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  1. MOG Hiab pipes

  2. Defender woes

    It was a cracked head, new head on last week and she's back on the road
  3. Yeah I'd stick to the tree Austria, I'll be going back to it. Constantly needs adjusting as it slips all the time. Been climbing pretty much every day on it for 6months now. Actually replaced the bridge with a tree Austria one. Every harness is different for every person just a case of finding the one that suits you sir.
  4. Bracing

    Can you send me the chaps details please, would love to do that course
  5. Unimogs rock thread

    Yellow one ?
  6. Courant harness bridge fail

    Meh, not overly enamoured, I won't buy it again. It is really lightweight but the straps slip and need re adjusting all the time. You do get nipped if you over reach to the left or right. I preferred my tree Austria
  7. the 'todays job' thread

    These are strangely my favourite jobs, what do you use ?
  8. Scottish Arb suppliers

    That's true for HIS but strathbogies has plenty climbing/rigging, pruning and proper arb kit. Will also order anything you need
  9. the 'todays job' thread

    I think this might be a record for me, 25 in total ! [ATTACH]222525[/ATTACH]
  10. Scottish Arb suppliers

    Strathbogies is pretty good
  11. Defender woes

    That is very true
  12. Defender woes

    Ok, schooled
  13. Defender woes

    I don't know why would mixing make a difference?
  14. Defender woes

    Changed airflow sensor, pressure tested and block tested
  15. Defender woes

    2.4 I get that speed down hill with the wind of course


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