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  1. Stopped by VOSA

    The trailer brakes came on alright but didn't stop it skidding across the road onto the verge. It was a tandem axle and doing I suppose 50mph the forward momentum alone had to take it somewhere. Wasn't like it tried to overtake me.
  2. Ballsy stunt fells

    I've always classed a stunt fell as one where wedges and ropes were used if necessary or not, and in the case of firs where the outermost fond tips just lightly brush past that commercial glass house, or 18th century summer house, leaving 6 tons of timber safely on the deck.
  3. Stopped by VOSA

    I forgot to check a trailer was properly on my ballhitch after a new member of staff had dropped it on. Few miles up the road , right outside the back gate of raf marham, the trailer came off, the brake cable did work and then broke, and as someone said above, the trailer went across the road and ploughed into the verge. Gave the soldiers on the guardroom gate something to look at anyroad.
  4. Stopped by VOSA

    No breakaway cable can be deemed by vosa as 'ineffective braking system and can stop movement until new cable fitted.
  5. Underwater chainsaw

    I liked Shelby, may be mistaken but he seemed fairly genuine to me.
  6. Monkey puzzle - Swaffham

    Yes I shall be turning the blades in my 230 before chipping anything.
  7. Monkey puzzle - Swaffham

    Timbers fairly dense Mr Sword, often full of sap under the bark, and yes, the leaves are as sharp as a witches tongue. The striking colours are where the knots are of course.
  8. Monkey puzzle - Swaffham

    Will be coming down weds 27 sept, heavily branched from base to top. If of interest please txt 07867 764307
  9. Day Rate for static milling?

    Good luck with that Adam [emoji846]
  10. Where Di you have your chipper blades sharpened ?

    Saturn lost a pair of my genuine t/wolf blades for my 230 and it took them yonks to begrudgingly send me a pair if their pattern ones to shut me up. I now drop them in to a local machine shop who do them as quick as you like for £25 a pair
  11. Hedgecutter accident

    Many years ago now I was walking along a forestry commission fence line beside a compartment. On the other side of the fence, in the middle of a field, was a tractor cutting hay, with what was then a new type of disc mower. A second or two after I heard something solid go through it, one of the little flat blades embedded itself into a post next to me. I always steered well clear of farm machinery after that. I recalled the incident only the other day when I happened to be near that same compartment.
  12. Dissuading hornets?

    I wouldn't have believed this had I not seen it with my own eyes , but Wednesday I felled a reasonable spruce and what wouldn't chip, my lads loaded onto my tandem axle trailer and sitting on top of the loaded cord was a big hornet eating the spruce sap. 15 miles later and after doing up to 60 on a dual carriageway, they spotted the hornet back at my main yard still sitting on top there. They shood him away to unload in disbelief.
  13. Tinnitus

    Weirdest thing ever is my motion detector at my house yard rings out in my bedroom, when I'm downstairs the high pitched whine is exactly the same as the intermittent ringing in my ears, so often I get out of my chair to see who's poking about outside,only to find when I pass the stairs it's not the detector ringing,it's inside my ears.
  14. Judas tree

    Dealt with one first thing this morning, it had blown onto a neighbours expensive new fence. Had that converted into firewood in no time.
  15. One reason I use Aspen

    I for one run aspen in everything with a 2 stroke engine, if you're in the hedge and tree business I can think of plenty of things to waste your money on, but with your respiratory system never more than a foot or so away from that exhaust , Aspen is not one of them. I don't want to end my days gasping for every breath in some bleak nhs cancer ward thank you very much.


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