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  1. Hi all, A friend of mine's company is after two climbers and two groundies for 15-20 days work at Whitley,Hampshire. This can be individual subbies or a whole crew from your company. Must have CSCS cards. All equipment will be on site so only your climbing gear and PPE will be required. They are hoping to start work on the 13/10/2014 and the postcode is M27 J9. If you have any questions or are interested then please contact Dave Parkin on 07976755161.
  2. One/two experienced climbers required for an dismantling/felling job in the Newbury area. The post code is RG20 OJE. The job will be from the 5th-9th of August. For more details and to discuss rates of pay call Dave Parkin on: 07976755161
  3. Yeah was good to see you again mate,great laugh as always. Hope you kept reminding Ross how about his ultimate measuring skills on the way home!? Haha. You going to the APF? Hopefully get another drink there.
  4. That's a mighty fine rope you've got there mate. Bet it's got an awesome splice in it!? Haha
  5. As already been said. Cut the old eye off and splice the opposite end of the rope. Hopefully the fibres should still be nice to work with and johns delicate hands should remain blister free!? Haha.
  6. Very nice work mick. As Carl says not the easiest rope to start with either. Be careful though mick it gets quite addictive!!!!
  7. Multiplayer is pretty awesome this time round. No sniper tastic maps like mw3 or connection issues like black ops 1. Glad to see the dogs are back but not unlocked until level 50! They are pretty awesome though,even more savage than black ops1!! If anyone's interested my gamer tags ms650_MYESS I'm on ps3. Only play ground war though cos I love the chaos of loads of frags and kill streaks going off! Haha.
  8. On the whole it's a pretty good cod. I'd say they've just about got the balance right on this one. You can deffinatly see wher activision have been involved and where treyarch have. The maps and guns are awesome. It's a pretty fast paced cod too compared to some of the others and you've got to be deadly accurate or your fecked!
  9. Very nice that flower. You were obviously taught well? Haha. Make sure the XTC isn't too used otherwise the swearing will return! Haha.
  10. I actually had to do that about a fortnight ago! Although it was 20% and only one side over hanging a garage. Was a fun couple of hours! Haha. As what would I miss ? At the minute,nothing at all.
  11. Lookin good John. Nice stuff to splice isn't it? Lovely and soft.


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