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  1. So the business went to....................Trust Arborisk did move the goalposts back again - new for old, but were a lot more money. NFU do cover Arb Outfits (no height restriction), but they have to be established and proven. Given my short notice inquiry they couldn't offer a price, which stopped any further progress - but do offer a personal service which is a plus. See what happens next year. Local outfit - Hendersons, were very competitive price wise with a policy for Arb, but couldn't do new for old on Chippers. All in all, given I've just renewed with Arborisk over the last 5 years it was an interesting exercise to see what's out there. And as a footnote - Current NPTC tickets need to be shown at the start of the Trust Policy (which I support). Russ
  2. Thanks for the feedback, I haven't committed yet.
  3. Thanks, just had a chat with Cameron. Looks promising. Russ
  4. Would add that I'm looking at unrestricted height policies, NFU say they do that...... Macca, do you have similar with Trust? If so could you put up contact details please? Thanks Russ
  5. Thanks Macca, the new for old was one main issue. I queried today how you can value deprecation on a saw, when your 66 is the same age as your 261 but the bigger saw has had less use and is in better condition. Arborisk said they would have to come back to me after talking to the underwriter, Specialist Broker???????
  6. That time of year again to renew. I've been with Arborisk for 5 years, no issues although I've never had to claim. Insurance covers Public and Employee Liability, Plant / Hired in Equipment and assests on a new for old. Lots of amendments in this year's policy which I'm not happy with ( all have been mentioned before on previous threads if you want to find out) , would like to know what Insurance Outfits others are using please guys? Heard NFU is good? Thanks Russ
  7. Thanks for enquiries via PM, however as the ad states, please call Russ on 07885 265626. Call us old fashioned, but we are a people business and want to hear a voice first.
  8. Regular work available, three days a week for a Groundsman, working in the N E Lincolnshire area. Experience is preferred in the roles involved for working for a climbing team, feeding chipper and basic rope work around rigging - however for the right person , training can be given. Same for hedge cutting. Must have own transport, be reliable and punctual. Preferably Self Employed, but would possibly look at employment if all the boxes were ticked. Depending on experience, rates of pay would be £60 to £100 per day. To take this further, please call Russ on 07885 265626.
  9. Look at it from the other end of the scenario. Decide on an amount that fits the DL budget and allows Staff Incentive Scheme to kick in and give your team an addition to the salary they earn which is then eroded by "errors" made by them - assessment monthly. Installation of a bit more take care ethos and you are not affecting the basic salary agreement. If the Barrack Room Lawyers kick off, take it away in full. You are after all offering a scheme incentives that helps both parties, but it's an additional payment in goodwill only. Worked for me in the past. Few posts added whilst I wrote this, but I my understanding is its legally viable. Russ
  10. Thule - got 2 bars on my Supercab 08. From Halfords, had to order them in as it was a commercial type not in stock. Can't fault them. Russ
  11. I'm aware that Orange Plant no longer deal with after sales or new sales, rental only. My experiences with them was average. I'm sure GM will be looking for the next dealers to focus on customer service. I certainly have that feedback to Spence, who is a top chap. Russ PS - 5 Shires, you won't be disappointed fella. Enjoy!
  12. I'm remiss in not putting up the end result re my Arb 130 paint issue. Spence from GM came out to look at the chipper following a fairly vanilla inspection from Orange Plant. Got to say I was ready with all sorts of stuff from ''The Consumer Rights Act'', but I'm very happy to say that this was not required. Spence went back with the photos to Head Office and within 3 days had informed me that the affected areas would be dealt with and during this time a loan chipper would be given to me. In fact what happened was that the whole of the bodywork was replaced with new. The only original parts left were the chassis and the engine. Added to that was the service, and the blades being replaced with new ones - all foc. An Arb 150 was given to me for the two week period, all the to-ing and fro-ing was done by Spence who kept me fully informed. Transpires that my Serial No fell into the time frame where the initial base spray method was being changed from manual to auto and quality was not as it should be. No drama, no quibbles, no half measures. Fantastic service, fantastic chipper. Cant recommend this company enough. Aftersales Support is a massive issue and GM go all the way. To anyone thinking ''should I go green?'' - do it with confidence. Russ
  13. Prince dead on the Queens birthday........ It's ok - it's humour.
  14. Well Officer, it's like this. I was going to ask that bloke at the pub if it was ok, but as its 2016 and we've got tinterweb I thought I'd put a post on a forum.........


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