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  1. Spend a day carrying log rounds down alleyways and onto trucks and shovelling bins of sawdust out of gardens in summer and you'll soon see why 2k is being requested. Even better, offer to help when they do the work and you'll take £100 quid off the price and you can find out
  2. What's going on with the cut in the foreground?
  3. Your best bet is seeing if someone in Oz would send you a pair
  4. They're lovely aren't they
  5. My mate gave them to me. Im sure you could get them from Treestuff though
  6. I'm in mate. I'll be the chubby one with tattoos that pretends hes in his 20s when he's clearly nearly 40
  7. Clogger Zeros Best trousers I've ever had.
  8. Thats brilliant. I'd rather look at that than a fence
  9. Good to see you again. Tim. Hope you're well
  10. Tommy_B


    This is brilliant jrnR8aQ.mp4
  11. I do similar. I know to stay out of COVID or politics threads as thats where the biggest whoppers tend to congregate. Its a problem when threads get taken over and its just completely irrelevant ramblings on every thread. It gets old quickly
  12. Completely oblivious to it as well. Maybe time for a clean out
  13. Shame really as the vast majority of members on here are spot on. Its just the few strokers who appear in every thread and chat absolute rubbish. I think Lockdown has effected more than one or two and tensions are getting a bit frayed.


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