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  1. Thanks useful to know, looks like it is worth a lot more converted to planks etc
  2. Good morning everyone this there much value in Sequioa? possibly have a mature redwood coming down but quoted price 4-5K for works, what roughly would the timber be worth to offset the cost? Lorry access is ok. 6 foot across at the base, usual big redwood!
  3. We have a forst tracked chipper ex hire, having done very little work we are moving away from hire machines, located in penrith, cumbria if anyone is interested. I agree they are well built, everyone who has hired it has said how good it is.
  4. If anyone is looking for a new chipper the company i work for is moving away from hire machines and we have forst TR6 tracked chipper with 120hrs on it 3 years old. Looking for £20500 plus vat but open to negotiation. pm me for more details.
  5. Forestry has always been marginal on profit, breaking even in the early thinning stages so less thinning nowadays leaving poorer timber thats worth less blah blah etc. it seems very regional, some areas in scotland are flat out while other areas are flat. I think that contractors are really struggling due to foreign imports and large companies like jenkinsons are thriving on the low prices both at home and abroad but thses profits never go back down the chain to the guys on the ground. Its a real shame. Unfortunately i have just left forestry and now work for a local hydraulics firm due to both having a baby on the way and cannot stay away etc but also that the forestry wages would be a struggle to survive on with kids. British forestry will become the realm of the part timer, young free single people and the retired if we are not careful!!
  6. i ve used one, basic but works, i picked up a proper one second hand cheaper than new so have a search about on evilbay/rowntree
  7. Logrover

    iggesund bars

    Do you have any idea of cost for a 20 inch mount to fit a dolmar 7900? cant seem to find anywhere in the uk selling them.
  8. Logrover

    iggesund bars

    Does anyone know where i can buy one in the uk, they look well made unlike oregon, husky etc. Looking at the solid R2.
  9. depends on what its used for, arb saws last for year as id class it as light use even if used daily. Forestry felling is heavy use. I use an 2003 dolmar 7900 and an echo 610. I have had newer saws and the autotune was fine. However i think the build quality especially of the big two has reduced to such an extent to make them unreliable and weaker while increasing the price. Fine for arb work as the money is there to pay for new kit all the time. It will lose you your minor profit in forestry.
  10. Well the industry is a joke really. was paid 100 a day 5 years ago as a groundie, lot more than that now, lots of qualifications and on less than that now. Got a fisa saw update that i cant possibly survive without this year..cost, saw all worn out....cost, oh same for trousers, boots. No accident insurance will ever pay out however much you pay them so if anything happens your on your own. Fuel and oil costs crippling etc. Its not a job thats profitable unless you charge a hell of a lot or just a way of life. Wages are higher in most other countries. Cutting big timber in canada and america is massively paid.
  11. NO buy a dolmar 7910 its brilliant.
  12. Logrover

    Echo 610 idle

    Oh right, il have a look and see whats about, have a countax dealer locally so i wonder if they stock different makes since they are echo dealers.
  13. Logrover

    Echo 610 idle

    just basic red sthil stuff, mineral. I was using the husky synthetic stuff but is twice the price and i noticed no difference. Make a big difference when you get through lots of it.
  14. Logrover

    Echo 610 idle

    crank bearing let go and went up the side of the piston, was a second hand saw but was rebuilt on warranty, 18 months old. excellent service.
  15. Logrover

    Echo 610 idle

    Hello my echo 610 has been recently rebuilt and has been pressure checked for air leaks and the carb has been pressure tested. All good but for some reason it will rev up exactly like when you first start from cold, chain spins etc. The idle screw will not do anything at all to change it when its doing it. Can the half throttle be sticking, is it that simple??


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