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  1. Anno

    HS2 Train/Rail link, Good? or Bad?

    All that money wasted, loss of habitats and massive loss of Ancient Woodland throughout the route to shave off 15 minutes travel to an overpriced shithole? Not massively impressed, no.
  2. Anno

    january flowers

    I get involved in this every year, worth it if you have the time or indeed interest! https://bsbi.org/new-year-plant-hunt
  3. You HAVE been following me!!!!
  4. have you been following me?
  5. Just use a debarking tool or a draw knife all around circumference and wait a week.
  6. Anno

    Ash with a TPO

    Light? You could move the shed...
  7. Anno

    Freelance Arboricultural Surveyor - NW

    Good opportunity for somebody...
  8. Marvellous thing apical dominance...
  9. Anno

    Councils undertaking tree work

    OK, if I may, as a Council TO and the person who runs the operational Arb Team, this is something that worries me. My first comment would be how do they get the time with all the day to day crap that comes in? I have a regular series of third party contractors that I call on for both Emergency out of hours work and 'bigger' contracts and I personally think that is an important part of what we do as a Local Authority - boosting local economy. In terms of budgets I am in the position of managing a tree team that needs new blood, owing to the age of my climbers and the wages we can offer most well trained ticketed experienced guys wont get out of bed for! Its easy to be critical of LA's and Councils but try working in one under the current restrictions and you may change your mind?
  10. Anno

    I'm an iggly, I'm an iggly, what iggly am I ?

    Longhorn beetle could be Rutpela maculata or similar, and a Mantis, nice...
  11. Anno

    Conservation refused advice required

    that's that sorted...
  12. Anno

    I'm an iggly, I'm an iggly, what iggly am I ?

    looks like an Ichneumann a parasitic wasp...
  13. bit vague to say the least, in relation to what?
  14. Anno

    Anyone here from the north west

    Warrington, via Widnes...
  15. Anno

    Favourite birds bats or bees

    Not sure where you are based but more likely to be Groppers - Grasshopper Warbler?


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