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  1. Perhaps you’ll find someone will do it for the wood , if you think the £2k is an incorrect estimate from arbtalkers with a lifetime experience in pricing tree work.
  2. That’s more like it, just steer clear of london
  3. At lunchtime earlier this week I thought I saw Ray Mears walking along the street in Downham Market eating fish and chips, it was his trademark green coat and haversack,but I couldn’t swear it was him.
  4. Leaving the tree huggers, John the Baptists , and holy joes to one side for a moment, big bad Ben made a nice neat job of that top cut, almost faultless as you might say.
  5. Hope Megan’s lawyers don’t catch up on Arbtalk of an evening , they’re pretty vindictive at the moment
  6. Yes Paul I’d heard them all beforehand, but still A1. One or two old fogeys of my generation were in the after jab waiting room moaning about heavy arms, having a dizzy spell ,or feeling sick, I muttered under my breath, to use a modern phrase, for them to man up.
  7. Had mine this evening, didn’t feel a thing and no side effects, so that’s another job done [emoji106]
  8. With all the redundancies this last 10 months from the service and hospitality sectors, many forced into a change of scenery, have/ are booked in on climbing courses which I’m told , to use a modern expression, are rammed ,and fully booked up well into 2021. So come the summer you won’t be able to move in your own back street for recently modified Rangers and transit trucks , with enthusiastic and cheap “tree surgeons “ at the wheel doing all the local work for half your rate. Yes, I know half will be here today and gone tomorrow , but I wouldn’t recommend jacking up your day rates until after the dust storm has settled.
  9. Ive seen some tripe in my time, but cf takes the biscuit, what an opportunity wasted
  10. This was told to me today by a young fellow who claims to work for me And one for all you i.t. experts in a/t land Why was the spider on its computer? Looking for its web site .
  11. Arbtalk at its best - helping each other out
  12. There’s enough info, tips, and good advice above that I should think Richard Branson could pick up a few dodges if he ever came onto a/t and read that.
  13. I was passing the time of day with a young FC ranger and he was telling me that he’s been instructed to take that sort of thing very seriously when he comes across it. Even going in the forest to collect sticks and twigs for kindling is within his jurisdiction to start proceedings for repeat offenders, let alone felling trees.
  14. An oppo of mine ran out of petrol on his motorbike just a couple of miles from a garage, and another couple of miles from home. This was in the 60s when 4 stroke jap bikes had just appeared and he had one. Pushing his big bike up a couple of hills was out of the question so he tucked it behind a farmers hedge and walked . When he got to the garage he realised he’d left his wallet at home, but he did have some loose change in his pocket. Then came the problem of what to put it in, but being young and enterprising, as we all were once, he dug out a Johnny from his inside pocket and put some in that, tied a knot in the usual way, placed it by the pump and went in and paid. I remember he said he ran back, on and off, as he had an idea the petrol may melt it before he could get it to his tank. He came to grief on it a year or so later I can’t remember exactly, and that was that.


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