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  1. My Mrs had one kid in school yesterday. We have got highway safety work, so going in.
  2. I need to insure my chipper but am no longer a company, I have tried JBC insurance but they can't provide cover for a non company, any ideas?
  3. May actually encourage them to turn them off occasionally.
  4. Hindsight is a wonderful thing with regard to misleading information. Big smiley face.
  5. It's not an interesting point though is it? Banal is the word you're looking for.
  6. I'd fogotten how many fucking idiots there are in this industry. Legislation kills common sense.
  7. Including custom Pulley saver, you won't see many of these.
  8. It could have invisible whipping, ie hidden under the cover braids but that would be unusual, although I think Shizll do this, as whipping distortion is a good indicator of high loading.
  9. Do you have a picture of the whipping. Sirus is very easy to pull out if not stitched properly, low repeated loads like you have been doing will cause slippage. This is the third sling I've seen online like this. It's better to have a slightly loose eye and whipping/stitching when splicing rings, not enough for the ring to fall out obviously. Call HB, they should replace.
  10. Although, new Tachyon can be a struggle to splice it's not the case with this method.
  11. Haha, do not try with old rope.
  12. Yes mate both, spLIFE is a cool program it seems, a company prepared to help rather than hinder.
  13. I would say the whipping/stitching would be vital for this splice.
  14. 22/23kn I've seen online so far.
  15. Yes that's correct mate, very easy splice, eye taper very close to bury mark.


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