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  1. oldwoodcutter

    Why Did I bother!!!

    That’s not very nice after your kind gesture. On the other side of the coin last week I was followed up to my main yard (and chip site) by the familiar greedy boarded tipper, who after the usual small talk, I realised they were from a local traveller reservation. I declined their request to tip as they and their friends would be back tipping crap full time. I got out of it on good terms by saying this place is criss crossed with cameras and the big boss will no doubt be on his way up here in a minute a we’ll all be in trouble.
  2. oldwoodcutter

    How much do the FC pay for cutting work?

    If you prefer to work for peanuts hand cut on fc work. If you want to put you talents to more profitable use , hand cut to commercial clients on your own jobs on your own terms [emoji106]
  3. oldwoodcutter

    Leylandii topping around sub-station

    Years ago we were dismantling a high fir next to a sub station, the sort that you see tucked away on estates that power 20 of 30 houses. I looked down to see one of my young fellows had climbed over the perimeter fence and was walking on top of the transformers and cooling fins to retrieve an odd little branch that had flipped over there. He was a keen little worker so I didn’t shout at him at the time,but I was blinking glad when he clambered back to the safe side again. I had a vision of just his little steel toe caps remaining in a pile of smoking fat.
  4. oldwoodcutter

    Sub contractor but also team leader

    Round and round went the great big wheel. If you are in the business of employing anyone, then el should be the first item in your expenditures column.
  5. oldwoodcutter

    quoting insurance jobs

    Quoting insurance work is always an opportunity to make more money than usual, especially after a nationwide windy spell. When asked to quote, get out there all tooled up and ready to deal with anything, be bold and write that juicy quote out, sit in the truck while the householder calls the insurance company, then get that tree cut up off the drive, or get the windblown on the deck, and with luck you’ll be driving away having made 3 days coin in 3 hours, and on to the next insurance job.
  6. oldwoodcutter

    Ripped off??

    I would have smelt a rat much earlier on, after the 2nd excuse of not being able to come, he would have had his chips with me I’m afraid .
  7. oldwoodcutter

    Telecom lines

    I meant they will charge you if you prearrange them to come out on a certain day to drop them , then come back later to put up again. On the rare occasion we’ve busted a line, we ask the householder to call them after we’ve swept up and say innocently my lines gone dead, to which of course they come out free of charge.
  8. oldwoodcutter

    Telecom lines

    Openreach are almost impossible to deal with, and are unreliable at best in dropping lines, which as said, will charge to take down and charge again to put back up. Best of British [emoji106]
  9. oldwoodcutter

    TW125 stolen in Kent

    Sorry to hear this Mark, hopefully you’ll get it back alright.
  10. oldwoodcutter

    New Business Minimum Requirements

    Minimum requirement? Gypsy stick, ladder, fast tipping transit, and local knowledge of lay-bys and field gateways would be a bonus [emoji106]
  11. oldwoodcutter

    Top-handled chainsaws: appropriate use and management

    As Ive understood it, and continue to understand it, if you are the contractor whose name is on the invoice, and you tell any employee, whether on the books, a contract climber,or an hourly paid brash dragger what to do, where and when, then you are the one who has to have insurance to cover that person while he’s working for you. I’ve never considered it a grey area.
  12. oldwoodcutter

    Rogue Trader...

    You could do the whole Forest Heath drains contract during the weekends Eggs [emoji5]
  13. oldwoodcutter

    Top-handled chainsaws: appropriate use and management

    Yes Mick, the 020 was radical, but the 200 was regarded better.
  14. oldwoodcutter

    Top-handled chainsaws: appropriate use and management

    When the ms200t first burst into our world of topping, it was seen by climbers as a gift from heaven , with many wishing it was still in production .
  15. oldwoodcutter

    Signs you're approaching middle age....

    I last had a boner in 1987 , funnily enough later that year my youngest was born, does that count?


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