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  1. Is that clear? Used paint on beech, but didn't know it had to be 3 coats and it split.
  2. Junkkari HJ5 arrived this morning
  3. Cleaner put the covers of my new to me fixer upper jonsered 625 in the wheelie bin. Rang mrs b to bring in the bins, luckily before the truck arrived.
  4. I keep putting it off every birthday with a zero at the end. Next one is 60, will that still look ok when I'm 70?
  5. For anyone doing a bit of hand pruning these ergo secateurs save your wrist from rsi ERGO™ Bypass Secateurs with Rotating Handle | BAHCO WWW.BAHCO.COM { "1": "ERGO\u2122 Bypass Secateurs with Rotating Handle" } The lower handle rotates as you close it. I've had one for about 15 years, take it with me when I go pruning every time. I think they were originally designed for pruning/picking grapes.
  6. Membrane, mat of old car tyres tied together and a foot of gravel on top. But do it slowly so the whole lot gets time to settle. You might even get paid to take the tyres. You're basically building a raft.
  7. Just need a few lights and a bit of tinsel and they're ready for the road. Seriously though, leave it till summer, I've 12 acres of spruce on peat and plan is to cut them in winter and skid them out in the summer. I reckon what happened in Donegal is they went too deep and concentrated the ground water ahead of the road. Tyre mats have been used here under a motorway but it still moves. When do you have to get the trees out?
  8. Will you get that pollarded again in 7 or 10 years?
  9. Are you offering to help?😈 No, I never thought of that. But all the hype about Silky saws had to be tested, so me being the cheapskate just bought a blade. Thought I was going to have to make a handle out of beech for it. Then noticed that the holes on the new blade looked very close to the width of the bolts on my old saw......I have to say a new Silky is the dog's wobblybits.
  10. My Didildyaldi (Irish slang for Lidl or Aldi) florbest saw got a new blade today.
  11. Best way I found to do it was with a 2 furrow plough. Plant bare root whips into a slot cut with a spade, heel them in. I think there was 1 planted every 18 inches on alternate plough scrapes. Nip the top of them with a secateurs to make them go bushy. Fence it afterwards. I did it in Feb, stays fairly weed free the first year.
  12. Shame it isn't real though, but we'll probably never know.......😷 For The Last Time, There Isn't A CCTV Outside George Orwell's Old House WWW.BUZZFEED.COM <b>Let's just get this straight.</b>


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