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  1. Has anyone else found that the chin strap doesn't sit particularly well for them? I've had the Kask Plasma for years and would have the chin strap fairly loose, I can't seem to get the Protos anywhere near.
  2. What do you mean secondary friction device? On a main line?
  3. Class 1 Double braid for that @naturarbo Like @Mark Bolam said, they dont make it bigger than 10mm so if iits 12mm, it might be used? If it is, I'd probably give it a miss if you're new to splicing
  4. Hi Tommy

    this arb crew guided me to you for some help with best splice method for Ocean Polyester.

    Cheers and beers


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    2. naturarbo


      dont wind me up(hope this is correct english)

    3. naturarbo


      lookin at some tree stuff right now


    4. Tommy_B


      I wasnt joking, I was being serious

  5. Great question. I'll follow this with interest.
  6. Tommy_B


    I was hungry ok, leave me alone.
  7. A wire fid would be best. Tube fid or push fids will be a nightmare in 8mm
  8. I put my broken L200 on Facebook marketplace and got a phonecall within 3 minutes. Bloke was Romanian, turned up the next day with Cash. Claimed to be a car dealer. Tried to tell me that the engine had gone and money should be deducted. I explained that was the reason it was advertised as Spares or repair. I'll keep an eye out on the 10 O clock news for it. Make a nice change for it not to be on Rouge Traders.
  9. Yeah mate. I think it was the lanyard one earlier in the thread that looked a bit short imo
  10. I find that the best place to put whipping twine is about 3 or 4 inches down the rope one you've tucked it back into itself!! 😉 In seriousness though, as long as you are monitoring the knot and making sure that it has a good tail on it, whatever you choose to do should be fine.
  11. You would need to provide a camper van as well please
  12. I wonder why we can't get decent people. Maybe because we can't last 6 pages before decending into the same tired crap as usual. I would want more that 200 to sit in a van with you lot!


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