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  1. Local Septic tank emptier has “you make it - we take it” on his smelly tankers
  2. I’ve stood underneath rubbish like that, walked away and let someone else kill thereself .
  3. 80% of their wage to sit at home on their fat arses, well when they do begrudgingly shuffle back at the end of October many may find they haven’t got a job to go back to.
  4. What I meant Stephen is a good climber will throw those branches so they are almost in the mouth of the chipper, or wait til they are cleared, another will just let it all go into an enormous tangle at top speed, without being ‘a team player’
  5. Yes it’s possible of course, £170 - £200 if you’re on top of your game. And your reputation will grow along with offers of work. But those rates are not for someone who can’t wait to grab the money and get gone by midday, leaving world war 1 behind that takes 5 on the ground til 6 o’clock to chip and clear.
  6. Dynamite is another option open
  7. Had a thorn laying crossways inside my finger joint for the past week, after it stopped hurting I’ve just left it there, I’ll admit that I didn’t try a calpol thing but I tried everything else short of cutting my own tendons through.
  8. I thought I’d do a few press ups the other morning, managed a few but it took me the rest of the day to get back up onto my feet again
  9. I have thought about getting back and my foreman and lads are keen, but as above, I don’t want those John The Baptist types putting vids all over fb as that’s one bit of publicity I don’t need. Could start again in a fortnight, see how it is.
  10. I’ve put everything with a 2 stroke engine in my spare bedroom. In the middle of the night they’re about 10 feet from my head, as the crow flies.
  11. My dealer serviced my tw230dhb over a year ago , while it was having new chassis rails put on at their depot, so no mileage or traveling , a jaw dropping £594.69
  12. As the one legged limbo dancer said - I stand corrected [emoji846]
  13. Seems like there’s plenty of government money to be handed out to the p.a.y. e. employees who get the virus, but if we get it or when we have lock down, I think we (the self employed) can look forward to nothing except seeing what the inside of our houses look like during daylight hours.
  14. I took a big dead one to bits last year chipped all the branches. A dead monkey puzzle is just about the most viscous thing a tree worker can deal with. My trunk was so dead it was useless for anything except firewood, and the branches lethal before and during chipping. I think we’ve all still got the scars.


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