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  1. It won’t affect the old retired farmers I know , that decant tubs of red into their 21 plate bmw 7 series, as they can’t put expenditures through since closing their books.
  2. At the height of the spate of copper cables being ripped out of underground conduits , local to me on average about 6 villages were targeted per week. The copper lads were one step ahead of the law in so much as they were using a stolen bt/openreach truck, naturally no one batted an eye in seeing that working in the middle of the night with miles of cable all over the shop.
  3. If it’s fibre you can’t join it yourself. BT will charge their customer to have it lowered, and it’s the customer that has to talk to them, they won’t nowadays liaise with the tree contractor . They will also charge to put it back up again. Only recently I wanted uk power to drop their wires , and bt to drop theirs, all was organised for the day, uk power there as usual no fuss, no show from bt unsurprisingly. As someone said above, if the bt wire is accidentally brought down by a freak gust of wind on the same day as you are there, and your cust calls em, they’ll come out pronto at no charge.
  4. Some of my biggest paydays ever have come from a 9 o’clock Sunday night call, even with withheld numbers . You never know who it is, some of the most eccentric characters with money to burn come in this way. Of course if you’re a tree firm boss that’s already got a million quid on deposit , then just answer mon - fri 9 til 5.
  5. As I understand it, if they’re going to be stuffing in layers of that mesh stuff to line your insides, they have to open you right up. As in a corporal Jones and his bayonet type of procedure.
  6. Have worked for a few, most of them I hesitate to name on a public forum without a solicitor present. Did a few days felling for the elderly widow of the last Barclay as in banking family many years ago. Her butler came out across the manicured lawns at regular intervals and took the drinks order, which he returned with after a few minutes on a silver tray. I only spoke to her at the pricing stage, and then when we’d finished I was shown indoors and she settled up there and then, in £50 notes rounded up as “I don’t keep anything smaller in the house” Long while ago now
  7. My own father, a man of few words at the best of times, would occasionally mutter Dog Rough after casting his eye on someone’s substandard work, whether that person was within earshot or not. Needless to say I find myself using it now on just about everything.
  8. Happens to the best of us, had my first after lifting tree trunks for the hell of it, which was not too bad , back grafting after a few weeks. Second one was a different kettle of fish, had all that mesh stuffed inside, for first week couldn’t get out of bed, felt like the burke had sewn his scissors up in my gut. Eventually healed up but long while watching other people work. As above, go private if you can with a good quality consultant Mark.
  9. As any tree company owner who has been established for more than 1 week knows, when dealing with mr or Mrs Jo Public,hourly rates are to be avoided at all costs, and so called day rate too. For example if you agree a day rate, when it’s time to divvy up your client will bring to mind that on tues you didn’t start til 9, and thurs your lads took an hour and a half for lunch, Friday 2 men short on site etc. So you will quickly find out all sorts of surprising deductions have been made to your invoice, and best of luck getting the shortfall.
  10. No shows from youngsters has always happened, with some more than others. We’ve all had it and is just something you have to take in your stride, employing another young worker or 2 to give a slightly bigger crew ( and adjust your quoting to include them)has worked for me. Then when Sebastians mum calls you at 6:30am to say she can’t get him out of his bedroom ,you are able to shrug your shoulders with no drama, and get on with the serious business of making money.
  11. My woodyard is neighboured by a heavily keepered estate , specialising in english partridges. I was passing the time of day last week with one of the young under keepers who was of the same opinion. They (the keepers) spend all hours of the day and night clearing the vermin right up, but of course the kites,buzzards and marsh harriers are protected. What ground nesting bird stands a chance to fledge a brood of chicks with these constantly patrolling the skies.
  12. Quoting days rates are, and always have been, frought with pitfalls, and are invariably a set of dice loaded heavily in the customers favour. And the old chestnut of offers of plenty of future work if you don’t charge too much should be seen as an insult to your intelligence as this is what they say to all contractors who they think has mug tattooed on their forehead.
  13. If anyone in the tree work game tells you they’ve never underestimated, they’re either lying or haven’t been doing it for very long. Personally I’ve had a few, with one years ago that,as cock ups go, was about the biggest one since Dunkirk, but I’m not going into that now.
  14. Get looking immediately to find a replacement, every business needs reliable workers.


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