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  1. Not ground breaking but I'll be selling this idea for £89.99
  2. Also available for considerably less than £120
  3. You can just do the course and it up skills the course underneath it
  4. Have you got a figure 8? I use mine to do the same after watching someone do just that on Instagram. Will take a photo later. I'm a Southerner and there is no chance I would spend 100 notes on a stupid bit of plastic to do the same thing.
  5. Tommy_B


    Just coming to post that😄
  6. Piano wire. Cant remember the gauge. I've been using one of the Treeworker wire fids. The one I've got has lasted me at least 10 years and wasn't new when I got it.
  7. Is that Mark Strong? Awesome set up mate.
  8. Spot on mate. Good post. I find we all do things to extremes in this job. Any chance to talk this over has to be good imo
  9. Tommy_B

    Instagram again

    I follow Ropegeeks for knots and rescue stuff. Drew Bristow for when I feel good about myself and need reminding that some people are off being cool on a desert island. Mine is excitingly 7 people away from being followed by 1000 sad fuckers looking at pictures of rope being spliced by a slightly fatter tattooed bloke. Modelling work still hasn't taken off so still having to work.
  10. Tommy_B


    I'm going to need help with this one please
  11. I use a wire find from Treeworker. It's lasted years
  12. If you've not done much, 16 strand is a good enough place to start. Samson have some great instructions to follow. Have you got a fid etc? The only issue with the US directions are that a lot of them use push fits so you have to reverse the insert exit points. If you send me a PM with your email address I will send you some videos if you want
  13. Hello Mike. How did you get on? Sorry I didn't reply earlier when I was tagged. I must have missed it for some reason. Fire away with any questions


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