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  1. Ever wondered how fuel gets to the carburettor with out a fuel pump ? When the piston goes down it creates pressure in the crankcase which should be airtight . This impulse is fed to the carburettor via an impulse line(small rubber hose) or a second small chamber inside the inlet manifold rubber boot . The impulse moves the diaphragm (inside the carburettor) up and down which pumps the fuel.
  2. Its 2 stroke but it isn't 4 mix:thumbup:
  3. I've had a look at the beaver spec and flow is only 20 litres/min. With a typical 12 tonne splitter I'm guessing a cycle time of 15-20 seconds. Its going to be a bit slow.
  4. You are confusing your Gulf stream with the Jet stream. The Gulf stream is a warm water current that flows from Florida to Iceland. The Jet stream is a fast air current that brings us storms across the Atlantic.
  5. Tractor hydraulics vary between 175 and 210 Bar. 125 Bar would reduce your 12 tonnes down to about 7
  6. C.J

    Saw sick

    Check that you have fitted the correct new chain.
  7. 875 loader is more likely to have 3 cylinder sub frame/brackets. Also a massey 550 tractor should have the same bolt spacings.
  8. You don't see many 360's about so you are unlikely to see a loader advertised to fit one. I think the more popular 240 would have the same hole spacings and would use the same sub frame. I believe the MF80 loader was available with a 3 cylinder sub frame.
  9. Amps up going down. Amps down going up.
  10. Good job I didn't offer any advice then. These days I just lay it flat with the telehandler. Back to the O.P, up or down ?
  11. I wouldn't want to take any advice off anyone that didn't know that 6013 is a mild steel "stick " electrode.
  12. 43.77 with 5% VAT Mitchell & Webber(01752 845660) might be more competitive for you ,nearer Plymouth.
  13. Watsons 41.69 for 900 today,Mole valley were 44 ish
  14. Or Taylor Ag - Bomford and McConnell
  15. C.J


    I've also heard they don't use the same nest twice. Don't leave the light on ,when you go out , if you have glass in your door, or they'll come in with you I think I read its the redundant drones that come to the window this time of year so may not be able to sting.
  16. 2000kg payload to 4 meters. There is a PDF online,search for Trima professional and it's on C-F-S website.
  17. C.J

    Corbyn Elected

    And also Vice president of the league against cruel sports. There must be millions of Labour supporters , that eat meat,shoot or fish , and won't want her in charge of DEFRA.:confused1:
  18. What are the blade lengths for the Hibiki ? and how many teeth per inch ?
  19. So you bought a MS181 - standard bar & chain ? or did you go for the 1/4" rollamatic mini ?
  20. Surely the 365 is £450 + VAT = £540 Are you VAT registered ?


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