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  1. Aye nae bad, boys are over your neck of the woods in Glass all week. Damm outer race was stuck for ages.
  2. Wakeleytrees@live.com
  3. Jensen all day long. Spent today replacing the wheel hub bearings on the forst that took over a week to get to me. More down time
  4. We are looking to add another climber to our team. Must have 38/39 Location -Moray Full or part time to suit. £150-£170 depending on ability Good variety of domestic and commercial work and nice equipment.
  5. I run a ST8 and a Jensen, both same age 2016, both same hours 800ish. The Forst has had every single component on it replaced due to being faulty or breaking down. Re-spray, full hydraulic system, wheel bearings,hubs,brake system, Shute, electrics, blades cracked,all towing components. Ignition,grease system,all bearings,pumps. There service to us had been shocking, cause were based in Scotland and they have no dealer near us they don’t care, can wait weeks for a part. The Jensen - nothing.
  6. She’s begging for that to be done
  7. Been tempted by this but with no MOT its too much dollla. What is the out reach of the crane with the add on jib ?
  8. Well done, tried to buy this but you beat me too it. Looked cheap. Cracking trailer too
  9. The Arb association are a trade body not gov level. They can take any stance or opinion they like and you can choose to follow or ignore as you please. I agree there has been a lot of confusion from them which hasn’t helped. But if they say you should only work with a fish in your mouth it doesn’t make it law or we have to follow it, it is simply the opinion of an independent business. You cannot simply say “if you can’t work from home you should work “ It needs to be referenced with the rest of the guidance that you can but only if you can follow the PHE guidelines and also your responsibility as an employer to ensure the safety of your staff.
  10. I think the majority are well past the stage of wondering if the should or shouldn’t work and have heard valid reasons from both points of view. What I’m asking is for a bit more info from our trade body in how to carryout those task safely. There will be plenty of people out there working incorrectly due to not knowing how. Unless you can can me exactly how to do a rigging job without cross contamination.
  11. Thanks Paul, The info is good but very generic. Would it not have been a good idea for the Association to have a team of Arb approved contractors go out and preform tasks and then you could observe whether they were possible or not. Also the advice seems to be very England based. DEFRA and PHE. What is the advice from SNH and the welsh and Irish equivalent. Cheers
  12. By conveying the response you are therefore endorsing it. It would be perhaps more helpful if the arb association could give clarity of specific tasks such as how to clean tools correctly, how often ?, after every use or start and finish of the day, should staff wear masks, what chemicals should be used, what should be done with waste materials. How you recommend rigging operations are carried out safely to prevent cross contamination, how gloves should be used properly. I’m sure most contractors now fully understand that it has been left to them to decide whether they should/can work safely. It would be more helpful then if the Arb Ass could provided better and more detailed guidance on how to do that.
  13. Oh it does, without front weights the front tires just touch the ground


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