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  1. I shan’t be even bothering to quote for them anymore, I went out last week to one that was begging me to come and look at his trees, and against my better judgment thought I’ll give it a go, and it ended like a Karachi street market, at the finish I just walked away and continued on my way to quote to my other potential customers. I’m getting too old for all that malarkey.
  2. Yes Bob, 2.5k may come in from someone, but if I were doing it it would have to be north of 4K , nearer 5 possibly.
  3. Reducing some hedges are the stuff of nightmares, the closer you can get up and in to them the better, the ms200t being the weapon of choice,but generally the sweat is rolling off my back just at the quoting stage. Gypsy sticks are not normally the answer for 2 reasons, holding it out horizontally at arms length pulls your guts out after the first 20 minutes , and once cut you still have to get up close and personal to drag the cut stuff off . Stick to knocking trees over, half the effort for 3 times the price.
  4. Funnily enough Dan, I’ve had some of my biggest pay days from calls on a Sunday night that came up withheld. Some honest people withhold their numbers for reasons best known to themselves. Naturally I’m on my guard to smell a rat, but now n then it all works out rather well.
  5. There’s not many trees left in Lincolnshire [emoji846]
  6. Yep we’re doing more and more for one of the big utility firms and of course they want to know who everyone is on their site and what tickets they hold, with all the assessments as standard practice nowadays.
  7. All I’m saying is that if I priced jobs up at the quoting stage, to pay labourers and improvers £30 an hour, I’d pretty soon be out of business.
  8. Good staff are hard to find, and even harder to keep. All we can do is try our best to keep getting the work in and hope that they stay with you, but of course they know what their mates get kitchen fitting or roof tiling . Unless you’re gonna start forking out £30 an hour all you can do is try to keep them at whatever rate you can afford, or let them go, and try to train up the next unlikely candidate that slopes into the yard 15 minutes late on their first Monday morning.
  9. You could always set your sights a bit higher, woodland management ‘for the wood’ you’ll be swimming against the tide a bit, no matter how enjoyable it may seem. Woodland owners will sit back and let you do is as it’s not costing them anything . Why not buy a bit more kit and progress into the firewood market, and make more money in the process, while still working with wood.
  10. and I’ve still got my tarmac rake somewhere
  11. Yes I’ve heard those old chestnuts a thousand times. They are looking for a mug, just make sure it’s not you.
  12. Giving all tree workers a bad name that’s for sure
  13. After Brexit, Latvian firewood will be heavily tariffed , making it uneconomical to import.
  14. A farmer local to me uses a neat trick, no saw required, he sends one of his fellows down in their 35 ton 360 and smashes the trees to bits, pulling them over, smashing up the limbs a bit more, then leaves it all in a heap on the edge of the field for ever more.


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