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  1. A couple of years back I was out shopping with this hot German student. We were going round some clothes shops and I was getting more and more "excited" as I saw her try different clothes on. Eventually we went to Boux Avenue to buy her some undies. I was trying to think of anything but how good she looked and I was doing my best to pull my jacket down to cover the growing "torch" in my chino pocket. I suddenly felt something wet in my pants and I looked down to see a big dark/ wet patch in my light coloured chinos. I had to go to the bathroom to clean myself up. It could have been worse, for a while I thought I had pissed myself.
  2. Dianne Abbot must have some compromising photos of Jeremy Corbyn or something. I wouldn't trust her to do the shopping at Tesco never mind run a country.
  3. matelot

    Toll roads

    The Government should really bring in road pricing for all roads. That way someone wanting to drive during busy periods will pay more. When you actually think about it the cost of road congestion is horrendous. We've all been stuck in traffic and wasted an hour or so. What's an hour of time worth for an arb firm with three guys stuck in a transit with a chipper behind? It must be worth £50? Bring in road pricing and see congestion dwindle.
  4. matelot

    Tesla Powerwall

    Plenty other shares should benefit if we go to electric cars... SSE and National Grid look cheap to me....
  5. matelot

    Tesla Powerwall

    People buy stuff all the time that doesn't make economic sense. People spend £10k on a Rolex which is less accurate than a £10 Quartz watch... If the OP wants to spend £5k on a power wall I say good luck to him. It's more useful than a Rolex... Yeah, technology doesn't improve over time. When you look at a 1980s mobile phone it's hardly any different to a modern phone. Back in the day a phone like this was £5k....
  6. matelot

    Tesla Powerwall

    I read online that these power walls cost £5k. I don't really see how they can add up economically. £5k for me would be about 8 years of electricity... Interesting technology though
  7. It sounds like Kevin and Eggs have got a bromance on!
  8. matelot

    Tesla Powerwall

    Cool! have you thought about an electric car and heat pump as well?
  9. To the best of my knowledge, the only other case in history of a dog owner being taken to court for teaching to his dog to give a Nazi salute was prosecuted by the Nazi party.... So on one hand the Nazis considered a saluting dog an insult and on the other hand a Scottish court consider a saluting dog an insult to Jews. I watched the video and never sensed any anti semitism.... He's a YouTube comedian, I didn't think it was particularly funny but it certainly wasn't worthy of prosecution. I think people will have to watch the video themselves to see if they are offended.
  10. Count Dankula was fined £800 for teaching his girlfriends dog to give a Hitler salute.... There's a donation page for him.... I donated £50..... He's collected £38k in 6 hours.... https://www.gofundme.com/fund-the-count-dankula-appeal
  11. I've got a modern reprint of "Sylva". I also have an 1836 edition of Monteath's "The Forester's Guide and Profitable Planter".
  12. So how does that work in practice then? You give them a questionnaire to fill in so they can "prove" they won't turn into psychopaths when they get to the UK? It would seem reasonable that stopping immigration of the demographic behind terrorism will reduce terrorism.... You were saying in the quote above that immigrants wouldn't develop a "medieval mindset"? Now you're saying people can get radicalised over the Internet? Which is it? Will they develop a "European" outlook or will they drive a truck into a crowd after watching some YouTube videos? Terrorist deaths are the tip of the iceberg... Below that you have hundreds injured in terrorist attacks, thousands traumatised by terrorist attacks, thousands of girls "groomed", billions of pounds given to migrants. Anyway, you were saying the main benefit of immigration is for the immigrants themselves! Now you're saying the benefit is for the British because some immigrants work in the NHS! A fool can see for each immigrant doctor we get we also get a couple of hundred unskilled migrants that have nothing to offer. It's not a complicated issue. We should stop listening to the people that put us in this mess and listen to the people that have been warning us about immigration.
  13. Places like Africa kicked the white man out because they wanted to run their own countries. Since we were kicked out Africa has went downhill IMHO. They wanted their independence and we shouldn't feel guilty they can't run modern succesful countries. Expecting Europeans to sacrifice some wealth to improve the life's of brown immigrants is one thing. However we can watch the news and see we're being expected to sacrifice more than money. Sorry, if having kids blown up at a music concert is the price we have to pay for multiculturalism it's a price I'm not willing to pay. All this sacrifice might be more acceptable if immigrants showed a little bit more gratitude for being here. However the message we repeatedly hear from immigrant groups is that white people are so racist and white people are so evil. I think civil war is coming to Europe and I think it's people like you that caused it by wanting immigrants with medieval mindsets in Europe.
  14. That's good to know. If there is only one single human race does that mean people will stop banging on about how racist white people are? Imho, when people or societies ignore the truth they make bad decisions.


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