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  1. walking hiking boot

    Lowa mountain,patrol or combat depending on your needs,i personally have worn mountain gtx for 15 years,wouldnt wear anything else.....expensive but i believe with some things you get what you pay for.I have worn the same pair for nearly 15 years,had them resoled after about 10 years for about 60 quid,should get another 5 years out of them so 20 years for about 200 quid...absolute bargain in my book ,hate to admit it but the Germans know how to make a good boot Others may differ as it is always a personal choice
  2. Spam on chrome through Arbtalk

    Yup,had it yesterday.
  3. Ochsenkopf vs Gransfors vs Fiskars Splitting Axe/Maul?

    Fiskars for me.
  4. Spam on chrome through Arbtalk

    I have had this a couple of times over the past week or so...very annoying would like to find a remedy for it
  5. Makita DCS Piston/Cylinder dimensions??

    Cant help with the air filter info,but fairly sure its 52mm for the 7900,i have bought big bore after market kits and they are 54mm,hope this helps Regards
  6. Overloaded

    It looks slightly spalted so maybe it was well seasoned and light as a feather :laugh1:
  7. Overloaded

  8. Overloaded

    if ya gonna overload that would be one of the trucks to do it in for sure
  9. Overloaded

    Mmm,yeah,thats poor really isnt it
  10. Overloaded

    Just found this one :thumbup:
  11. PPI calls

    I have used Truecaller to good effect to block stuff like PPI......worth a try?
  12. The saw you love....

    Aye,she's pretty tidy too for nigh on 30 year old!
  13. The saw you love....

    Ok,I'll show ya mine first !!
  14. Overloaded

    Not arb but worth a post me thinks
  15. Overloaded

    This one belongs on here! Made me chuckle!


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