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  1. Not sure what the issue is, although its within a CA nobody is going to TPO a row of crap conifers...
  2. I'm glad you said that! I would also ask them to remove the blocks that are stored on the RPA!
  3. this TO will never be a PO! They are a different breed god love 'em!
  4. Surely at the minute there are no grounds to appeal, you have looked at notes, probably done by the Tree Officer to the Planners who will then make the decision based on the advice. (In my experience Planners know 2 things about Trees - nothing and F%$£ all...)
  5. I would say, me being one, every TO is different too and every TPO Tree is different in context and reasoning behind it and if they are involved in resurveying and revoking old orders the process is fair and fully thought out. I think the case is fully justified and is a breath of fresh air, also it is unusual, having worked for two Local Authorities, to get the backing to prosecute and would love to hear more information on the case, how was it proved to be the owners responsibility, beyond reasonable doubt, for one?
  6. Also means you don't need to talk to them or get rolled for cash for smack...
  7. You need somebody to calculate the Root Protection Area and as stated before advice from planning.
  8. Barchams is your friend? Buy Mature Trees Online - Barcham Trees WWW.BARCHAM.CO.UK The Barcham tree nursery is situated in the heart of Cambridgeshire. Covering over 300 acres of land, it is by far...
  9. interesting holiday reading - https://academic.oup.com/forestry/article/88/4/465/651844
  10. Fantastic book and author who sadly passed in 2015, his earlier books opened my eyes to the culture and social history of woodlands and how our attitudes have changed over the years to using and managing the resource.
  11. it is also quite common for the Councils tree to be felled without permission leading to a substantial fine - check with the Council!
  12. All that money wasted, loss of habitats and massive loss of Ancient Woodland throughout the route to shave off 15 minutes travel to an overpriced shithole? Not massively impressed, no.


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