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  1. Chatting to a guy in the know. He Reckons that the new version of the 201t with the updated Mtronic will out perform the 200 and the 020 after having them all side by side
  2. Did you get hold of him?
  3. There was a family run company at the last AA show which made cardboard ones which looked brilliant. I forget the name
  4. Loads of people don't like me and I can confirm that, as yet, no-one has left me a digger so you could be onto something!
  5. I watched the video. Struggle to believe that its real to be honest. It amazes me how much effort people will go to in the pursuit of likes and views from strangers.
  6. Tommy_B


    2 bee keepers are having a chat. First one says "How many bees do you have?" His mate replies, "10,000 in 20 hives. How about you?" The other guy says "About a Million" "How many hives is that in?" "Just the one hive" So his mate is a bit shocked by this "Really? You've only got one hive" to which his mate replies "Yeah, F**k em, they're only bees"
  7. My brother showed me this today. Great song but sad.
  8. I hate all the wires and all that. I think it's a waste as well having in there and not using it tbh. Sat Nav works but a few of the newer roads etc not on it.
  9. Has anyone here updated the Sat Nav using the DVD in their Navara? If so, can you point me in the right direction on where to get the up-to-date DVD. Thanks (63 plate Tekna)
  10. You're welcome. Here you go Find an apprenticeship - GOV.UK WWW.GOV.UK Register your profile, search vacancies and apply for an apprenticeship - you must be 16 or over
  11. That makes more sense. I would suggest you look on the apprenticeship website and also have a look at local companies and give them a ring, or even better, go in and see them. IME there are lots of employers that would be willing to take an apprentice that just haven't advertised on that website. Remember that they will also be able to claim some money back for having you as an apprentice but you will have to take an End Point assessment as well as achieving all of the additional qualifications to be able to claim the full qualification. Best of luck
  12. I work on the idea that if you can't tie your own shoelaces, you shouldn't really be allowed near a chainsaw.... I don't think they're for me. I wonder how much they'll be
  13. How have you secured a place at a college without an employer?


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