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  1. We also have a problem with the torque amplifier. The tractor won't move forward unless one takes ones foot of the clutch extremely slowly. Apart from these 2 problems it is a good machine. Thanks john
  2. The brakes have not worked since we got the tractor. The only video i can find on YouTube says one needs to get into the rear axle to find the workings of the wet brakes. Where do i look for the master cylinder? Thanks John
  3. I am not familiar with a vacuum bleeder. Do you have a link to the type of kit you used. Thanks John
  4. Can anyone recommend a mechanic to fix the brakes on an old international 784 in woods near Welwyn. I have tried bleeding them but can't get any fluid through. Thanks John
  5. Just acquired another Massey 35. 58 years on the same farm, one owner, never spent a night under the stars. I am looking forward to getting her home[emoji2] [emoji2]
  6. Another sunny day in Wales[emoji2]
  7. John Hughes Woodmizer lt40 Lucas 8 /25 swing mill. Based near Dunmow Essex
  8. It is a MT8 35 HP . The trailer is a Negrisola, Italian made I think. John
  9. I haven't posted a photo of my baby Zetor lately.
  10. Thanks for the link, I have ordered some. Do you spray it on? Down here in the sunny south I have no problems with any timber except the Corsican pine. The only way I can get it to dry without mold is to stand it up in the full sun.
  11. Is wykabor the most cost effective way of stopping mold and staining occuring on freshly milled Corsican pine. Where is the best source. I am not keen on using it as some of the timber will be planed when dry. We are really struggling to stop it going moldy. Thanks John
  12. I have used Uni Power of GT Dunmow. I have always found them helpful.
  13. Has anyone got any suggestions on how to dry this without it discolouring and mould forming. We have tried outside and in well a vented shed. Today we learnt that even the timber we had pressure treated has mould forming on it. We have the problem with both winter and summer felled timber. Thank John Sent from my GT-I9505 using Arbtalk mobile app
  14. I have had my 1992 Woodmizer Lt40 for over 10 years. It still cuts very well and is an excellent machine.


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