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  1. Just step in every one you can find then ask to go inside for the loo. Grind it into their carpets for good measure
  2. I've got some very small snips that I think are for Bonsai. They're brilliant though. Have also use the secateurs and they're the same.
  3. Cheers mate, Just had a look. Pre order for delivery in end of November. I saw somewhere someone posted about a company who was importing them. Can't find it on Instagram now though
  4. Not yet but its about to be CE marked apparently. My Zigzag plus and Zillion are both within the effected serial numbers, they are replacements from some which have cracked and were sent back. Not sure that I have much faith in having them replaced. How are they working out the refunds?
  5. Refund and Roperunner Pro time🤞
  6. Hiya. Thanks for the promt @Mark Bolam T rex can be spliced with a biro or a bent coat hanger as stated but a Selma fid would work well too. The trick is tapering the ends to a kind of bullet and taping it really well. You can get any sail makers needles from ebay or a local chandlers. Most important thing to go with them is a sail makers palm and a pair of flat pliers for pulling the needle through. Most whipping twine is fine although if you're splicing big fat hollow braids, you could probably get away with using throwline There are some pictures and a thread here
  7. I'd also accept "Ships and Shits corner" if needed
  8. If my phone was listening to what I'm saying there would be loads of videos which followed the theme of "STOP BANGING" and I can assure you, all of the videos on my phone are pretty much the polar opposite
  9. If you believe this then having a tracking device is probably a necessity as you shouldn't be allowed outside without some kind of assistance.
  10. A refreshing change where a sensible question gets sensible answers. Not used to this! I'd echo what has been said, 261 or a 550. Nothing worse than someone showing up with a 661!
  11. Yeah. Love mine. Nothing comes close for me


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