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  1. bythamboy

    5.2 vs 5.5mm

    I like the combined action of the stihl easi file system , which I always use on 660 but I use Oregon 5.5mm file guide on husky / Oregon chains until the rakers need reducing then swap to the stihl easi file ( 5.2mm ).
  2. I got done last week , 16 machines , brought me to a stop now got plenty of time to weld extra locks , wire up lights etc , they will probably wait for me to re stock then return and do a lot of damage even if they don't succeed . HERE IS AN IMPORTANT PART OF THE EQUATION ; somebody buys this equipment do you all ask questions or are you keen to get a " bargain " . No offence ment but it is obvious , supply and demand .
  3. just had my work shop turned over , 10 saws gone inc 201 193 150 660 pole saw , blower , hedgecutter etc husky 365 's 550 576 338 even took a brand new stihl 410 out of its box . I ain't the first its a regular trade but some one has to buy them to make it worth while , from Stamford area
  4. well every one seems to be quoting bags as a cubic metre , I use bags that are actually a cubic YARD ( 27 cubic foot ) the bags being 3 foot ( 90 cm ) x 3 foot x 3 foot this makes them only 0. 73 metre cubed and a cubic metre is actually 35 cubic foot . I prefer to sell loose using a jcb corn bucket that holds a a preset amount of 65 ft3 / 1.7 m3 , scoop up hydraulic shake and top up .
  5. no I don't pay for add words or anything else , I did some years ago for just 3 months but decided it was not cost efficient . " marc " is right in stating that my post is more about that the paid for adds are pushing us other folk down the list regardless of optimising with key words , because the page is flooded with these adds , some aren't even local .
  6. I was having a look on the www earlier and found that my website that use to be on first page has seriously slipped . Now there are scores of "paid for adds" for listings web sites ( cyclex / trusted trader / rated people etc ) and for arb businesses from miles away at top of all pages leaving little room for those who don't pay to be promoted . I have been pestered by several SEO's wanting to increase my presence to whom I have politely declined during recent months only to find that being independent ain't really working , whats going on , how are things being manipulated ?
  7. groundie or junior climber required to join a small team working in Stamford , Bourne ( South Lincolnshire ) , essentials driving license & CS30/31 . bythamtrees@yahoo.co.uk
  8. I have same problem , but now I can't get it to start , problem in reverse
  9. looking to hire a crane fed chipper ( to tale leylandi up to 300mm / 12 inch ) in South Lincolnshire , any body recommend some one .
  10. I prefer my 150 , tool of choice cuts 4 inch wood no problem , 201 is a heavy bit of kit to hang on belt or use . this cold weather has made me use my silky to warm up .
  11. I 've heard others say that when using the cradle type saws they have experienced black finger nails from log kick backs
  12. I might be wrong but so far every one has commented on the cradle type saws ( rytec , major , balfour etc ) where a log is put in a cradle and pivoted towards the saw blade , what about the flat top / bed saw ( Mcconnel , Kidd , Browns etc ) where the log is pushed along the flat top towards the blade , which is considered to be the safer . The flat / bed saws are £ 800 plus more money than the cradle type
  13. ha ha funny , its a wet day today and I've just phoned my assistant to say todays job on hold . BUT what do you do with your staff , pay them to stay at home , zero hours ( no work / no pay ) , workshop duties ( there is a limit to available indoor work ) .
  14. on a slightly different note , how easy is it to change taxation class of a unimog or other ( I was thinking of getting an ex army 4x4 lorry adding a hiab and taxing as forestry / special vehicle ) . Does the cost of changing out weigh any savings , does change require VOSA inspection . The main aim would be to save money and reduce the statutory paperwork ( I would still want to maintain vehicle in a safe state but do it myself , same as tractor )


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