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  1. What horse power does tractor require ??
  2. Can be done anytime and could look to hire but rather someone come in
  3. Around 30 ton at a guess ??
  4. Anyone do firewood processing in Norfolk - if so how much would you charge for a day as considering getting someone in to process
  5. Bird

    Kindling machine

    How much are they from Warwick
  6. Bird

    Kindling machine

    Have done hence why I want an upgrade
  7. Bird

    Kindling machine

    Well what prices are they all - seems you can't get less £1500
  8. Is there a reasonably priced kindling machine ???
  9. I have got a stiga park pro 540ix and I do love it as it is very manoeuvrable. It mulches exceptionally and very impressed that being said I have to cut a minimum of once a week to achieve this result. I have to say only having done 72 hours so far started using it in may I feel it is good mower but I have had to sort the height adjuster out already so reliability is a concern if anything else occurs. Hope this helps!
  10. My friends father is in a wheelchair and in his 70s so similar situation and he swears by the makita battery operated ones. Says they are super for domestic use.
  11. Bird

    Council verge

    I've been contacted via a local parish council to cut a verge which is approx 250yards long an 1-1.5metres wide. I not have a long arm flail .... I'm planning to strim it as won't take more than 3/4 hours which is fine by me. I've been told to quote : What does everyone reckon it should be ? I have ideas but could be way out.
  12. Bird


    I accepted her saying is £10p/h when I first started my business but now 4 years in so I have grown it and better and I'm not as naive as I used to be
  13. Bird


    £10p/h is ridiculous I'm now fed up of being spoken to poorly etc and blackmailed just as had her land for a burn site .., especially when I did her so many favours and didn't charge her ....now have a better burnside and hers I won't need .....I'm not putting up with it anymore
  14. Bird


    Bring in dry wood ??
  15. Bird


    Seems really odd to ask, but how do you all burn your waste when it's still green and lots of leaves in with it .... I tried diesel etc and not having much success and need to burn up a pile on a site soon as lady complaining about me having fires ! Basically she used to let me have fires but is now being difficult since I put her price up from stupid £10p/h to £15 !


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