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  1. Stihl PS - picco super.3/8 lo pro full chisel
  2. Draft is used for ploughing etc. Position controls the movement of the lower link arms ie raise the quadrant lever a bit and the arms raise a bit .push the quadrant lever right down and the arms go right down. If the lower links do not move proportionatly with the quadrant lever then you are in draft.
  3. C.J


    Asulox. Used to be licensed for docks as it was clover safe.
  4. 2007-05 (May) is the first operators manual for the 50 cc 346xp I only looked at March and October last night.
  5. According to operators manuals - Early 346xp was 42.0 mm bore ,32.5 mm stroke and 45.0 cc displacement. Late 346xp was 44.3mm bore,32.5mm stroke and 50.1 cc displacement. Changed towards the end of 2007.
  6. The older 346xp's were 45.0 cc and the newer ones were 50.1 cc.
  7. Any chance of a video Beau ? Sounds ideal for electric fenced hedges.
  8. Are you referring to the tool less quick tensioner on the MS 261 C-BM ? The MS 261 C-M is available with the normal 2 nut cover.
  9. I've fitted rings and a liquid gasket to my FS66 tonight and just put a tank through. Rings from DLA in Greece ,ordered on Monday and arrived today.
  10. Had my FS66 apart today. Only 2 bolts holding pot to crank and they soon get loose.
  11. C.J

    Chain grabbing

    For the Attention of Stubby and Spud - 21BP is semi chisel
  12. C.J

    rancher chain

    Not suitable. 91 is 3/8 lo pro pitch and 95 is 0.325" pitch. I am very surprised that your Rancher is on a 91 type chain.
  13. I've been thinking some more. If what you think is happening , (with the bare wire and the water in the pipe) ,it should not be a problem , because the current would return to ground in the same way as an animal getting a shock. But if your energiser was poorly earthed (fence earth) and the mains earth was more efficient,the current from the fence would not return via the energiser and the RCD would see an imbalance and trip. How have you connected the earth terminal on the output side of the energiser ?
  14. I would investigate the mains side of the energiser not the high voltage output.
  15. Will that aluminium flange pull off to give you better access ? What caused the bolt to break ?
  16. I wonder if CNH have changed the lay out of the couplers so that the bottom 2 are one slice and the top 2 are another slice. Try connecting a single acting ram ,like a tipping trailer, to each coupling in turn and see what happens.
  17. C.J

    Dolmar PS 420

    Can you double check that ? There are 2 options in my 116 manual - 099 and 084 099 is 3/8" pitch and 0.058" gauge and is identicle to Oregon 73LP. 084 is listed as 0.325" and 0.058" so could be 21LP:confused1:
  18. http://www.lsengineers.co.uk/garden-forestry-equipment/stihl-hedge-trimmer-spares.html
  19. C.J

    Dolmar PS 420

    You can get Stihl RS in 0. 325 x 0.050 and it will run on narrow kerf bars. You will need to check clearance between the chain guide plates on the oil feed and the clutch cover.
  20. C.J

    Dolmar PS 420

    Dolmar 484 is 0.325"pitch and 0.050" gauge so its either equivalent to Oregon 95vpx or 20bpx.However with rakers it must be 95vpx narrow kerf. T.C.D your bar would be 325 x .058
  21. C.J

    Dolmar PS 420

    95vpx - same as Husqvarna H30 (pixel) chain. The raker bulges foward to allow a shallower slope on the "ramp".
  22. They are not asking you find the value of n,but are asking you to ,write an equation for the probability , that can be simplified to the equation given. 30 years ago I would have simply replaced 5/9 with 5/n-1 and solved it. I guess its harder once you've worked out the answer.
  23. n does indeed work out to be 10 so the odds of first sweet being orange is 6/10 and the odds of the second being orange is 5/9 therefore the odds of the first 2 being orange is 6/10 times 5/9 which is 30/90 or 1/3. Buggered if I can work out how they arrived at " n squared - n -90=0 "


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