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  1. Yes it was older threads I was reading, thanks
  2. Im not sure, I have read both. Some of the carbs are different I have also read.
  3. As above, would it work? I have a 2013 365 xtorq
  4. been let down Very last min but after a climber for tomorrow (Thursday) and Friday this week. 3 big take downs in Felixstowe PM if interested
  5. That sounds like a good method. Im not one for sharpening them either, it just so happened my local hire shop offered to do them for £2 a tooth, still, even with a good tickle up they are no where near the performance of a new tooth. Box of 50 seems to be the way to go.
  6. sp4012 Has 8 cutters, more of a squashed 50p shape.
  7. Ah thats a different layout, with that id change all the teeth.
  8. Is your a 4 tooth square wheel? Mine a little different as has about 8 in total ( maybe 10) and is more of an oval shape
  9. I might try a pair of Rhinos next time. Do you ever change the non leading / inner teeth then? Im thinking of leaving mine completely and simply changing the 2 important ones. Be great to see a side on slow mo vid of this head in action
  10. New grinder came with multi tip teeth, I like them but want to fine tune the use of them. I understand that the 2 leading edges do the work, and these two need to be sharp. What about the others? I did a test and removed all of my teeth and had a local shop grind them good, as best as they could. Seemed to be no difference in cutting performance. So do the non leading edges really just clear the waste? is it even worth having these made sharp or just leave them clearing until theres no metal left on them? Its great being able to change just 2 leading teeth in 3 mins and have a seemingly new machine but not sure how to get best value from this system. Input please
  11. Chip can be taken to Material Change in Needham Market, Its free to dump it. Green waste can also be left but is charged at £30 per load ( that includes logs ). Recycling Sites
  12. https://www.gumtree.com/p/plant-tractors/timberwolf-150-fully-refurbished-woodchipper-chipper-stumpgrinder-/1219186582 07999358671 13 Turnberry Grove, Hartlepool TS27 3PX, UK
  13. In brief, Lady has a cherry tree in very close proximity to a wall, wall and tree both around 25 years old. Wall now has significant lean. I wont bore with the other details but a report is needed as to the fact the tree is effecting the wall and a plan of action to remedy. Structural engineers tell her to get a "tree person" to create the report but a remedy pan is also required (engineering background needed!) Any advice that i can pass on?


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