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  1. Nice. Dane is a top bloke! What are you doing there? Working?
  2. Emma was great, (not too sure about the David bloke though😉)
  3. Genuinely great. Would probably help to have some knowledge but you'll still learn something regardless of background. I really enjoyed it
  4. Tommy_B


    Cyanide and Happiness are very funny and worth a look. Some of their stuff is near the line!
  5. I don't mind the dragging but I think I'd want more money if I have to take anything. I see why Joe enjoys working there now.
  6. Tommy_B

    Felix RIP

    Really sad news. Never met him but from everyone's comments, he was clearly a good bloke
  7. Tommy_B

    357XP advice

    If you post it, that only takes 30 minutes out your day then you'll get given loads of other jobs to do. Tell Lizzie that you have to hand it over face to face for security reasons and you might be home by 8pm. Job done. We can sit and eat cakes in the garden
  8. Tommy_B

    357XP advice

    @Joe NewtonGive me a visit if you're popping down!
  9. In all these years I've never watched that one. I'd only seen Day 2. Great video
  10. Probably time for it to come in to see you!
  11. Hi @spudulike, Husky 560 xpg, using it today and the top cover was incredibly hot, felt as hot as the heated handles do when on, had a look up the tree but couldn't see anything. Is this a common one?
  12. How far did you have to travel mate? I'd bill for travel but not full whack
  13. Final established height, rooting depth, potential sail area, susceptibility to pests and disorders, existing planting and light/moisture availablility on site and maintenance cycles once established will give you enough to start with I would say!!
  14. This is my last post on here, you all wear Chainsaw trousers and a helmet on the off chance that you might get bitten by a chainsaw, or a branch might fall from above you. You hope it won't happen but still you wear them, because experience has shown you that its possible. Similar reasons you wear seat-belts, no-one plans on having a car accident. Wearing a mask is no different.


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If you would like to contribute to making this industry more effective and safe then welcome.
Just like a living tree, it'll always be a work in progress.
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