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  1. Felled ash within a shelterbelt running alongside a public right of way about the same size recently, the owner marked everything with 50% or more ash dieback and obtained a felling licence to clover the removal of those trees and a bit more. All trees marked were removed in one go. No planting, operation treated as thinning. All firewood removed down to 10cm.
  2. That’s a lot of bad luck, life is so unpredictable, you are all safe which is the main thing, could have been a lot worse …. hope the rest of your break goes smoothly without any misfortune.
  3. “Never” is meaningless with inflation at some point in future it will be £2.50. The cost of fuel at the moment just doesn’t need to be any higher, it is a government decision as the government has full control over the price with fuel duty 29% of cost and vat 17% of cost, which combined is more than cost of petrol to supplier, the retailer only gets 2%. The cost of the biofuel element is 7%. So each time a hike in the cost of fuel the government makes more money out of it from vat, they need to cut the price of vat on fuel and cut duty.
  4. Only if a limb ‘b’ or ‘a’ worker, which are not in business for themselves, you wouldn’t expect them to have their own kit and vehicle.
  5. A contractor could be self-employed or have the status of a ‘Worker’ or even be an employee if work for somebody but employed by an agency (see employment status on gov.uk site for more details). You would not provide PPE for a self-employed contractor however you would need to though for a ‘Worker’ as you would with an ‘Employee’ to comply with HSE at work regulations.
  6. Have a look at Stihl MS 261 and MS 362. Not familiar with Husqvarna saws these days but others might suggest suitable saws within their range. It’s useful if you have a good local dealer.
  7. Because not enough information, don't know if stand previously thinned but probably no thin by the sound of it and 50% thin might be 50% vol or 50% of stems also if marked might be marked to favour best stems to be left. Don't know age of stand either but if it was YC4 dbh won't have thought 25-30 cm at age 30. Too many unknowns, I would get out and measure it personally.
  8. Rough estimate of yield based on an average growth rate if about say 25-30 years old will possible be 13 tonne an acre, so for 3 acre say 39 tonne. Growth rate, spacing and age will have a bearing on yield, take a few measurements within stand if you can and estimate volume.
  9. If not aware of it Mitsubishi have stopped exporting vehicles to UK and EU but you will be able to get parts for the next 9 years I’ve been told by a parts department. Series 4 and 5 L200 pickups reliable in my experience with just parts going as you might expect for age and if towing heavy loads (front discs and brake pads worn out at 22,000 miles which cost £240 with parts and labour).
  10. Caddy Commerce, Commerce Plus and Commerce Pro in both SWB and Maxi are available in 4Motion versions (see May 2022 brochure).
  11. Best option/compromise would be a 4x4 double cab pickup in my experience if you want a vehicle for private and work use, cars tend to get trashed inside carrying gear and fuel shouldn’t be carried inside a car, I had a pickup, then went 4x4 SUV then switch back to pickup as car was getting trashed and I didn’t feel safe carrying fuel inside the car. The tax side of things has been covered.
  12. I don't see a problem with that as additional help is required at times. I would suggest getting some basic chainsaw training/certification as a first step then making contact with some local outfits and take it from there.
  13. There so many variables - measure timber, work out mean tree size, provide information on stacking areas, access, site constraints etc and get a few quotes from companies operating in the area either as a standing sale if good quality timber or on an out turn basis on prices per product. The Forestry Commission put out results from their standing sales prices from time to time, including sales from Natural Resources Wales, which you might find useful, there's data out there on forestreseach.gov.uk (Timber Price Indices) to March 2022 for GB, the average price for conifer standing sales was £44.55 per cubic metre OB in year end to March 2022, softwood sawlogs £76.89 per cubic metre OB and small roundwood £37.30 per cubic metre OB.
  14. Over the last couple of years I have been processing ash dieback trees for firewood from trees felled with up to about 50% infection in trees and not experienced a problem with the burning quality however if left too long the wood will become brittle and tend to break up and not always split cleanly I can imagine and probably not burn as well either. Ash seasons quite quickly, one drying season or less if spit.
