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    PTO log saw - park next to splitter and run splitter off tractor hydraulics with a couple of extention hoses.
  2. After a bit of research ,I've found PPU @ 2 for a £ and Hornady FMJ @ 3 for a £ So I applied for a .223 at my recent FAC renewal and bought a Winchester 70 Featherweight.
  3. Oregon make a Powermatch bar ( 203RNDD009 ) that is .063 gauge and will fit a 372xp without using spacers.
  4. He was posting on the farming forum before xmas , now working at a livery yard.
  5. Used to shoot .303's at Tregantle and Willsworthy in the early eighties.Those brass buttplates would soon give you a nice love bite .
  6. Been teaching the wife and kids with my 10/22 last week end . Next time I'll get Father's old semi match rifle and put the targets out a bit further . Would like to get a centre fire but at a £ a round .
  7. 21 was the old recommendation - 14 is the new recommendation - which is only about 3 pints of scrumpy
  8. Sugihara 3/8" .058 solid pro chainsaw bar Husqvarna mount (18 inch bar) | eBay F.R.Jones £66 delivered
  9. George Monbiot: The freshwater boom is over. Our rivers are starting to run dry | Opinion | The Guardian Looks like he's changed his mind since 2006:001_rolleyes:
  10. It seems to be bringing the laid back Irish laws in line with the rest of Europe.
  11. C.J

    Throwline Storage

    Pull a few trees over with it Once they've been stretched a bit they are less springy.
  12. Is it only firing on 2 cylinders ? 6640 is 84Hp and that doesn't look anywhere near 28 tonne .
  13. C.J

    Husky 365 question

    Page 16 of the operators manual - Assembly
  14. C.J

    Husky 365 question

    When you buy a saw in a box , that washer is fitted between the saw and the clutch cover on one of the guide bar studs. When a guidebar is fitted for the first time the washer is removed. Who fitted the guide bar for the first time ? If it was you ,then it is your fault and you owe your friend an apology.
  15. Serviced the Rayburn this afternoon ,must have been the kitchem more than 60 years..It was converted to oil about 40 years ago , with a Don #8 burner.
  16. Yes John,tastes like corn beef .Serve hot with a white mustard sauce and later salad / sandwiches.
  17. Not for several years - salt Peter ( an ingredient of gunpowder ) was getting hard to get hold of.
  18. Yes 16" is 60DL. 18" is 68 DL But even with standard dogs the usable length is likely to be 2" less. E.G with Standard Husky or Oregon bars on a 365 or 372 15" 56 DL usable 12.5" 17" 64 DL usable 15" 20" 72 DL usable 18" 24" 84 DL usable 22.5 "
  19. +1 for Rib on the bone and a salted silverside:thumbup1:
  20. Going to have to buy 13" Powermatch - 138RNDD009 for my 390xp


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