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  1. I like to use my bahco 1/2” sockets for the simple reason I can clearly see the size stamped on the socket without running after my specs [emoji106]
  2. And at the first signs of breaking into a sweat, not disappearing for long periods ‘getting a drink’ or wandering off for half an hour every hour going for a Jimmy.
  3. and isn’t it funny that no one knows how or when the door got heavily grazed, or the front indicator got ripped off, or the 7 pin socket has gone leaving only the wires. One of life’s continuing mysteries.
  4. I’ve run everything on Aspen for quite a while now. My son in law hasn’t converted yet, and whilst putting in an appearance on one of his jobs the other day, I picked up his running hs45 to trim a few final whiskers of the hedge he’d cut, while he was tidying up, and after a minute or so I felt like some juvenile petrol sniffer, but rather than getting high I was nearly puking. I’d forgotten the difference between pump and aspen.
  5. I doubt there’s not a transit tipper in the uk that hasn’t been overloaded, with its mud flaps scraping the tarmac.
  6. I had mesh both sides, back in the mists of time, they opened me right up, couldn’t walk to the bog for a week, let alone try and walk down stairs.
  7. I know a few male ones, if being gay doesn’t count.
  8. I thought it said for virgin tree surgeons [emoji846]
  9. I know what you mean Ben, it’s not too unusual for me to have to get myself between them when the pushing and shouting and swinging starts. I’m not having that on my work site.
  10. Whatever can you possibly do nowadays to motivate them, Lead from the front? couldn’t be more disinterested. Pay them more? £10, £12 , £15 per hour for labourer ? Makes no difference. Treat them to a company meal out now n then? Complete waste of time. Praise them when they don’t cock everything up, don’t ball n shout when they do? Water off a ducks back that’s drowning in a bucket of wd40. The youth of today and all that.
  11. I can remember greasing up D7s Billhook on cold frosty mornings over 50 years ago, those enormous slide-on nipples and a gun mounted grease or heavy oil keg equally cumbersome. I was threatened to be ‘half killed’ by the old foreman if I put too much in and blew the seals out of the track rollers or idlers.
  12. How about all the time you spend talking to your potential client, 25 miles away, who then wants your quote emailed, and all itemised, so you do all that for a job that may be £1k , or £3k , or as I quoted a few weeks ago £5k . And you hear nothing, no ‘thanks for email ‘ , no ‘ we’ll get back to you’ Just no response at all. Yes you can call them after a few weeks or chase them up, but you’re likely to be even more downcast after hearing it’s all been done “ at half your price “
  13. Despite all my toolbox talks , with the “here we go again” look on their faces, and trying to not get anyone killed, it always amazes me that when any chog drops right beside them, they just carry on shuffling around the branches on the deck, completely unperturbed. No wonder my hair has turned white.
  14. Yes I’ve had them sitting out on their decking quaffing back jugs of Pimms and G&Ts getting louder n louder while we are parched and verging on sunstroke. The richer they are, and all that.
  15. I’ve had both Craig, st6 and 230 have good n bad design points , but have found the 230 generally the better of the two in terms of performance and reliability.


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