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  1. The Guilty of Treeson chap has a very good video about porting a 200t on YouTube for anyone interested
  2. Tommy_B


    One is 20 and the other is twenty too
  3. Tommy_B


    Very good! I like that! One is 20 and the other is 22
  4. What's the rope? All splices theoretically can pull out although in practice, it's only really straight buries on Hollow braid which are likely or rigging lines that have a loose cover, which is why they are lock stitched
  5. I'd be well happy with that in fairness
  6. Turns out I'm at the age where I'm over the moon getting a Barbeque cover and Cardigan. Have a good day Arbtalk
  7. "Stop driver and ask for details"
  8. Lots on Instagram. There is The Splice Witch who has done quite a few videos about it
  9. Haven't read that article. Ill give it a look. You could well be right, I only heard about the spring issue
  10. That was the issue Rich. They have a potential to not engage at all because the internal spring wears away at the case
  11. You still climbing Ian or just machinery these days?
  12. Fancied trying this. Was decent. Homemade KFC nuggets. The girls inhaled them😄
  13. Yes it can. Unless we're talking about different knots in which case I apologise. A sliding double fisherman's knot has the 2 opposing knots in "the middle" and 2 loops on either side so it looks like a bow tie. If the carabiner is clipped into the opposite side, it can pull through. The reason I know this, is from teaching students to climb and watching someone tie this very knot and then having to demonstrate to them what can go wrong.


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