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  1. Farmer hat on here, we just run an old 2 furrow plough along where the hedge is going then plant whips alternatively along the furrows. Fencing the cattle out with 2 strands electric each side. If any die simply replant new whips the following winter.
  2. Thanks Conor, never thought of planer blades needing a sharpening. Really I should get a second set of blades for it.
  3. I have a pto powered Junkarri chipper, I'd like to know of anywhere in Ireland where I can get the blades sharpened or if replacement blades are available off the shelf for a J5 chipper? Thanks.
  4. Lidl have a cordless chainsaw for sale next week in Ireland for €90. Thinking it might be handy beside the chipper for cutting forked branches. Anyone here tried one? Brushless soft start motor, 2 x 20v batteries 2ah. Might even have an Oregon chain and bar. Apologies for going off topic.
  5. A junkie hooker would be better value.
  6. There wouldn’t be any missiles being thrown from me. Any pics?
  7. Hope the Irish Sea is wide enough.
  8. Mrblue5000

    jonsered 625

    Check the coil. Can be a bad connection in these. I had a similar problem with my 630.
  9. Thanks for the reply, it's the Hi-tech and a 121 about 10 years old.
  10. Apologies for hijacking the thread. Does anyone here have a twin trac (reverse drive) N series? Would there be a reason for it to be stuck in reverse drive only? Or was it ever a factory option to be available only with reverse drive from new? I can't see any benefit to only having reverse drive, so I presume something has broken in the transmission.
  11. Paddy went on holidays to the Med. All week he was having no luck with the local ladies. In his hotel there was an Italian man who was having all the fun with ladies. So Paddy bought him a drink at the bar one night and asked Tony what was the secret, how do you have all the women flocking around you all day, and all night? 'It's very simple' says Tony, 'You take a banana and you put it down your speedos. I guarantee you the women will go crazy for you.' 'Great' says Paddy 'I'll try that so in the mornin and go to the beach'. So Paddy, next day with the banana in the speedos was on the beach early. But every time he approached a group of girls to try chatting them up they ran away screaming. That night, back at the hotel bar Paddy spotted Tony and charged over towards him, shouting 'You bastard Tony, you told me to put a banana in my speedos and the women would be flocking around me. Instead they were running away, screaming and covering their mouths'. 'Ah but Paddy when I told you to put a banana in your speedos, I meant for you to put the banana down the front, not the back'.
  12. Roundup works well. But you need a warm, sunny day in mid August to hit it hard with a good soaking. In August the plant is starting to transfer nutrients down to the roots for the winter. By doing the first spray in mid August you have a chance to do any bits you missed the first time again in mid September.
  13. Nice looking stakes, I hope it's European larch though. Any chance of a photo of the cradle. What was the problem with it?


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