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  1. Courant sent me the instructions, unfortunately I'm not able to share them.
  2. Tricky splice for me, took a while to get dialed.
  3. Not mine but I do have one, great device.
  4. This is one I did a while back, used non CE Cougar Blue, SpLIFE method, hidden stitching, came out beautifully.
  5. You should end up with this.
  6. This video by John is what really helped me with the Drenaline spLIFE, I could do it but this taught me to do it better.
  7. Paul, thanks for your reply, I will relay that information. I fail to see how it would be cost effective regarding R and D when it comes to developing new compliant equipment for such a tiny market, ie, the UK unless the whole of Europe also adopts two rope working but maybe I'm missing a trick? Maybe utilizing existing industrial equipment in combination with the tree climbing equipment we already use. Anyway, it'll will be good to see the developments when they arrive.
  8. Can you confirm that it's two points of attachments must be used at all times other than the before mentioned times but also when cutting will two suffice or should you use your lanyard as well, three points of attachment plus the rescue line? Having the two rope systems is OK but surely both should be able to get you to the ground in the event of an accident? Otherwise your relying on a rescue which is not ideal.
  9. Thanks for your reply Paul, I shall look into it some more.
  10. 5 strands are pulled out, 4 strands remain.
  11. So you can use both ends of your rope, you don't have to use a secondary system that reaches the ground, that's odd. You should be using two separate systems when moving around the tree but a lanyard is not suitable as it's not normally that long, so if you had a long lanyard attached to the PPE points on your harness, separately from your main system that should be cool provided that the friction device on your lanyard is suitable for PPE, fall from height protection, remember it doesn't have to get you to the ground. You can also only use only one point of attachment,( lanyard) whilst retrieving or advancing your main system/systems something you cannot do in Industrial rope access.
  12. Samson instructions would probably work.
  13. There is good instructions on this type of splice on Tree Buzz.
  14. Rigging sling in action, that's me crippled on the ground.


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