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  1. Tommy_B

    New ART rope guide - twin line.

    Mine just got stolen. Very unimpressed.
  2. Tommy_B

    Climbing helmets

    Erm... I've got a Husky forestry helmet for being on the floor and a Stein with chipper muffs for climbing. (I don't like noise) ....and a Stein one for Rec climbing when I don't need any ear defenders ..... and just got a Protos and a Sena as well.
  3. I know a few who I'd be very confident in. I also know some I'd not be confident in being able to tie the 3 knot system
  4. As long as they are safe and can tie a 3 knot system and the assessor was well versed in SRT to make a decision on if they're safe and competent I can't see why they'd fail. Without getting into CE nonsense!
  5. Tommy_B

    TW125 stolen in Kent

    Gutted for you mate.
  6. Tommy_B

    Climbing under supervision

    I would say that common sense should prevail. If there is a climber in the tree with another climber up there all kitted up, then I'd say that would be fine. It would very much depend on the climber though.
  7. I often wonder how much easier it would be to just teach someone straight off the bat using SRT as they wouldn't need to 'unlearn' all of the Double rope techniques.
  8. Tommy_B

    Climbing helmets

    They have different impact ratings I believe. You also need to make sure that the chin strap is always done up.
  9. Tommy_B

    Wire core ring to ring

    I remember watching a video with Ken Palmer and Rip Tompkins about 20 years ago. It was amazingly cheesy. Great he's still about. That flipline looks cool
  10. Tommy_B

    what's up with swearing?

    Or just a bunch of tossers.....
  11. Tommy_B

    The BIG C .

    Only just seen this thread. Really sorry to hear about your wife mate. Hope all is as good as it can be now. I genuinely used to think about how you were getting on a lot. I remember you saying that you had been diagnosed and wondered how you were doing.
  12. Normally with the same amount of crying and a couple of blisters
  13. As Steve said, a foot ascender will work DdRT but it just won't be as efficient due to the mechanical advantage
  14. Tommy_B

    what's up with swearing?

    It wasn't hard to understand then, it isn't hard to understand now. I blame Brexit
  15. Tommy_B

    Favourite Picture of you Climbing.

    Bump. What other photos do we have?


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