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  1. If the house is on clay, don't think that removing the tree is a guaranteed solution. Removal of the tree could actually cause bigger issues. Google ground heave.
  2. I've got a 365 and I run a 20" and a 28" bar. Lots of people said that 28" is too big for it but I find it fine. I don't need it to cut super quick though. I intend to do the 372 mod at some point.
  3. Thanks I've been waiting for them to come back on. I have snapped one up.
  4. Gbaz

    365xt loose pipe

    Thanks a lot, your advice is much appreciated.
  5. Gbaz

    365xt loose pipe

    Thanks spud. I will try and get some pics to be sure. Any dea what could cause the idle revs to increase when the saw is tipped forward?
  6. Gbaz

    365xt loose pipe

    When cleaning the air filter yesterday I noticed a rubber pipe not connected to anything in the air filter compartment The only place that I could see it could belong, is a blue plastic elbow visible from the rear handle end of the saw and coming from the tank. The pipe came through the bottom of the air filter compartment and I have now pushed it through another hole in the bottom and connected it to the blue elbow. Does this sound right, I hadn't noticed any running issues? I have now noticed that when idling, the revs will sometimes increase slightly when I point the saw bar down? This only happens occasionally. Any advice gladly received.
  7. Gbaz

    husky 435 or 440?

    I run a 15" bar on the 440. It feels like a nice length on the saw but if you try and use its full length it's slow going. Any logs over 12" and the 365 comes out.
  8. Gbaz

    husky 435 or 440?

    I have just looked in my manual which covers both 435 and 440. I was wrong they are both 40.9cc but the 440 is rated at 1.8kw where as the 435 is 1.6kw. My 440 has flippy caps and the manual also shows the 435 as having them. The oil pump is not adjustable.
  9. Gbaz

    husky 435 or 440?

    I've got a 440. It's a nice little saw. The 435 and 440 are almost identical except the 440 has a few more cc's. A friend of mine has a 435 that has the tool less chain tensioner but I prefer mine with the standard tensioner.
  10. I have got a 28" bar for my 365. The saw pulls full comp chain reasonably well but I fancy trying it on skip chain. Does anyone know where I can buy 3/8 .058 92 Dl chain?
  11. Excellent, will they be on the website when in stock?
  12. No, a blow torch will damage the slate. I tried it once on an offcut when I was looking for ways to clean something off of a roof slate.
  13. Thanks for the suggestions, I will pass them on.


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