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  2. MOT changes May 2018

    If you take a vehicle for MOT and it has a major fault you need your ass kick for presenting it for MOT.
  3. The science behind forced log drying

    Do many farmers deal in firewood? I thought it was mainly surgeons running this as a top up to their felling day job? Just curious really. Spoke to local chap here who has 4-5 gangs out daily, he just processes it himself on the quieter day and pushes it into a windy shed. Crickey. So call it £42 on average x 900 = £37k at 90 t that's just over £400 / ton!? Transport, processing, bad debt / tolerating the general public aside, from the outside that seems like a respectable business model!
  4. greenmech 130 problem

    Hi guys, Any help would be appreciated, I own a Greenmech Arborist 130, Honda petrol engine, I washed the chipper last sunday and haven't used the machine for a week, due to hiring in a tracked machine for jobs. Today I used it, it started up fine, but rollers wouldn't engage, after a few minutes they worked fine for 10 minutes then stopped. Knew I have no display on the RDS unit and the rollers don't work at all. Engine starts and stops fine just wont allow rollers to operate. Many thanks for your help
  5. Stubborn clutch removal...

    Yes I know it’s a left hand thread and using paracord so basically the same as starter cord, will order the tool and I guess I may as well order a new bearing as I assume it’s probably disintegrated and that’s why the clutch is so stuck.... James
  6. Theives

    Cool. We both agree that I before E except after C is nonsense that we were taught at skool. Any fule knos it's rubbish.
  7. Stubborn clutch removal...

    I believe that you have answered your own question! Either buy the tool or make one yourself. I am guessing you know it has a left hand thread?
  8. Stubborn clutch removal...

    Left hand thread and starter cord as a piston stop, just dont get the cord stuck in the ports
  9. Stubborn clutch removal...

    Anyone got any tips on removing an incredibly stubborn clutch on a husky 350? Have tried hammer and punch and it won’t budge at all... Have tried to lever it off with vise grips, adjustable spanner’s, pipe wrenches and combinations of all three and still won’t move a millimetre... is the Husky clutch removal tool worth getting? Thanks, James
  10. Big dogs 562xp

    Oki thx for advice , but where to buy in europe?
  11. MOT changes May 2018

    Hydraulic press the preffered method, but can be done with hammers and drifts IMHO
  12. Hitch Hiker thread.

    Message sent.
  13. MOT changes May 2018

    Before I go into detail tell me how you would do it.
  14. New Laser scanning technology can help 'weigh' trees

    surely this method can only get the volume of the tree fairly accurate??? the weight of the wood will be variable due to species, timber density along with moisture content and probably the time of year too along with the fact that different parts of the tree will be different densities to start with and given the volume of some trees could end up being way off.
  15. Erupting bark on semi mature ash

    Thanks Gary, seems spot on. Much appreciated.
  16. Huski 572xp

    One of my customers is running one but says his ported old style 372 is keeping up with it with ease but there you go! Oh - heavy forestry work so no light domestic work either!
  17. Huski 572xp

    Think its supposed to be mid april, dealers are offering them to pre book
  18. Huski 572xp

    Im surprised if that is the case as I am fairly sure that there are non in the UK yet! Good news if they are though as have had a lot of interest and are still waiting on our order of them. Have you seen them on the shelf yet?
  19. MOT changes May 2018

    ascona and manta 400 were nice
  20. Big dogs 562xp

    same felling spikes as on my 562xp also has 3/4 wrap handle , should have got full wrap , have to use short scrench to adjust bar nuts as they are right in line with handle .so it a bit tight felling spikes work well on rough pine bark
  21. Huski 572xp

    Dealers have some now in uk
  22. Big dogs 562xp

  23. New Hilux Review

    I have to laugh at that. The auto breaking system disabled itself in the savage weather... sleet or rain. I would bet good money you are more than likely to require that type of service in those weather conditions. mine is literally 2 months old. I'll keep an eye on the underside.
  24. Best chain for milling

    Hi All, I have just purchased a second hand double headed mill with a pair of 075av's. It's running .404 chain, what's the best chain to buy, main consideration is quality of cut and the chain staying Sharp over cost, though there are around 200 links so it's a fair difference in cost from a cheaper chain to a top end one. I am going to but an auxelery oiler. One of the saws pretty much does not have any baffles in the exhaust, does anyone know if it's possible to get parts for these saws any more. Regards, john
  25. Srt useage

    Nice. I have both too. Enjoy using them both. But can’t help but think two ropes is too much
  26. MOT changes May 2018

    God no, I wanted one in the old days, along with a 3 litre Capri and Opel Manta like this.. I had a job on the mid eighties for a Vauxhall garage delivering cars like the Manta. Compared to the Astra and Cavalier SRI they were dated but still fun. I eventually got the sack of course, kept crashing them!
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