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  1. Good morning All Anyone looking for a new role please feel to give us a message / call [email protected] 01287644555
  2. ARB position's available in North Yorkshire, www.oakdaleltld.com an AAAC company est in 2000. PAYE or Sub contract options for experienced & well qualified Arb's 5+ year experience ideally to cs41 advancement in training, available as we have our own training centre + options for development for experienced senior climbers to move into training also available www.arbschool.co.uk in the first instance for details & to forward CV contact, [email protected]
  3. it will really depend on your current thoughts & questions
  4. Cs50 old money cover dealing with upto 6 emergency trees, windblown, felled trees are different to those still attached in-part to the remainder of the trees canopy or root plate , youll need the cs 30 31 beofre cs50 chipper & grinder , tractor with loader trailer & pto implements all are quoted as old reference to NPTC , I prefer NPTc as other awarding bodys have expiry limits, theses qualifications are know known awards " licence to practice " loads of info on Arb Tree surgery Chainsaw Training courses in Yorkshire for Tree Surgeons scoot about & finf out the info that suits , lots of commercial providers outhere, also colleges, though real world experience from commercial providers often has its benfits to it. or check out NPTC : National Private Truck Council qualifiactions Iain

    <p>hi ya steve, i've put Arbtalk link onto arbkit.com for you.</p>

    <p> </p>

    <p>sounds like you've got a reasonable relationship with TW helping thier new site development,, good on ya </p>

    <p> </p>

    <p>good to see you the other day , I honestly don't get out that much to shows etc ,, </p>



  6. some info for you Martyj76 NPTC Hand held Strimmer
  7. We've got a landy 14.5 & and an iveco daily 14.5 too.
  8. we added a mewp to our fleet , it does go out to other but only select ones, really no ones size or type fits all scenarios but are defo a good option, now looking to add another although different from our 4x4 14m Ipaf isn't the check it is LOLER through inspection by competent person every 6 months expect £45 -£70 a pop
  9. to get in , you'll likely need cs 30 crosscut & maintenanceso you can cut downed bits for the chipper ? , with 31 as an option cs 30 allows to polechainsaw , handy for work at height avoidance cs31 leads on to felling upto 380mm allows to cs32 over 380mm cs31 leads to cs39 + need cs38 cs 38 aerial rescue & tree climbing ,act as rescue climber , allows to cs39 use of saw a chipper ticket is handy as almost all Arb firms have them so 30, 31, 38 & chipper are a good start then build as you see, all depends on the need of the firm your looking to work with, the more quals you got the more they can reasonably ask you to do , gives them more reason to say yes
  10. 30 isnt old , I was around that age when I set up Oakdale, tickets are a gateway, ability & willingness to achieve that cant be taught , Ex Forces, do have a good mind set , but then I would say that , did that myself for a while. tickets, & trailer towing licence over 750kg as far as NPTc 30/31 saw maintenance & tree felling to 380mm 38 aerial rescue & tree climbing & 39 using a saw for free fall basic cuts .pole chainsaw , woodchipper & stump grinder are key skills then add stuff like 32 larger trees, work toward pruning 7 dismantling tickets, though the later is as much about time in the tree & confidence , dont rush to do too much too quick .. get 6 months a year in at least watch & learn, training cant replicate what the real world of ARB teaches you .. Iain
  11. Could Network Rail be breaching law by cutting down trees? | Tom Clarke on Science | Tom Clarke on Science
  12. there's much to selling , people buy from businesses , people like to buy from people especially if they are seen as credible, check out how others do it research those methods and adapt for your own business goals ., Iain


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