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  1. Interesting Tree failure - girdling roots?

    ...and you may like to read this too....
  2. Interesting Tree failure - girdling roots?

    You may find this interesting to read
  3. Any ideas what killed this cypress?

    Steve, have a look at this; https://www.forestry.gov.uk/plateralis
  4. Any ideas what killed this cypress?

    Hi Steve, Is it possible to peel back any of the bark plates around the base? It is going to be felled, so when you do the work, take a few pictures of cross sections across the stem and post them on here. One of us will have an idea and it maybe that you need to report it or you have an opportunity to stop the rot. Seeing the sudden demise; I am with Paul on his diagnosis. Marco
  5. Giant Coast Redwoods ~ a Must-See ~ 2015

    Yes, that was in Sedona. Red rock literally everywhere. We stayed at the Best Western (also red!). The chapel of The Holy Cross is carved from the rock and inset into the hill. The dune buggy scene was from Coral Sands between Lake Powell and the Grand Canyon. The sand really is pink. You can go sand-boarding there too. The reason I managed to blag a ride was because me and the family helped dig them off a ridge crest they took too slowly. A fun lunch-stop for us and apart from dune buggy man, we were the only people for miles around.
  6. Giant Coast Redwoods ~ a Must-See ~ 2015

    Not tree related but a taster of what we saw
  7. Giant Coast Redwoods ~ a Must-See ~ 2015

    Finally got myself over to see the trees. Spent just over 2 weeks on a road trip covering 3 states and seeing some amazing places (and enormous trees)!
  8. Why is this happening to my tree?

    I would like to see a picture from where the two stems meet at the base. It may be a shot in the dark but the two species may have grown grafted to each other (potential) and formed a single tree. My best advice if this draws a massive blank is to get the trees DNA tested by offering all of your evidence to Wisley or Kew for analysis. You will never know the reasons otherwise and you may also have stumbled across an anomaly of nature as a response to climatic or environmental pressures? I will show your photographs to a friend of mine at Oxford.
  9. We have a number of vacancies open for experienced and qualified personnel with tree surgery skills. Ideally located in the local area with a range of tree surgery disciplines and a valid driving licence. A dynamic business offering a commercial and domestic client base with opportunities to further enhance skills in the tree industry. Enquirers through our website or Facebook page. Alternatively pm me
  10. If you ignore the wind-up merchants on here spinning a yarn, the point of this thread, albeit not specifically tree related (I took my children to see the giant redwoods to get my fine, so there is my link), is to relay an experience and air a grievance about the current rules of taking children out of school during term time. Despite the previous references to old laws and legislation the fact remains that local authorities can impose a fine without direct redress or appeal. That is key, you can not refer a complaint or appeal to the council. You have to pay your way via a solicitor to make your case heard (in my case) and this becomes a risk. The chap on the IoW took his case to the Magistrates and won. The trouble with that is whilst he gets his £120 slate wiped clean, the council are taking the 'relevant government body' to court to overrule this appeal at a cost of £10,000.s of taxpayers money - so where is the logic, standards and common sense!? If I win my appeal it won't set a precedence. The IoW guy was on the One Show pre-Christmas having given another couple tips on how to beat the system. Only that failed and they were fined £600. No consistency so no precedence. The government need to take a long hard look at this and make it relative to each parents situation and needs. There are only a couple of exceptions to the rule (that I have read about); 1. Service personnel returning from extended overseas tours can take their children on holiday during school hours. 2. Disablement to a child (but that is not elaborated upon). I tried to pull the 'Elective Home Working' joker on the council and again this is very subjective and difficult to interpret. Needless to say that was rejected! We need a petition to send to the Government. Any IT gurus know how to do that?
  11. This may be of use Father overturns £120 fine for taking daughter on term-time holiday | Education | The Guardian
  12. The above statement you make is a curious one. I have yet to see sufficient evidence based on what you claim. That is a very generic comment and I would suggest should be quoted on a case by case basis. Please be assured that the parent is also responsible for ensuring their child's education is not languishing below that of their companions. Homework does not do itself and neither does curious learning. It must be promoted or policed by the family. Saying a child will lose education by being away from school is rather mythical. I draw your attention to members of staff being absent and the children being taught by a supply teacher. The continuity of learning is lost. generally the last week of term is lost to 'play' and other such nuances that actually benefit the school such as tidying the library books up ready for the start of the next term or having a litter sweep across the playing fields. Find me that in the curriculum please? I would argue also that inset days and PLP days for teachers is not curriculum based either but the schools can use these to their advantage too. On each occasion I do not see the school being fined for 'loss of learning'. Both my parents were successful teachers in their own right, especially my mother who was responsible for introducing IT in to schools way back in the late 70s. Remember BBC computers in schools? Yep blame my mother. So you can see I am not here for a fight but merely to put things in to perspective and make it all relative. As an aside, I met up with Julia Bradbury at the travel show last year and quizzed her about inflated costs of travel when the school holidays arrive and it appears that we have the wrong end of a stick. The cost is not inflated it is merely returned to its 'normal' price while those without children are privileged to reduced costs of holidays. Silly parents eh!? (Although Julia did not look overly convinced that what she told me was actually true). So there you have it. The man on the Isle of Wight was victorious and I hope to be too when I receive a response from the legal team. In fairness, the government will have to address the grievance if over 100000 names are petitioned to parliament. I am not IT clever to kick start that but I understand that a Facebook page exists for disgruntled parents who wish to take kids out of school for holidays. Do not participate in Facebook so someone may enlighten us all?
  13. Just been fined £240 for taking my two girls out of school to go on an epic trip across the USA. I have paid my fine as a good citizen but have appealed through the legal system. In summary the class went on a PGL trip that would have stung me for £1200 for doing nothing curriculum based so I took the hit and saved a fortune in airfares by booking out of school time. My argument is that educationally my girls excelled in knowledge, culture, curiosity. We saw seven world record natural structures, 3 man-made ones and spent a lot of time learning. My girls have a 98% and 96% attendance and are in the top set for most subjects. They both play 4 instruments each, members of guides, attending British Athletics clubs and a plethora of charity work. At the age of 10 they think nothing of walking 10 miles on a weekend hunting me a nice tree or some wildlife. Kids 2 doors down are really good at Playstaion games and swearing from what I can hear across the garden fence! Talking to the head and the teachers we had a far better time but rules are rules!
  14. This makes good sense

    Public opinion should count. I consider that I have seen the best of the planet and my children won't get to see half of it for one reason or another. I try to do my bit but without the majority the minority will lose out (as with most things). This is all labelled 'environmental anxiety' and of course (as has been said) no politician wants to take the minority vote!
  15. This makes good sense

    Post it on your Facebook page. My wife shares Steve Backshall's page and he has picked up on this now.


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