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  1. Anno


    I was teaching level 3 Arbs when somebody came into the lecture room and said the Towers had gone and two planes had crashed into them, I remember saying ' has Superman arrived yet?' stupid, inane and callous as it transpired, we went down to the changing rooms and watched it on the stashed portable telly, usually reserved for the World Cup games, and watched in open mouthed silence. When I got home my kids and partner where sat around the TV watching the story develop further, in tears. Game changing, tragic day.
  2. yep deffo Lammer, superb beasts!
  3. Short Toed eagle? Wheatear and very impressed with Alpine Chough - Spain?
  4. Climate, pest and disease ecological factor, grazing / browsing pressure, anthropormphic ie leisure activity or management.
  5. Most LAS's can't afford an Ecologist so it can get farmed out to an independant advisery service, sometimes the TO has bat experience/ survey hours and can comment too, I do freelance bat/Eco work but not on 'my patch' Its a good sytem, straight forward and works well.
  6. Bats: surveys and mitigation for development projects - GOV.UK WWW.GOV.UK Standing advice for local planning authorities to assess impacts of development on bats. Its usually a scoping survey (are there any?) and if so 2 Dusks and a Dawn to track back, the Report then goes to the Planners.
  7. best info is here - Oak processionary moth (Thaumetopoea processionea) - Forest Research WWW.FORESTRESEARCH.GOV.UK Information, advice and guidance on the introduced pest oak processionary moth caterpillar (Thaumetopoea processionea) in Great Britain
  8. I think your major problem would be the Oak, the Council will want at least a plan to show accurate positions and plotted RPA's - all pretty standard stuff to be honest? As for checking if the Application Form boxes have been ticked, most planners will check anyway.
  9. Not if its an Academy, its like Council Houses - most Local Authroities don't have them any more so they are owned by Housing Associations - good old Thatcher!
  10. Looks like they could be going to 'Ring' the birds for monitoring purposes, but they should have sought permissions.
  11. Yeah, lovely male Golden Oriole, stunning bird and increasingly rare.
  12. I am just reporting from the press release and finding it really difficult to find any further details that doesn't include bias from either side of the fence, in my opinion if an offence was committed and the nest contained birds or eggs the outcome is piss poor and shows how ineffective the law is, I have knowledge of the terminology 'restorative justice' and still await the person who felled 2 TPO'd trees in my old Borough 7 years ago to do his 48 hours with the Council's litter pickers.
  13. Some birds, known as ‘schedule 1 birds’, eg barn owls, have extra legal protection. For these bird species it’s also an offence to do the following, either intentionally or by not taking enough care: disturb them while they’re nesting, building a nest, in or near a nest that contains their young disturb their dependent young You could get an unlimited fine and up to 6 months in prison for each offence if you’re found guilty.


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