  15. I have used Super Tack Bio Chain Oil from Clark for some years now as well, buy 25L drums. don't think you will find bio chain oil any cheaper than they sell it at.
  16. The Dunsley Yorkshire boiler stove is rated at 14.5 kW with 6.6kW to room if burning beech logs and refuelling every hour (instruction booklet) otherwise I think it is rated at about 13kw with about 4kW to the room. They have stopped making this stove which was an excellent stove and was certificated for use in smoke control areas in 1999. It will heat an average sized living room and keep 3 bedroomed house warm plus heat domestic hot water (best with electric shower though), it burns full on with seasoned wood and glass kept clean. If another room other than the room stove in that is used as a sitting room then in winter an addition heat source would be required with a 3 bedroom house with say dining room, living room/office, kitchen , bathroom and hallway to heat. A Dursley Yorkshire Woodstove plus a 4kW wood stove in another room with secondary glazing would be warm enough, the stove would be good for >10 years from new. An excellent stove and would recommend it, just a pity Dursley have had to stopped manufacturing them.
  17. Had a meeting with someone from the county highway dept about a dangerous tree growing on verge of a minor country road and was told that the county managed the surface between the boundary wall and fences on each side of the road but they did not own the land below it and that the tree in question was not there responsibility unless they had planted it which they hadn't. Another time a similar situation arose with a dangerous tree on a verge of a country minor road was brought to the attention of the land agent and he said it was not always the case that you owned land up to the centre of the road as depended on what was actually shown as being owned, after doing a search he came back and informed me that in this particular instance the tree was not their responsibility and no action would be required by them ... so as Jon Heigh says "it depends". I suspect that the rule about ownership to the centre of the road is a common law thing if nothing else, in the case of trees which haven't been planted but which have grown as a result of natural regeneration they maybe the highways responsibility if they manage the surface. The highways dept in areas I have lived clear trees which fall onto the roads regardless unless someone else deals with them first.
  18. Same as Woodworks not taking on anymore customers on and have noticed an increase in demand this spring with customers stocking up for next autumn/winter. Burley as mentioned very good stove probably 4-5 kW stove and stoves <5kW don’t need to have ventilation to outside. Go wood not multi as more efficient (Burley don’t do multi for that reason).
  19. What is the payload volume area of your 110 pickup, the new Toyota single cab pickup is about 1.75m3 and Mitsubishi L200 1.4m3, so it won't need a lot more with a new single cab Toyota pickup to get up to 2m3 (just 6 x 42L plastic tubes above the sides would do it plus allow) furthermore those 1m3 vented bags can have found can have a bit more than 1m3 in them.
  20. It's definitely a loose 2m3 load, we deliver that in a single cab 1 tonne pickup with side extension at times but use a tipper trailer in preference if access allows - could can carry up to 4m3 seasoned softwood in the trailer but with hardwood tend to deliver 2, 2,5 or 3m3 loose loads. You wouldn't need to have as much as 2m3 of logs if they were stacked I would have thought as that would be equivalent to more than a 2m3 loose load. We deliver 25cm, 33cm and 50cm logs, the 50cm logs sold always as stacked measure anyway. It Shouldn't be a problem weight wise with 2m3 loose 33cm logs seasoned or not seasoned I would think and semi-seasoned 25cm should be okay too but 2m3 of fresh cut logs must at or over the limit of a one tonne pickup depending on species and moisture content.
  21. Basically my advice would be the same as Steve Bullman except you could remove that bottom whole as well as cut back the leading shoot to about 25cm.
  22. The machine was purchased from Marshall Agricultural Engineering, East Sussex (marshalllogging.co.uk), if they sold it to Mellors, Walsall, Birmingham they should have a record of that. You might want to check that you can still get parts for that machine. Probably a genuine sale.
  23. It won't cause "heave" cutting down that small tree and work can be undertaken anytime.
  24. Depending on species a wire brush as previously mentioned or scape off with a sharp wood chisel I find also works or combination or the two.
  25. Most definitely and do it before you apply for planning permission also consider a small to medium size tree species further away from the house if thinking of a replacement rather than beech which grows into a large tree.


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