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  1. Shop made trolley free to anyone who can collect it from Dunmow cm6. John
  2. Thanks for the advice. I have now had both saws running and given them a clean and found a couple of bars. I will put the mill on with an option on the 2 power units. John
  3. I have grown too old and decrepit to use my old mill. Not used it for 15 years. 2off 2101xp units and a mill made of ally with rollers. Saws have not run for some time , i haven't the strength to give them a good pull. Chain brakes need new parts. Would I be better of selling the 2101xp separately? How much should i expect to get? Thanks John
  4. Yes, sounds like best left to the chainsaw guys. John
  5. I have a Woodmizer bandsaw. I am based near Dunmow. What is the access like? John
  6. Yes you were right. The guy sent me a text pulling out. At least he let me know. john
  7. I have sold my old pickup for £3000, alot more than i expected. What is the safest way to receive payment. I am worried i would not recognise fake notes. Paypal is expensive. Bank transfer when he collects it. No one came to view it yet it was bid up to over £3000 . 56 reg and 140000 on the clock. John
  8. Thought it looked familiar. My wood is adjacent to John's land.
  9. Can no one help with this? Any recommendations of firms I could try? Thanks John
  10. My wife's very elderly aunt, living in Barkingside north-east London, has 4 or 5 conifers which are getting too far too large. See attached photos. We have managed to persuade her that they need topping. She doesn't want them felled completely as her father planted them in the 50s and also they screen the houses behind but we appreciate that it may be unavoidable. Access is good via a narrow back lane. We are looking for quotes for the job. John
  11. We also have a problem with the torque amplifier. The tractor won't move forward unless one takes ones foot of the clutch extremely slowly. Apart from these 2 problems it is a good machine. Thanks john
  12. The brakes have not worked since we got the tractor. The only video i can find on YouTube says one needs to get into the rear axle to find the workings of the wet brakes. Where do i look for the master cylinder? Thanks John


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