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  1. Alnus cordata? Or maybe Japanese (japonica)?
  2. Could do with an extra pair of hands as works piling up. Groundsman with tickets and experience would be great. More importantly common sense as I cant work with fecking idiots. Great opportunity for someone, got big chippers and avant loader to make life easier. Nice work, nice work environment. Full time ideally but part time if it suits. Give us a pm if interested. Cheers
  3. Yes id do that and get them ready for grinding. Access no problem and I may be able to get a slew on site to move arisings
  4. Don't worry I've been doing this job long enough to know how it works. The job needs doing though so it is what it is!
  5. Hi guys, I've tried all my usual guys but they are to busy or have broken down machines. I have 2 oak stumps approx 3ft by 3ft and a large ash stump which has been dug out and needs grinding. Within the next week or so (Picture attached) anyone free and willing to take it on? I can forward more pictures and/or have a site visit if needed. Many thanks. Tom
  6. I think they have the same script they read from. I was subbing to a mate who runs a big TP chipper. Forst gave him a ring whilst we were having cuppa, gave the usual chat. He said he's very happy with the tp he's running and isn't looking for a new machine. They said they're getting alot of TP machines in as part exchange as people are switching to Forst because of TP's poor build quality. My mate just laughed down the phone. About 2 weeks later I had the same call, same usual chat. I run a Jensen, and you guessed it poor build quality apparently. 🤦‍♂️ poor sales guy was met with yet more laughter.
  7. Hi guys Firstly im a climber by trade so ask me anything about that but in terms of woodland management my knowledge is mixed and limited. I've a good friend who has a patch of mixed woodland 10 acres or so. Larch mixed with other softwoods and some hardwood to. Its just a hobby woodland really that he runs a small friends and family shoot from. He's been told he has PR infected Larch there which needs to be felled, now he's pretty gutted as he doesn't feel there's enough timber there to sell standing to make any money back. He also has ash die back in the woodland. My thoughts are maybe with clearfell of Larch and fell the ash to whilst your in there, you could make abit of money back. So I guess what I'm asking is, are there any grants or anything available for small woodland owners affected with PR Larch and also any forestry companies in the South West willing to do the potential work/give advise? Thanks in advance
  8. Think your right. I had a 230 and thinking on it the blades looked different to that
  9. Possibly a 230 blade rather than a 150?
  10. Great machine. Just watch out for wasps nests 🤦‍♂️


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