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  1. Certainly looks like Ganoderma but wouldn't jump in to remove it just yet - look at VTAing the tree and think about targets and likelihood of failure? The only thing lacking is the years of looking and deciding, and making mistakes too, but learning by it. If we were all that risk averse you could remove the digitalis plant on the left too, poisonus but very effective in slowing down a heartbeat in a medical situation...
  2. Well that answers a raft of questions! To be honest its down to Planners, we advise they choose to ignore. Would it be given permission to build again - probably.
  3. Local Business Award Winners CLARKEWILLIAMSINSURANCEBROKERS.CO.UK The following list was produced by the ABI (Association of British Insurers) but it is very important to note that this is only a rough guide as every single tree situation is different, there... Lots of stuff like the above, but nothing 100% accurate...
  4. I dont think any Local Authority in the country would be happy with the removal for the reasons given, the alergy risk would be Feb to June and just 'hayfever' and grasses are the most common source. The TPO was served specifically due to the development you now live in, which was given planning permission despite the tree being present. Can you provide evidence that the tree is causing health issues or damage at all? If not you will struggle... Hang fire though, experts will be along to argue.
  5. Not a fan of Fury but if Joshua performs like that he is in real trouble, strange fight that one, he should have nailed him in the 4th, to me he doesn't have the aggression thats needed when it counts.
  6. Not sure if you will have seen this - Barn Owl boxes for trees - The Barn Owl Trust WWW.BARNOWLTRUST.ORG.UK Barn Owl boxes in buildings are better than nestboxes in trees. But if you have a suitable tree, tree nestboxes are much more practical than boxes on poles.
  7. I would ask the Uni, they should have specific texts that will be useful in your studies, many of which they can loan out to you hopefully as this particular level of learning has some horrendously priced, dull books you will use once!
  8. Mine are a bit more Eco but lots of good stuff...
  9. If its Hoth you'd need heated handles on the saws...
  10. Not sure I fully understand, if the tree is in your ownership, on your land why is he building an extension onto it? what actual evidence do you have of poor construction methods for the conservatory?
  11. Not sure what the issue is, although its within a CA nobody is going to TPO a row of crap conifers...
  12. I'm glad you said that! I would also ask them to remove the blocks that are stored on the RPA!
  13. this TO will never be a PO! They are a different breed god love 'em!


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