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  1. Thompson Tree Care is looking for an experienced climber and ground worker. Due to demand we are looking for experienced and enthusiastic workers that hold relevant qualifications in the industry. Working on a self employed basis part time with the plan to increase work frequency and qualifications for the right people as we expand into new contracts later in the year in both the domestic and commercial sectors. Must haves: Driving licence Relevant industry qualifications good time keeping enthusiasm to work and progress Pay based on experience. Please get in touch with James on [email protected] For more information.
  2. I have a 3 stage Hydraulic Ram on my tipping body. It goes up fine no problem, never struggles, on the way down sometimes the 2nd stage doesn't fully go down before the final section does, what happens then is when it gets to the last 1foot or so, the whole thing just drops like there's no pressure at all. Sometimes I end up going up and down about 6 times before if finally does it properly to avoid the drop Any ideas?
  3. Thompson Tree Care is looking for ground workers/ labourers and climbers to help with increased work loads. We are looking for self employed workers for up to 3 days a week with the chance for this to increase for the right person. Must be polite and approachable, we pride our selves on good relationships with our customers as our work spreads via word of mouth. What if you have little experience? Thats ok, we are happy to train anyone up if they are keen and give the right person the help they need. Work will be carried out in Harrogate, Ripon, Skipton and surrounding areas. Please contact if interested: Tel: 07852312099 email: [email protected]
  4. HI all, Just moved into my new yard the wood chip pile is on the up ! Does anybody know of any biomass collectors that will self load wood chip? It will be regular collections. Based in North Yorkshire Thanks !
  5. I'm on the hunt for a 13" bar for my 201t. Any one know of one that will fit? I love the 12" setup at it cuts like a demon! But it is just a tad short, the 14" I personally think looses a lot of power, really changes the gearing but obviously handy for the bigger timber when your almost considering a bigger saw up the tree... For me id rather just get the 550xp up. So my thoughts are how perfect would a 13" setup be! Geared well with almost the power of a 12" and giving you that bit more reach before a bigger saw.
  6. Just after a good light vari track, won't have a need to tilt. The A530 is a good one though
  7. Bit too heavy are the safe tracks. I've always found with a standard chipper they will get anywhere if you point em straight down! But you are right, amazing bit of kit and ability, just a lot of kit for me to justify over or standard vari track
  8. I know there's an old post on this but thought I'd get an up to date idea from people as things have changed since in industry! I am in need of a chipper and with the jobs I am getting in, I am finding the use for a tracked is equal to towed. So I think it's best to go tracked to do it all. What is the best small (by small I mean lightest most narrow) track chipper going? I don't need no tree eating 6ton monster. Firewood my customers keep or goes to the yard and I like to make the most of it down to smaller logs. Pros/ cons/ experience anything any one knows is great info to make my choice. I've used the Jensen 6" and it's great apart from the rust! And I like the greenmech towed 6" but havnt used the tracked. Forst I hear good and bad things about but no experience Help!
  9. Heard some bad things about ldv, rather stick to the better known names!
  10. The citroen Relay tippers seem good value for money... but is that for a serious reason? Any one on here got one or experience of one? It would be great to hear about them before i made a bad decision. J
  11. I am hunting for a tipper arbtruck not brand new from manufacturer but not old. Looking at options of buying one pre converted although don't know any company's that do these for a good price OR standard tipper to get converted. Any help on company's that sell these converted would be good or Companys that convert for a good price.
  12. Does anyone know where is selling the Mk2 that I can get hold of (UK) HB and FR are saying April.
  13. Its a technique that's used a lot in mountaineering instruction when guiding a client. Your taught to build a system with a "clutch" to haul your client if they are stuck and can't climb a section them selves. Ive used it felling and it definitely helps! Where you go through the first pulley (make sure its not a massive pulley or your prussik will just pull through.) Put your prussik on then if its long enough just attach it to the pulley krab, or use mini sling to extend..... that's the easiest way to do it. DONT use a croll or device like that as the force you can create is huge and can cause it to lock in biting your rope hard and causing damage...... may have learnt the hard way!
  14. Yes I am interested. Drop me a message if you like
  15. Won't get it up on my own! Thanks though


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