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    Dolmar PS 420

    Unusual for a 40cc saw - drive splines on the outside.
  2. If you go down the Draper route,go for the Expert range. I find they are a good compromise between quality and price,and available everywhere. They also do a similar set of Tx drivers.
  3. Same power and weight as the 50cc 346xp
  4. It all goes back to a time before low profile tyres. If you bought a SWB you had 6.00x16 tyres. 6+16+6=28" diameter. If you bought a LWB you had 7.50x16 tyres. 7.5+16+7.5=31" diameter. The SWB and LWB had different gears on the speedometer drive cable.
  5. 22.5mm on top and 22.5 mm on the bottom so 45mm extra diameter.
  6. It's not as bad as you think. The theoretical circumference of your 225/75R16 is 2.34 meters. So you would only have done an extra 1210 miles.
  7. When I first read this post there were no replies. I noticed the O.P had only made 4 posts and I was curious to know what they were about. It would appear that Paul Barton (post 3) also read the O.P's other post about their extension application.
  8. And if you read the O.P's other post - they want an extension,they don't want a tree.
  9. http://arbtalk.co.uk/forum/chainsaws/87604-need-big-saw-post1297131.html#post1297131 Miker has one for sale
  10. Is that left leg or right leg ?
  11. Problem solved. They're only £4 so a lot cheaper and easier to change sensor than gauge. When the discovery engine was fitted , they should have changed the discovery sensor, to match the defender gauge in your truck.
  12. I've had a look on Brookwell's. There are 2 sensors for the 300 TDi - one with green plastic and one with black plastic. Which did you have and which did you buy ?
  13. O.K Ben.There are different gauges and different sensors - You have to make sure that the 2 are compatable.
  14. C.J

    ISC Rope Grab

    ISC rope grab service kit | F R Jones and Son Here you go - only £4.00 + VAT
  15. C.J

    ISC Rope Grab

    Yes any wire will do,just cut the barbs off. You will find some arb shops advertise the wire under spare parts.I would not expect anything else to pass loler.
  16. C.J

    ISC Rope Grab

    Very small Allen key grub screws.
  17. Does your regulator and fitting look like this Jon mate?
  18. Do you have the correct regulator and fitting for a 47kg Propane cylinder ? There will probably be a extra charge for exchanging a small cylinder for a large cylinder.
  19. 47 Kg Just how big is your BBQ Jon ? Can't you just pick up a 13kg cylinder from your local garage.
  20. I've got a 6.3 meter Hayauchi that I use keeping branches off the tractors.It's a bit whippy with the fourth section extended , but rarely need to go that high.However it must be a lot more rigid at 3 sections out than the 3 section 4.9 meter pole would be fully extended.
  21. Was this because the hose was split or was the filter was blocked ?
  22. Unfortunately you can't.Allthough the outside tubes will be the same diameter,a kombi motor shaft has a 1/4" square female connector,whereas the strimmer and all your kombi attachments have a 1/4" square male connector.
  23. Maybe their insurance doesn't cover drunk men throwing axes:wink:


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