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  1. Haha. I agree actually. I'd prefer a book. But I'd also be sensible. Electronic copies don't annoy me as much as spending an extra 180 quid on the same thing!! I'm also a bit precious about books and don't like the idea of drawing of writing in them. With an iPad you can do all that quite happily. Horses for courses though!
  2. Tommy_B


    "Hi, I'm worried that people other than my wife won't know that I have an incredibly small penis, do you have anything for sale to really get the message out there?" We have just the thing sir
  3. I know! They're going for daft money on eBay and Amazon. I got mine from Nod years ago. It was 50 quid and there were very few in the country so I had to pay that (and was happy to as it's a great book) Since then, it's been digitised and for 20 quid you can get it. No disrespect for the OP, I hope he does well, and I'm sure he will, but paying 3 figures for a book you can buy for 20 is the sign of a lunatic!
  4. You can buy it for 20 quid. If it goes for more than 30, someone has been had
  5. You'd be amazed!! I worked with lads that would never have a pack up and would insist on stopping every morning. Remember that you won't be the one trying to find parking for the truck and the chipper on the high street at rush hour!
  6. Very very simple one that is overlooked a lot, Bring food and water so you don't have to stop all the time
  7. Learn a Marlin spike and learn how to sharpen a saw. There is never nothing to do. The best guy I work with has an unnatural love affair with a rake. Be the same, reach for it whenever there is a lull in the job. Just asking how to be useful will separate you from most. If you actually have raked, moved, cleaned, sharpened everything possible, take photos of the climber. Try to make them look as cool as possible for extra brownie points. Won't be hard, climbers are naturally cooler than most people, just try not to make direct eye contact with them.
  8. Hes driven all that way though
  9. Every tree is a potential death trap. They're organic and can fail. Doesn't mean they all need to come down.
  10. Can I have a bit more information about the taproot please?
  11. I've not lost anyone to Somalian Pirates, doesn't mean I'm going to hop in a dingy and chance my arm
  12. Tommy_B


    Bump!! I got a little kit and a book from the wife for Christmas so have knocking some up while in lockdown. Quite getting into it. Been using Smoked Salmon in the fridge from Christmas and using anything and everything really. Decent for a lunch and you can spend about an hour making enough for 3 days lunch. Can't be bad. A few of them have come out looking like twiglets but other than that, we're flying!!
  13. Each to their own mate. You can clearly use a saw, didnt want less experienced people to think that was the text book way.
  14. Welcome to the forum With the dead tree video, if the tree is hung up, it's safer to roll it out in one piece instead of cutting bits off the bottom.


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