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  1. Tommy_B


    I'm going to need help with this one please
  2. I use a wire find from Treeworker. It's lasted years
  3. If you've not done much, 16 strand is a good enough place to start. Samson have some great instructions to follow. Have you got a fid etc? The only issue with the US directions are that a lot of them use push fits so you have to reverse the insert exit points. If you send me a PM with your email address I will send you some videos if you want
  4. Hello Mike. How did you get on? Sorry I didn't reply earlier when I was tagged. I must have missed it for some reason. Fire away with any questions
  5. Mark the eye in the middle of the rope. 8 or 9 cm works nicely with no core. From the core end, count down 5 pairs of strands and remove a pair, count down 5 more pairs then remove another pair. Do this so you have removed 10 individual pairs in total. Cut them off near the point they exit. Then feed your fid about half way down the rope and exit in between strands. Tuck the last 5cm in the find and pull it through the inside of the rope. Job done. Where are you based? I can make you one and send it out if you have trouble
  6. Did a conifer hedge removal where we checked the stems, looked up into it (as much as possible) thought it was ok. Went to do it and cut the first ones out and found the previous reductions were laying in the middle. Pretty much doubled the volume and could have cried chipping up loads of dead, black wet conifer. Grim
  7. Looks interesting. @Joe Newton this will be worth logging into mate👍
  8. Tommy_B


    If life gives you Melons, maybe you're dyslexic
  9. I agree Mark. My reductions have come on leaps and bounds since I got mine
  10. Are you a long way from Bicton college? I know they have done apprenticeships. Your best bet would be finding a company who is willing to take you on as an apprentice and then seeing where they would want you to train. I would imagine that your aerial background would stand you in better stead than most. Good luck
  11. What sort of information do you provide for thousands @Retired Climber?
  12. Good to see you back on here Jamie. Question for the floor. "Is using a Zigzag connected to another Zigzag acceptable as you will be on one place of attachment to the harness?"
  13. Tommy_B


    Really? That necessary?


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