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  1. An oppo of mine parks he’s defender under his bedroom window, his jaw dropped when he went out to see both doors, bonnet and bumper missing . They simply walked through his 5 bar gate and worked under his security light.
  2. Claim on your insurance or pay up and put it on your expenditure column. It’s your job so take it on the chin and move on.
  3. They wouldn’t admit to my weak axle that bent and cost me £800. Few months later “oh yeah it’s a known fault” funnily enough I never did get reimbursed
  4. Oh dear, rip Felix.
  5. Skoda yeti , brilliant name , only thing is these get stuck on a wet football pitch.
  6. I take my tuned and ported 660 to my woodyard and pop on the 20” bar. Yes it’s a handful but if you want bigger stuff ( but not oversized ) sliced up in a hurry, then this is the brother [emoji106]
  7. You can have all the most up to date tracking/ pinpointing gadgets in the world, but If you get crushed, or zapped unconscious, or cut to the bone, they’re only of limited use telling someone where you are. There is no substitute for a trained partner working with you who can help you within that first minute. I would tell your boss you’re no longer working solo, and if he is any boss at all will put buddy working arrangements in place. Forestry commission banned it years ago, whoever you are.
  8. My 101 had the same issues, although I run it in Aspen. Went in to Stihl shop and they “ put new valves in”. Runs just like a gypsy stick should now [emoji106]
  9. Can’t say fairer than that [emoji106]
  10. My son in law , whilst at college, had to identify, and learn the Latin names of 10 species of tree and shrub every few days. And he still knows them.
  11. May be mistaken, but looks a lot like lime, bark texture and colour. Pallet probably pine [emoji106]
  12. Certainly not very neighbourly, I think I’d have to go round there and have it out with them.
  13. My little quoting Courier van is technically classed as a panel van. I have a phobia of thinking every parked up white van is a camera van after having a few narrow squeaks, to say nothing of gatsos and average speed cameras. 50 on normal roads , 60 on d/c.
  14. When they want their connies cutting, and they’ve been untouched for a few years, I always make it crystal clear that browning can occur at this time of year, and usually will look worse than before. On the other hand if someone’s pride n joy connie hedge gets inadvertently shaved by one of my little helpers, and turns brown, I explain that red spider mites have been disturbed and are attacking it .
  15. I’m so busy I only do tarmacing on Sunday mornings, undercutting Wimpeys as their client saw us doing trees. Raf Marham’s main runway will be a bit of a rush job next Sunday.


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