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  1. Defender woes

    Mine did same radiator was blocked new one in and was fine then
  2. Subcontract climber, north lincs

    We got you cheap then as we only pay you £70 a day
  3. Subcontract climber, north lincs

    Your it that self proclaimed climbers bracket aren't you Joe ?!??!? 😜
  4. which wood stove - again sorry

    Had a morso on my narrow boat absolutely awesome and now putting one in my house because was so impressed
  5. Level 4 distance learning courses

    Did you do lvl 2 first? I'm looking at doing it but was thinking of going straight in at lvl 4?
  6. Husky t540xp 2nd gen

    Choke it start it turn it off push choke switch down then up chain brake off and then pull start it don't touch the trigger and it will retune and you can hear it go through the revs takes a few minutes tho let it run till on full revs and let it run for couple of mins then switch off should be retuned then and good to go
  7. Husky t540xp 2nd gen

    Have you rest it?
  8. Husky t540xp 2nd gen

    Yeah have one awesome bit of kit best top handle had no probs with it at all
  9. What top handle saw?

    Or a gas one lol
  10. What top handle saw?

    Husky 536li xp use it for everything and is a dream to use
  11. Arb rates vs forestry...

    Thought you earned twice that joe? 😜😜
  12. Forst ST6 issue 'help'

    Same problem with our st8 they came and changed ignition barrel on both fine now tho something to o with drop in voltage the tech guy said
  13. Sena Bluetooth for protos

    Look good only problem need more than 3 patched in as our teams are a miniuimum of three guys
  14. Hi rob have a husky 540xp 14" bar if change to sugari bar and sthil chain do need to change sprocket?


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