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  1. Is anyone insured with or has been insured with Forestrycontractorsinsurance.co.uk and if so what has been your experience?
  2. Finnish is a beautiful but very difficult language, it is not in the same language group as Norwegian and Swedish although you have a minority of Finns that speak Swedish mainly in coastal areas but especially in Åland. Norwegian and Swedish in comparison are much easier but there are a lot of dialects and two official written languages in Norway plus the language of the Sami people across northern Norway, Sweden and Finland.
  3. The cost of a 5 day training course in UK for trees up to 38cm is likely to be >£900 with assessment plus PPE another £400 if not provided and then 5 days lost work time while training say >£450, compare that with jobs paying £10/hr that don't involve expenditure of about £2000.
  4. Wood dust and fungal spores can both be harmful with some types of wood worse than others also the amount of fungal spores will vary depending on various factors, it would be wise to wear a P2 or P3 mask when shovelling wood chip as a precaution.
  5. Would have thought >£12/hr more like a fair rate for that sort of work especially in Kent, plenty of work for unskilled workers at >£10/hr these days.
  6. I put that to a Stihl dealer a couple of years ago and the dealer told me Stihl would not say but he thought it might be up to a year. I've been using Stihl HP in machines on a regularly basis i.e. weekly/monthly and haven't experienced any problem mixing it with standard E5 petrol but with machines I do not use regularly its Ethanol free petrol. I have also been mixing for years the Ethanol Shield with standard E5 petrol for some 4-stroke engines without problem.
  7. The super grade is E5 (5% Ethenol) and octane >90 (97?) and I think it’s recommended that chainsaws should run on >90 octane but not aware of a specified upper limit, would have thought it would just run cleaner. In the past I’ve used Ethanol free fuel or E5 standard fuel with stabiliser and used the E5 within a month as one time I had E5 in a generator without stabiliser for months and when we came to use the machine it would not start and cost £50 to sort out the carb. Another guy had standard E5 in a saw without stabiliser which he hadn’t used for about 6 months which was stop/starting/cutting out and he just couldn’t get it to work, that cost him about £50 to sort out the carb too. A local lawnmower/chainsaw mechanic advised me on Monday not to use E10 in small machines so it’s going to be a case of ‘suck and see’ I suppose.
  8. Rock tool vaults are good value and well made (rock machinery.co.uk) also as mentioned by someone else Cleveland Sitesafe which do a wide range of well made products of all shapes and sizes.
  9. Ethanol attracts moisture and E10 will presumably do this more that E5, so if fuel left in a machine which is not used for a while it may be difficult to start or even may not start at all.
  10. Probably, particularly if saw not used daily/weekly. We won't be using E10 in any of our machines instead will continue to use E5 super grade type fuel in machines used regularly and ethanol free fuel in machines used infrequently.
  11. Go back straight … zig, zag back and forth more often, I do the same a lot of the time i.e. just reverse trailer if it looks like it’s going to be difficult/impossible for them.
  12. I think some employers will still want employees professionally trained and/or see a certificate of competence in future. I meet drivers regularly on narrow country roads that can’t reverse a small car never mind a trailer.
  13. 25 isn’t too old to go on a full-time course.
  14. Use a section of scaffolding pole for years on one with no problem.
  15. The Burley Holywell 9105-C and Bradgate 9305-C are both up to 90.4% efficient, it’ll be the Holywell 9105 that you have Stubby not the 9105-C. Both 5kW norm - 6.4kW max. Haven’t got one myself but a friend of mine has just ordered one and if I was after a new wood burning stove of that size myself I would definitely get one.


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