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  1. Just to add to the confusion - my ( bought new in 2010 ) 365 is a "special " not an "X-torq"
  2. Yes it will.It will also take the 75cc top from Huskies circular saw.
  3. I see Stihl do use a 67DL chain on some saws. So its a 67DL chain that's been extended badly with tie straps instead of a cutter.
  4. Good point - And I'll bet its not 68 drive links aswell. Looks like the old rivets were ground off and they've reused the tie straps.:thumbdown:
  5. Those rivets look like the've been closed with a hammer instead of a rivet spinner.
  6. I have been registered with TPS for years,but have had a lot of nusience calls this last month. Just gone on TPS website to report a number re Life Insurance and it appears I am no longer registered.
  7. C.J

    Chain brake problem

    If you take the clutch drum off you will see a plastic cog that drives the chain oil pump. This cog fits the same splines as the rim sprocket. Either the splines are not engaged or you have squashed the cog and its dragging on the shaft.
  8. What numbers are stamped on the chain? There should be 2 on the cutter and 6 on the drivelink.
  9. What pitch is your new chain ? 0.325" or 3/8"
  10. H=1+1/2 L=1+1/4 From operators manual.
  11. C.J

    Chain brake problem

    Or a problem with the clutch drum needle bearing.
  12. Good job I'd just swallowed me coffee - would have sprayed the monitor :lol:
  13. C.J

    Stihl Chain ID

    Top one is Picco Super(PS) the lower is PS3. The guard drive link (or what ever Stihl calls it) , effectively reduces the raker depth , around the bar tip , and is designed to reduce kick back.
  14. Missed this thread last year. As above - Husky impact bar and 10" plastic wedge works for me.
  15. Anybody made one using this principal ? Its a tyre bead breaker - you turn the big nut on top and the claws move apart. You wouldn't need the rim clamp , and the claws would need to be longer and wider - simple:thumbup1:
  16. They taste very good - slowly grown on rough grass and heather.
  17. Yes you can go 13" or 15" as fitted to the MS261. MS290 was 3/8" but MS291 is now 0.325" pitch original cutting equipment.
  18. Do you mean Picco Super ? I like to put a tank of fuel through any saw that I've fixed, must have put 20 or more through this one.
  19. Hows about an Oregon 1/4" 9 tooth rim and Stihl RMS chain.
  20. Well I'll agree with you Better power to weight than a MS240 or 242xp First impression was how smooth it cut compared to my Husky on 73LP:001_rolleyes: Don't know how long they lasted in commercial use. Lately I've been using a MS170 for hedge "slaying" that I repaired for a mate. It's so light - sharp chain and a slight muffler mod its my weapon of choice for 4" and under.I'm reluctant to give it back now.


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