more of a story for you in a few days about the work that went into this project, but in the meantime, if you have a chance, check out 'The Fundamentals' on my site: https://www.educatedclimber.com/beranek-fundamentals/ Thanks to your support, 'The Fundamentals' lives on! Patrick
  12. Looking for work in south/west wales

    Hi Adam can you give me a ring to discuss. thanks steve.07813899419
  13. Cutting Fallen trees from public footpaths?

    Treewolf I would have just "liked" your posts but it wasn't enough as I agree with all three of your paragraphs. As I said depending on circumstance I would still do it myself if the circumstances were right, with the knowledge it could be trespass and criminal damage with no lawful excuse. Re your note about paths becoming impassable; a similar thing happens where cross field and field margin paths are fenced in to 1metre width when a new owner wishes to (lawfully) restrict the public right of way. Once it is no longer grazed it soon becomes overgrown. In the past this would just have been an extra burden on the LA but now they can no longer afford to do vegetation management it leads to lesser used paths becoming abandoned. This is especially the case when stock fence is used as animals can no longer reach underneath.
  14. Cutting Fallen trees from public footpaths?

    I would leave it. Climbing over it is helping combat the obesity crisis.
  15. stove in conservatory

    We fitted one in our kitchen, which is basically a conservatory. Though the regulations are different and more stringent I believe if installing a stove in a conservatory... We had to replace a glass ceiling panel with a plastic coated wood panel to allow expansion joint fitting where the flue penetrates the ceiling. We went for a burley stove, and it's great. Bit smokey on lighting due to a serious down draught, but that's not the stove's fault.
  16. stove in conservatory

    Jotul 602 would be spot on or even rarer 600. Small, quick to heat up and with a reasonable length of log taken. And with a hotplate http:// https://goo.gl/images/sGGaCv
  17. stove in conservatory

    My wife keeps complaining that it's cold in the conservatory and keeps asking could we put a wood burner in there,just wondering has anyone else ever fitted one in there's and if so what make/size,our conservatory is only 4m x3m so we would probably get away with a pretty small one,any advice/pics would be much appreciated .
  18. Black Friday is here again

    Our Black Friday Sale is now LIVE!!! Check out some of our great deals below with many, many more available on our website or in store!
  19. Today’s Budget

    To be honest the budget was sort of underwhelming, I didn't find anything to get exited about.. I read online about a joke Phil had made in regards Jeremy Clarkson, so searched it out this morning.. even that turned out to be poorly delivered but the MP's had a good giggle so it sort of worked.. Not worth spending quarter of hr this morning tryin the find the damned thing though..
  20. Fancy bagging yourself a Stihl MS150 / MS150T chainsaw? Only 7 days left.... check this thread for further details on how to enter
  21. Axe-throwing!!

    Apparently so
  22. Id?

    both pics, same tree apparently. any ideas? Ta.................
  23. An interesting and challenging take-down!

    I guess you only find out if the A frame is unecessary when you find that the tree goes up rather than down when start work. By the time you found out it was going down it would probably be too late. Since putting it in is the safe option I think I would probably have done the same. I imagine that the it would have a beneficial psychological effect on the homeowner too.
  24. Cutting Fallen trees from public footpaths?

    I agree with hair, nearly every year I've cut small trees laying across the road. If there's a few cars waiting you might even get a cheer when you whip out a chainsaw and help everyone. [emoji106][emoji106][emoji106]
  25. Cutting Fallen trees from public footpaths?

    To the best of my knowledge (based on information I was given about 40 years ago) you can legally remove an obstruction such as a fallen tree from a public right of way sufficient to pass but you (a) mustn't remove any arisings (which would be theft) and (b) you mustn't set out intending to remove the obstruction. This latter has implications since if you are equipped with a chainsaw it suggests that you had intent, unless you just happen routinely to carry one. I beleive that you can also deviate from a ROW to the minimum extent necessary to pass an obstruction. The correct procedure (for a footpath, bridleway, or unsurfaced vehiclular ROW) is to report the obstruction to the LA who then should instruct the landowner (who generally is the responsible party) to clear the ROW. The problem comes when the landowner does nothing, or as noted earlier in the thread cuts the tree so that walkers can pass but not 4x4s; if the ROW has vehicular rights this would be a reasonably serious offence of obstruction (an arrestable offence, I believe). As I say this is based on info I was given back in the late 1970s when I used to do a lot of what is now called greenlaning, but long before it became fashionable and antisocial, and all the greenlanes were turned into "restricted byways" as a result. It is interesting, as a side note, to see lanes that i used to drive and which were clear of vegetation, become completely impassable even to walkers now that 4x4s have been banned. There can't have been too much of a conlict of use on some of them if the volume of foot traffic is so low that they are now impassable.
  26. Axe-throwing!!

    I was reading about axe throwing and seem to have slipped into a soft porn site with an innuendo comments section. Does everybody except me have a double header ?
  27. Cutting Fallen trees from public footpaths?

    Yeah, I wish to amend my position - just do it, daytime, chainsaw, tape&sign etc. In Eire we remove fallen trees on main roads every winter, forget waiting for the council, locals just get out and do it. And we take the wood as well. Self reliance keeps civilisation going, we are manly men not dependent children.
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