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  1. littlerob

    Fuel nozzels for Echo machines?

    if you got a stihl fuel can the oregon nozzles fit them cans and fits the small echo tank holes
  2. littlerob

    anyone using the new SIP saw trousers

    good man
  3. littlerob

    anyone using the new SIP saw trousers

    dan let me know your findings
  4. littlerob

    anyone using the new SIP saw trousers

    the canopy W Air ones
  5. as it says anyone using them and how they're holding up and are they comfortable n not hot
  6. littlerob

    rock machinery and other chinky grinder teeth

    might have slipped the arbtalk police so shush shush and all that lol
  7. littlerob

    rock machinery and other chinky grinder teeth

    hay its only £40 pound a set so worth a gamble and if they fit will be like busying 3 sets to the price of rocks teeth
  8. right i have a chinky grinder identical to rock machinery one but green do anyone know if the quadrablade teeth fit them, as have found a cheap supplier of the quadrablade in the uk at under £40 a set
  9. littlerob

    We're back!!!

    been clucking like a smack rat since not been on here have to say very fresh looking and modern just got to work my head around it
  10. littlerob

    Jap 4x4 Trucks - Dyna,Canter, Atlas etc

    sorry for swearing and losing the brown digested food word
  11. littlerob

    Jap 4x4 Trucks - Dyna,Canter, Atlas etc

    the 2wd models are **** will spin the wheels on damp grass let alone any rain or mud
  12. littlerob

    One reason I use Aspen

    surely we could try and get the price down there be fuel duty / tax on aspen so with all the environmental benefits why cant aspen get a cut in fuel duty for being greener / better for people and the world
  13. littlerob

    The mutt's nuts, take 'me or leave 'em?

    all i have to say would you neuter yourself if not why should you decided to neuter a dog who has no choice on the matter. let him keep his nuts
  14. littlerob

    night out in nottingham where good to eat and go

    where staying in Kimberley, Nottingham NG16 2NR apparently its 7 miles from nottingham city center. we are just out for a laugh and say thanks to the subbies for their help over a few recent big jobs. we pay for food and the rooms for a night out and to have laugh last time we was out in norwich and got rather friendly with the stippers
  15. littlerob

    Battery landscaping tools

    like i said for me i wouldnt go battery unless i have to, not being funny to the likes of stihl and husky equipment, but i do a lot of landscaping and fencing and used all of the big names in battery equipment millwake bosh dewalt makita and other brands. Even with the new generation batteries the more times you charge them the less use time you end up getting from the battery and weather can kill them to getting to hot or freezing cold, and these guys have been doing battery tools for more years than husky and stihl combined in there battery eventure


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