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  1. I do like a bit of Japanese Knotweed...
  2. She wanted it up where? 😳
  3. My current favourites to play, ‘78 Precision and a Vector 335.
  4. Do you get paid by the emoji? 😳
  5. Depends on if its Policy or Strategy - it makes a lot of difference, the latter is a long process, usually involving legal process and consultation, in my experience officers usually are overworked and underfunded but do need to give consideration on a one to one basis and try to get a positive outcome for all parties. *stands well back and waits for the Council/tree officers are just scum posts*
  6. As a TO and resident 'Council arsehole' I would say apply for works, it looks like a classic case of the Planners over riding the Tree Officers comments.
  7. this is great, are there more episodes of 'Dickheads with Insects' available?
  8. Anno


    I was teaching level 3 Arbs when somebody came into the lecture room and said the Towers had gone and two planes had crashed into them, I remember saying ' has Superman arrived yet?' stupid, inane and callous as it transpired, we went down to the changing rooms and watched it on the stashed portable telly, usually reserved for the World Cup games, and watched in open mouthed silence. When I got home my kids and partner where sat around the TV watching the story develop further, in tears. Game changing, tragic day.
  9. yep deffo Lammer, superb beasts!
  10. Short Toed eagle? Wheatear and very impressed with Alpine Chough - Spain?
  11. Climate, pest and disease ecological factor, grazing / browsing pressure, anthropormphic ie leisure activity or management.


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