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  1. Tommy_B

    Help splicing 2 ropes together

    Hi mate. I'm all good thanks. Hope you're keeping well. I would say the lads at Treekit or Nod would be the best to ask. I've not heard of anything coming up
  2. Tommy_B

    Help splicing 2 ropes together

    That looks like an eye splice that has just been cut off. Sorry if I'm missing something though. What is the application?
  3. The chap is based in America. Tickets won't come into it.
  4. Please don't follow anything 'Human' posts on Youtube. He hasn't got a clue and shouldn't be making videos. It baffles me why he has such a following on social media. Just out of interest, why are you changing careers?
  5. Tommy_B

    Football eh, bloody hell!

    Sad that Ajax team will get ripped up. It was only thier age that stopped them getting to the final. Fair play to Spurs though. Great lesson to youngsters to never give up
  6. Tommy_B

    Some Tree Surgeons Suck.........

    Oh, and while we're at it. I'll give the Arb show a ring and see if all the Rambo, Bruce Lee whoppers can have a spot in the show ring for the handbags and wrestling match. The state of some of the replies on here!!
  7. Tommy_B

    Some Tree Surgeons Suck.........

    If I am given a job sheet with "Reduce conifer hedge" written on it. Only the conifer are getting cut. That is the simple point. Its like going into McDonalds, ordering a burger and crying like a little girl that you haven't been given chips and a drink.
  8. Tommy_B

    Non paying customer

    Some absolute Rambo style whoppers on here isn't there? Forestboy, have they paid yet mate?
  9. Tommy_B

    Notre Dame cathedral...

    The part that I disagree with are the various band wagon sort that are using the fire to get likes online and to almost score points on the latest tragedy. All over Instagram
  10. Tommy_B

    Notre Dame cathedral...

    Vesp, you really are a twat aren't you. So if you went out shopping and came home and found that your wife and kids and the rest of your family had been murdered, you go "thank Goodness I still have my house and my shed". Shut up you weapon grade stroker.
  11. Tommy_B

    Notre Dame cathedral...

    I think it's terribly sad. Think of all that stained glass and old pews that have gone. Much sadder and more deserving of all this crying than Grenfell. That only had people in it and no stained glass
  12. Tommy_B


    How much are the secateur pouches mate?
  13. Tommy_B

    Post your stump grinding photos

    Just seen this. Woolpower stuff is ace mate. How did you find the cotton ones you ordered?
  14. Tommy_B

    Lanyard Help?

    Stihlmadd does similar with the rings
  15. DMM rubber one https://dmmprofessional.com/Products/Accessories-Non-PPE/Grommet


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