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  1. Tommy_B

    Rope for zigzag

    Same construction as Tachyon
  2. Hedge is gone now, not much point going on about it anymore. Serious question, I'm making the assumptionthat you think a lot of your wife?
  3. Tommy_B

    Go on then, What was your best Present??

    Let's resurrect this one! Cardigan and slippers this year. Not sure if that's bad or not but it's even worse that I'm happy with it! Best present was watching the girls open al of their presents though. Have a lovely day Arbtalk, Merry Christmas!!
  4. Tommy_B

    Rigging assessment.

    You can download the assessment scheme from NPTC website. I did the same when I did mine. Make sure you know the equation for calculating loads.
  5. Tommy_B

    Favourite Christmas song.

    Twice? You nutter
  6. Tommy_B

    Favourite Christmas song.

    There isn't a single one of them that I couldn't disappoint
  7. Tommy_B

    Estimated quantity of logs from tree sugury

    Point 1. Why would you work at all of not for a living? Point 2. 100% I'd do that for a million. I'm pretty sure I could fly Reg and Graeme McMahon over for 10k each and have a lovely couple of days. I'll give you a shout to come and put the grass right when we're done. (Only if you're in the right price band though)
  8. Tommy_B

    Estimated quantity of logs from tree sugury

    Haha. You price jobs by the square metre! Let's not throw insults eh?
  9. Tommy_B

    Estimated quantity of logs from tree sugury

    Wrong. The lowest I'm willing to work for and what the job is worth are two totally different things. I'm capable to raking up leaves perfectly but you wouldn't pay me to do it. I wouldn't expect Rich Rule to work for 20 quid because it's only a little Apple tree. Everyone has their price, if the customer accepts one of a grand, it doesn't matter what you think about price bands really does it?
  10. Tommy_B

    Estimated quantity of logs from tree sugury

    It's not ripping someone off if they agree. Pricing things you don't want to get is more polite than saying you don't want to do the job.
  11. Tommy_B

    Estimated quantity of logs from tree sugury

    I'd put a grand on that job if I didn't want to get it then chuck everything through the chipper in a sulk. Home via the Bakers for a sausage roll and a coffee and asleep on the sofa by 3.
  12. Tommy_B

    Facebook video. Graphic accident

    I don't know what the situation was or anything else but looking at the video, I can't see why he didn't climb higher and just take it apart and take 30 minutes more.
  13. This was posted on a Facebook thread. Deserving of reposting here VID-20181212-WA0000.mp4
  14. Tommy_B

    Favourite Christmas song.

    Shakin Stevens, "Merry Christmas Everyone" from the old stock. Don't know why, just always makes me think of being a kid and listening to the same Christmas CD in my Dad's car every year. Good times. Also like Sia's "Santas coming for us". My little girls love it so makes me think of Christmas with them


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