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  1. Which sprocket and chain do you have on your saw ? 3/8" pitch , 7 tooth sprocket = 21.4 m/s @ 9600 rpm 0.325" pitch,7 tooth sprocket = 18.5 m/s @ 9600 rpm
  2. C.J

    357 idle problem

    Did you use a new gasket between the cylinder and crankcase ?
  3. Stihl chain has channels to get the oil to the rivets it is therefore more efficient and uses less chain oil. If you are replacing an oregon chain on a stihl saw you will have to increase the oil pump flow rate to allow for this. I use stihl RSC chains on Husqvarna and Oregon bars.They are available in 0.058" guage in both 3/8" and 0.325" from KWIK CHIP on ebay.
  4. Its a 116 still on original 18" bar and chain. Just put a new piston in - going to try it with an 8 tooth and some RSC
  5. Looks a similar vintage to my "WILDCAT":biggrin:
  6. Are the yokes at either end of your prop shaft correctly phased ? The yokes should be aligned at 90 degrees.It shouldn't make alot of difference on a long propshaft but you've said that it is better when loaded .The prop will be straighter when loaded and if you have uprated springs the problem will be worse.Some props can only be aligned in one position and cannot be changed.
  7. Do not use brake and clutch fluid
  8. Twose You may have to adjust the lower link arm width between implements and you'll definetly have to take the toplink on and off - so I don't think you will gain very much with the northern tool option. With the A frame you just back up to the implement , lift and it locks on automatically. To take off you just pull on the rope , lower and its off
  9. Cheapest option is to weld them on especially if you make them yourself out of some scrap channel.Tractor A frame costs about £140 and weld on implement A frame about £40.You could weld some clevis plates on the "weld on frame" if you don't want to alter your imlement. When I'm on logs I drop the splitter off turn the tractor around and throw split logs into 8 foot loader bucket.I have made up some 20 foot extension hydraulic hoses and the tractor has cat 3 hooks - A frame would be alot quicker picking up and dropping off.
  10. Twose A frame quick hitch - Any Ag machinery dealer will suply you one.


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