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  1. Not on that occasion Steve, but more recently the air ministry at raf marham told me my 660 is so loud now,it interferes with their F35’s approach radar . I told them it was your fault, and gave them your details, so they’ll be in touch shortly in an official capacity .
  2. The old forestry commission tariff boys measured 1 in every 100 on big stands.
  3. I’m reminded of that famous Reg Coates vid where he did his own mod on the 201, under the wheel of his truck and thanked god for the 540
  4. Perhaps he was booking himself onto a cs34/cs35 course , that’s fairly important [emoji41]
  5. Northern Arb and I got off on the wrong foot when they lost my stack of genuine TW blades for resharpening, and after several heated calls to the higher echelons, they begrudgingly sent me some el cheapo chocolate replacements. This in itself was then rectified after a series of robust conversations. However since that unfortunate incident they’ve pulled their socks up and have delivered faultless service and can’t be more helpful to me.
  6. We know it’s quiet when the many tree worker sites that run alongside A/T , that somehow pour onto my phone 24 hrs a day have subbie climbers offering their services and willing to drive for half a day to bash trees down for me are increasing on a daily basis .
  7. Yes good point there Dumper, I’ve never really liked to ask, long as the jobs done safely and expeditiously .
  8. The other day a woman came from over the road spitting feathers about all the noise we were creating, it was disturbing her husband who works nights and he was trying to sleep, and we should be more thoughtful. This was around midday. I gave her a bit of the old soft soap and she shuffled back to her suburban semi.
  9. If I put ‘non smoker’ in my adverts I’d be waiting a long time for anybody. Just thinking back nearly all my climbers made/make those ones they do themselves.
  10. As we know the 462 is a tireless workhorse for the forestry cutter, I’d like a quid for every ton I’ve dropped with it. But the 500i also has its merits and a joy to use albeit a little thirsty. I still have my trusty ported 660 which I still use on the big hardwood but getting a bit of a handful at my time of life.
  11. I’ve done exactly that in the past, I cut all the overhanging stuff off the neighbours big conifer on my customers side, after he’d been begrudgingly given permission off the owner. 2 weeks later I’m threatened with court action off tree owner for unbalancing it, potentially causing it to fall on his house. This was a load of old cods of course, but I’d since found out he was some £1000 an hour QC barrister. He wanted to engage his own contractor to balance it up on his side and I was apparently duty bound to pay for the lot. I took the problem back to my customer who got out of it somehow but it gave me a few sleepless nights back then I can tell you.
  12. Diesel £1.95 in Swaffham yesterday
  13. A well sharpened 201t can cut a decent straight line, did you try that before getting the table saw Steve ?
  14. If a water hens nest was spotted when we were growing up, some of my more adventurous mates would wade or swim out and collect those lovely rich eggs to get back in the kitchen frying pans as soon as possible. Times were much harder then, and going to bed hungry actually happened.
  15. I’ve tended for work in the past, and priced to make good profits. On those works where my tender was not chosen, I went to great pains to discover what the winning bid was, as I saw similar set ups to mine, and taking roughly the same time as I estimated, and in those cases it was always way way higher . I draw my own conclusions to what was going on ,rightly or wrongly.
  16. I was called back a year after we’d grinded an aspen stump at a bungalow on a quite affluent estate. The fellows front lawn now resembled a WW1 battlefield , criss crossed with deep trenches revealing the whole system of roots left in situ , suckers the full nine yards, with some heading under his footings , others going under his grumbling neighbours fence, while more still under his kerbside wall. He seemed to me to be on the verge of complete mental collapse. All i could do was try and find a few words of encouragement and get out before he finally went round the bend.
  17. Yes a definite downturn is the topic of conversation coming in from my fellow tree firm owners locally . Not too much we can do about it, the sporadic invitations to quote that I’ve had this past few weeks have come to nothing, and I’ve noticed they’ve already been done when I’ve passed by again. Finding good workers is hard, and even harder to keep them, but I’m afraid they’re going to leave this time and we may not see them again in our rough and tumble world of tree work.
  18. Being of a certain age when most of my contemporaries have turned their toes up, the new mrs oldwoodcutter wants me to get some exercise so when not getting work in, I drive out to the forest and walk. Trouble is I have to think how far to go, so I can get back without over doing it. Also she tells me to keep to the main rideways where there are usually joggers and dog walkers. I realise it’s nothing to the young guns,but if I do 3 or 4k steps I’m glad to get back to my van.
  19. Talking of big takedowns, I think every tree firm in Norfolk has been invited to price that enormous village green rotten beech roadside in Oxborough. The pc chairman told me they’d had lots of cheap quotes but didn’t have confidence in those firms. At the last count prices coming in ranged from 4k to 24k.
  20. Today dealing with torn out top under tension dead willow


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