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  1. I like the grip it provides, just hate the way it constantly gets caught in everything possible.
  2.  'It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.' Upton Sinclair

  3. I've been trying to think of one Petzl rack, but that is a decender.
  4. Good, not my favourite rope though.
  5. You need to keep tension on the eye when you splice double braid to stop the eye bunching up like Liros splice in your picture.
  6. Used 16 strand is not easy to splice but is possible, the trick is to keep everything smooth and take your time. I did this one last week, admittedly I took the core out as itsvonly being used as a tool lanyard.
  7. I'll keep climbing on mine though.
  8. Apparently it won't get a CE mark as it's adjustable.
  9. Defending swastika carrying,Nazi salute throwing apes? What a t w a t.
  10. Great, throwing Nazi salutes and carrying swastika flags, good job knob heads!
  11. Is that English Braid? Im going up on Friday I'll bring my splicing kit, if I can pinch some appropriate whipping twine of Nod I could do it otherwise somebody there could do it.
  12. So how do I restrict the dump ports?
  13. Bed has always come down at a rapid pace, changed the motor and pump and its the same. Conclusion - the problem is the ram unless I got the only motor and pump with the same problem in the whole of the West Country.
  14. Well I had a poke about tonight, but lets answer some questions, bed goes up with a tiny hesitation, there is no bounce in the bed when its up, when it comes down you can here a slight hiss like a baby snake, is that air?


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