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  1. Imagine having to live next door to that whopper
  2. My mate recently gave himself a handlebar hernia. Crashed into something and shot forward into his handlebar stem and gave himself a hernia
  3. I remember advertising a truck years ago and the minute the advert went live, the phone didn't stop with people offering 50%. Drove me mental
  4. Ah. Was going to say I'd always avoid getting secondhand kit from ebay where possible as you don't have the background on what work or life it has had. If you were nearer I would have said to pop round and you could try some different climbing equipment to see what suits you and your style of climbing
  5. What is the difference between this and the EVO? Its got one less bridge and is 80 quid more?
  6. There wasn't a lot of glamour, I'll give you that
  7. Is that the same truck you were camping under at one of Jonesies shows?
  8. What taper did you use? I copied Nick Araya's method and it held the braid together nicely. You take 6 bottom strands on the left on adjacent strands, then 6 top strands on the left strands, then 6 bottom right and then 6 top right. Removes 50% of the cover strands and holds it together nicely. From memory, I think the hardest part was getting the core out!
  9. Haha. You're a better man than me then!! I found it horrible to splice (admitedly it was used) and would have no end of bother with my forearms and elbows if I climbed on it DRT
  10. I've posted mine in the other thread I think. Still think this isn't great. Looks a bit like they've got an ostrich head hanging off the harness instead of a saw
  11. I love the composition. No-one can say that hasn't been done by an artist.
  12. I'm out. Have fun Tim👍
  13. With respect, just because you don't see something as wrong, doesn't mean you aren't. As Steve said, and I'll echo it, I won't weigh into subjects unless I know what I'm talking about. I'd say I've got a good working knowledge of ropes and their construction. I had to when splicing ropes. Maybe terminology is getting lost along the way but all ropes I've named are 16 strand ropes where the core is almost irrelevant to the strength.
  14. Any 16 strand rope. XTC spearmint, Scorch, New England Safety blue. Marlow Gecko as well if you like.
  15. Very aggressive for rope discussion but hey ho! 16 strand rope has all the strength in the cover, the core strands are just there to keep the rope round. Double-braid will share some of the load equally between the cover and the core. True Kernmantle ropes will hold the majority of the strength in the core and the cover just protects it. Because the Climbing ropes we commonly use in Arb are going to be Double-braid, I would say that Mr Bullman and Joe are indeed correct. Plus with the fact there is a ropeguide up there, no sane person is using 11mm Kern in a Ropeguide so we can rule out Kernmaster or Globe I think... We could talk about Vectran and Dyneema ropes and all the other Hi-mod fibres if you like but unless the OP's friction cord was left tied on the rope, there isn't much point. I'm a bit intrigued to the circumstances that would cause an ART ropeguide and a rope to be left in the tree for that length of time. I do remember a redirect pully being left in a tree for a few months before we climbed it again and found it. I'd be dubious of using those items again to be quite honest with you. Unless they were bought brand new on the morning they were left there, they will have made their own cost back so I would lean towards just replacing them.
  16. People filming backflips and massive swings for Instagram and TikTok etc
  17. Very much reminds me of the Legal case "Arkell vs Pressdram"
  18. I've said it before, Arbortec stuff isn't great. There are tonnes of ambassadors for Arbortec and I think that gives a false reading ime. Every person I know who has had Arbortec stuff has said that it is terrible and falls apart after very little work and I see a lot of different people during the course of a working month. Gimics like protective socks and outer layers for the trousers are no good if the quality of the overall product is poor. The only people who seem to be saying how amazing are very coy about if they actually paid for the gear or it was given in exchange for a load of promotion on Insta. I could be bang out of line and will happily change my opinion if the newer stuff is different to the stuff I had a few years back but I certainly won't be spending my cash on it.
  19. I've had Arbortec stuff and found the quality was poor and the fit wasn't great. Maybe thats changed but I haven't bought anything else from them to check. They seem quite involved with Social media and have loads of Brand ambassadors so I'm sure there are lots of people to be able to comment Good luck!
  20. Here we go!!!
  21. I wanted to pop round this evening to give them my new quote for thier roof
  22. Reg, Graeme McMahone and Gerry Beranek are all at the top end of the tree video scale. There is no gung-ho machismo bullshit. They can and do get the job done. They make tree videos for tree cutters and that is apparent imo. Any prolific video up loaders tend to veer towards making videos for the sake of making money or for adulation and that dilutes the pool for me. Reg's viewpoint, and he stated it himself in a video, was that he had filmed everything interesting so would stop making video unless it was something interesting. Maybe it's me, but I struggle to get excited watching someone take tiny tops or reduce a Conifer hedge when everything is mundane and the "presenter" is making out like it's the most technical or dangerous thing we've ever seen. August and Billy Ray are undoubtedly talented, the videos are just a bit too "Over produced and for TV" for my delicate English taste. Same goes for any video with its own dedicated introduction.
  23. Smoking Meth before you climb will do that I guess


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