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  1. Depends if you use a friction saver or not. If you do, go with a 11mm 24 strand if not get a 13mm 16 strand.
  2. Available Mondays and Tuesdays cheers
  3. I got from treekit a few years ago I’ve sold them now and got some buckalloys with the super wrap pads
  4. Woody12


    For climbing mostly, bit of groundwork as well. Think I’ll go for the arborists.
  5. Woody12


    I’m after a new pair of chainsaw trousers and looking at pfanners. Which are better the gladiators or the arborist trousers? Cheers
  6. Samson velocity is the dogs knob on zigzag
  7. Still looking for concacts around Leeds / West Yorkshire
  8. I didn’t rate them at all, they feel cheap and the gaffs felt blunt right out of the box. I’d recommend either Buckingham or Bashlin with velcro pads.
  9. I’ve got some Scarpa Tech Ascent gtx which are amazing for climbing but not great on spikes.
  10. Hi, I'm looking for work in the Leeds area (based in Otley LS21) I'm currently working away in Sweden but will be back in January. I'm 23 years old, 4 years experience with my own kit. Got CS30,31,38,39,40,41, CSCS + ROLO, first aid and driving license. If you would like more information email me at: morris.tree95@gmail.com Cheers Joe
  11. Hi, I want to make some dead eye slings out of Trex or similar. Is it as simple as it shows in this video? ive also looked at the splicing instructions online but just want a rough idea of what im doing. Cheers
  12. Ayup Will, it's Joe used to work with you at Ginkgo. My preferred method is to throwline in and if I can isolate I send a running bowline up to the top then srt up, then when I get up I untie and set my cambium saver. If I can't isolate the limb I just use a basal tie then get the groundy to untie it for me then set my cambium saver.
  13. Hi guys I'm using srt now with a rope wrench, foot ascender and neck elastic but I want to add a knee ascender. What I'm wondering is to go with a haas style set up or a hand ascender and footloop set up. What are the pros and cons of both?
  14. Hi guys I'm moving to Sweden in 2 weeks and I was wanting to know the best way to take my kit. Standard climbing kit with spikes, chainsaw trousers, boots and helmet. Would I be best off going down to the post office or has anyone else got any recommendations? Cheers guys.


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