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  1. Thanks for the info, Al. Here's an extract from the 'Proper Use of Protos' booklet that would have accompanied your Protos when you purchased it: "11. When should the Protos® Integral no longer be used? The Protos® Integral and its components should be checked periodically for visible defects (cracks, discoloration, etc.). The Protos® Integral and/or its components should be immediately replaced after exposure to stress (e.g. a fall or blow), even if the damage is not visible externally. Any modification of the product (e.g. drilling holes in the shell) can negatively affect the protective performance and must therefore not be carried out on this product!" Unfortunately because you have filed away the material on the ear capsule to allow for the cable to pass through, the integrity and performance of your product has been compromised. (Any alterations made to the manufacturer's original specification will void any warranty and will affect the certification). The only certified communication systems for use with Protos Integral are the Protos Bluetooth Communication System and 5 options from 3M Peltor. Regarding the brackets, please PM me your address and I will send you a replacement set. Replacement ear capsules are also available should you wish. Hope this answers your query. Y
  2. Hi Matt. KORE Therapy, perhaps with acupuncture, may be worth trying. (A session is around £35-£40). My daughter practices this therapy and she has some very positive results with her clients. www.koretherapy.com - their website will give you info on the technique and advise of practitioners in your area. Hope you find a cure soon
  3. Hi Al. How are the SENA cables inserted into the ear defender pods? Y
  4. It was super to catch up again Paul (and Rob!). I just love your enthusiasm for all things Pfanner and Protos!! 😃😃
  5. Hi Guys If you fancy a chance of winning a Protos Forest helmet, have a go at our festive competition on our Clark facebook. Just guess how many Brussels Sprouts were packed into the Protos in the picture and you could be in luck! Clark Protos Brussels Sprouts Competition Just like and comment to be in with a chance of winning...
  6. Thanks for the positive feedback Matt 👍😃. (The weather has certainly thrown everything it's got at us over the weekend and I see there's more on the way! ).
  7. Hi Jay, We aren't a manufacturer of chainsaw protective trousers - just the cutandclimb rain gear. To produce a completely 100% waterproof chainsaw trouser is technically very difficult however you'll find that Pfanner's Ventilation chainsaw trousers do have 'water repellency' features in the Gladiator fabric on the trousers. Let me know if you'd like more info on those. Y 😊
  8. No cut protection in the rain trousers, arbormonkey. But as per Mark's comment, they fit well over chainsaw protective trousers 😃
  9. For anyone looking to purchase, don't forget to apply the 10% discount code at checkout if purchasing before 11:59pm on 30 Nov. http://www.clarkforest.com/shop/safety-clothing/waterproof-trousers/cutandclimb-rain-trousers Cheers.
  10. Hi Steve, feedback on the test trousers has been very good so I hope it's not long before you can get yourself a pair. Be pleased to hear other feedback too 😀
  11. Hi Guys Rain trousers now available! 😃 See this post: http://arbtalk.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?t=94385


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