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  1. Can anyone ID this?

    Took the one out I worked on because the customer thought it was a danger to his house. It was only when I was id-ing it after the event that I read that one of it's telltale features is the leaning trunk!!!
  2. Can anyone ID this?

    Looks like Nothofagus Antarctica mebs? Worked on one for the first time last year. D'oh, too late....
  3. parakeets pruning!

    Working next to a roost tree of a colony of parakeets today in Fenham, Newcastle. Been there the last 2 or 3 years the locals said. Wonder how far north they get???
  4. First go with the Alaskan

    Lovely stuff, some nice wood there. Got a collection of interesting bits around the garden myself. Waiting for a quiet day off work to slice them up and see what they look like inside.
  5. Unlikely to be a long and prosperous career!

    "Did you like that??"
  6. Emergency phone call.

    Back to the same house today to take down a Syc and shape a Holly. One neighbour with a list of work that will take us 2days and more in the pipeline... Another half a day's climbing down the street for someone else. Absolute goldmine this cat rescue lark!!!
  7. Emergency phone call.

    Another phone call yesterday. Poppy back in the house. :laola:Celebrations all round. The end
  8. Emergency phone call.

    Bad light stopped play in the end. It was such a faff getting into the bloody tree that I spooked the cat and it wouldn't come anywhere near me. I talked to Poppy nicely. I brought Poppy her favourite dinner. I offered to carry Poppy down the tree in a nice furry bag. Nope... All that ivy stopped me wielding anything to knock it out of the tree, even. She came for a look at me and mewped a bit when she smelt her dinner. The cat was not chuffed to be sharing the tree with anyone like me and was last seen disappearing upwards into the tangle. Oh well, a fourth night up the tree for Poppy.
  9. Emergency phone call.

    Bit of snow here this morning, so today's job postponed to Saturday. Chance to get stuck into that paperwork I've been putting off...until the phone went. First time ever to get the callout for a cat up a tree!! By the time we got there, we've only got a couple of hours of daylight. The tree is tucked away at the end of the garden, a biggish poplar smothered in ivy, with the first branch at about 30ft. Brilliant. It didn't end well...
  10. Any good autumnal pictures?

    Some great pictures on here. Seems like the best leaf colours for a few years. Over in the Lakes/North Pennines yesterday and the Beeches seem to be really colourful there.
  11. Any good autumnal pictures?

    Loads of flowers still going strong round here.
  12. Freeclimb redwood!!!

    Just seen the video. Looks a tough challenge!!! Think I'll be sticking with my Pantin. :thumbup:
  13. Husqvarna T540XP oiling problems

    Piece of starter cord works as piston stop for me.
  14. Growing bentwood furniture

    The wood is grown in its required shape at the nursery- minimal carpentry, no joints in the timber! Brilliant idea, must make it super strong. They do commissions too. Have you seen many customers with enough patience, though?? This designer doesn’t make chairs. He grows them?from trees – Quartz Check out the video in the link
  15. pro.s and cons still ms260

    Found our's to be a bit wheezy on 16" bar, seemed to struggle - very slow. Changed it to 13" and it was much happier and felt better balanced too.


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